Sentury Yob – Dis Poem

dis poem
shall speak of the wretched sea that washed ships to these shores
of mothers cryin for their young swallowed up by the sea
dis poem shall say nothin new dis poem shall speak of time
time unlimited time undefined dis poem shall call names
names like Lumumba, kenyatta , Nkrumah , Obama Hannibal , akenaton , malcolm garvey , Jackie
Robinson haile selassie, Jesus christ
dis poem is vexed about apartheid rascism fascism
the klu klux klan riots in brixton atlanta jim jones, Egypt, Abidjan
dis poem is revoltin against 1st world 2nd world
3rd world division man made decision dis poem is like all the rest
dis poem will not be amongst great literary works
will not be recited by poetry enthusiasts will not be quoted by politicians nor men
of religion dis poem’ s knives — bombs – guns – blood
fire blazin for freedom
yes dis poem is a drum ashanti mau mau ibo yoruba nyahbingi warriors
uhuru uhuru uhuru Namibia, uhuru Luanda, Kampala
uhuru Soweto , and ANTANaNaRivo uhuru kameroun , uhuru afrika
dis poem will not change things dis poem need to be changed
dis poem is a rebirth of a peopl arizin awaking understandin
for the present situation we’re leaving it’s not a dream , it’s what we call reality
dis poem speak is speakin have spoken dis poem shall continue even when poets have
stopped writin dis poem shall survive u me it shall linger
in history in your mind , in time forever
dis poem is time only time will tell dis poem is still not written
dis poem has no poet dis poem is just a part of the story
his-story her-story our-story the story still untold
dis poem is now ringin — talkin – irritatin makin u want to stop it
but dis poem will not stop dis poem is long cannot be short
dis poem cannot be tamed cannot be blamed the story is still not told about dis poem
dis poem is old new dis poem was copied from the bible,
your prayer book playboy magazine
the n.y. times readers digest, cameroun tribune,
jeun Africe economic the c.i.a. files
the k.g.b. files, the bee files
dis poem is no secret dis poem shall be called boring — stupid
– senseless dis poem is watchin u tryin to make sense
from dis poem dis poem is messin up your brains
makin u want to stop listenin to dis poem but u shall not stop listenin to dis poem
u need to know what will be said next in dis poem
dis poem shall disappoint u because
dis poem is to be continued in your mind in your mind
in your mind your mind

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