Sending a Thank You After Rejection

so let me do it s'mores Girl Scout cookies find your local dealer though item s'mores anything I'm in mmm I love them no not a s'mores fan not a marshmallow foursome I love s'mores the s'mores pop-tarts regular s'mores you're the one who told me make s'mores on the stove Oh peanut butter no I'm still only over the UPPAbaby you know until we make them a peanut but so good with peanut butter right so good Samar's put peanut butter yeah I tried it with a Reese's instead of with like a hearty meal or enough yeah it's too much peanut butter I never thought I'd say that probably – sweet – yeah really good though peanut but just put meat up on the graham cracker yeah anyway so today let's talk about question authors always want to know are they allowed to email a thank you after a rejection of course yeah I want that I do want it actually I well let's preface this by saying it's not necessary we don't hate you if you don't thank us we don't notice right you don't thank us but that sounds harsh well no I mean we don't I mean I don't notice that somebody doesn't send me right yes we don't expect it but we always appreciate it I think that there's like that that mindset that authors are bothering agents at all times yeah even though we can find it in our own clients feeling that way yeah but you're not and a thank you is only gonna it's like a nice reprieve from the day yeah who gets upset about it thank you who gets upset are you somebody being polite jerks there you go that's it thank you always welcome here

12 thoughts on “Sending a Thank You After Rejection

  1. Thanks, as always, for sharing. I wish I'd thought of this. Ben LeRoy sent a really kind rejection that was a shot in the arm at a low moment when I could've easily called it a day.

  2. A while back I got such a nice, personalized rejection from an agent that I actually sent her a thank-you email. It was the one time I "broke protocol" and answered a rejection, but I had to do it. She was that nice!

  3. I once sent a thank you note because the rejection was encouraging and ended with the agent telling me to keep trying because although she chose not to make an offer it was a very hard decision for her and that I will definitely find an agent. It was the first time I'd received that type of response.

  4. Thank you…. for this video. I've often wondered, and hoped I wasn't just wasting an agent's time opening up another email.

  5. I haven't sent thank yous for rejections because I'd heard it annoyed agents to get MORE email, but now I wish I'd sent a thank you to the first agent who sent me a really nice, encouraging rejection! Argh. Love your advice!

  6. Who gets upset about a thank you? Jerks. Haha! That's awesome! Thanks for answering yet another question I've had for years!

  7. I was one of those who got a rejection letter, but I understand that I need to polish up before I send out my query again to agents. 🙂 Thank you for the helpful videos.

  8. I've noticed a few that state in red letters at the bottom:

    This Email is Not Monitored. Please Do not Reply to this Email.

    Or something like that.

    But good to know about the added level of communication on some agent websites. I wondered about this very topic but always forget to ask.

    Enjoy your weekends and…well…thanks for the video.

    Take care.


  9. I always send a thank you because it's just polite!! I still value a rejection and their time ♥

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