Series : Self Impressions- Vivid Poetry – Artist : Tae Scott – Piece : Romeo & Juliet

Romeo Romeo where fore art thou Romeo te.. girl Romeo is gone and he coming back backpacked your goodies in his knapsack left you lying on your back he ain’t even look back you think back to the day that he first stole your heart just to realize he only moved it gave it a special spot on the ground didn’t even watch the blood splatter as he threw it down and didnt have enough time to look back at it Alicia Keys falling down as he emptied the clip and gave you another round of everything love is not hmm he never stole your heart see that would implied that he actually wanted it no Juliet stop tripping smoking and sipping you were never each others and he was probably just tipping and to think he traded his sperm for your heart with no permission but his sex game wasn’t all that far from mint condition day dreams of what you thought you saw and what really happened double vision are you missing whats glitching play your position not a missionary become a visionary you been sleeping on life let a dream wake you up this embryo is your caffeine it’ll keep you going and going and going I know Juliet my mother was a Capulet no man ever knocked her hustle and I never knew her struggles they were kept from me like boiled eggs on Easter Sunday so pretty on the outside someone took their time with these when I was old enough I filled my basket with my mother’s hidden treasures and cracked them open as if there was something spectacular like words from the lips of God himself hmm nah foul that smell how could a mere shell have such a dirty truth my mother struggled now lay before me bare breasted butt booty naked and beautiful Juliet no man can ever get away with something you don’t allow him to do to you Tae Scott

2 thoughts on “Series : Self Impressions- Vivid Poetry – Artist : Tae Scott – Piece : Romeo & Juliet

  1. This is mind-blowing ! We absolutely love your style ! 🔥🙌🏽🔥

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