Series : Self Impressions – Vivid Poetry – Artist : MiCole – Piece : Revival

Seeing These Enemies In Front Of Me But Im Dodging Tragedies With My Agility Because Im Crossing Defeat If Thier Defeated Then Thier Nada To Me I Mean I’m Nodding If You Ask Me If I Believe In Omniscience Im Living Im Feelling Lifted Out Of My Own Existence Already Heavily Breathing
Steadily Settling Melodies Within Memories Measuring Every Lettering
Verbally Certainly No Courtesy Curtaining This Cursed Music Industry Trust Me I Rather Have A Soul Then Let It Go For Gold These People Fold I Wont Be Sold I Believe In God! Im Not Alone One Day I’ll Float Right Out The Globe Then I’ll Be Home Until Then I Got To Be Holding Strong For My Folks Back At Home Trying To Live Life Happily
But Its Sad To See Tragedy Happening While There Is Catastrophe
While Blasphemy Master Pieces Of Ugly Imagery And Nasty Things Shootings And Killings In Elementries
Tell Me What Are We Doing Words Are A Weapon. Tell Me What Your Weilding Its Time To Revive The World With Healing MiCole

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