Series : Self Impressions – Vivid Poetry – Artist : Wuzee – Piece : Meditation

Meditation said a prayer in the basement the vibration was way more than enough to crack your cranium powered up from
vibranium and precious metal shards the best kept secret of all is that I ever lost. I never did! Protect the kids no matter what it is the cleverest ninja
with flips who rap to anything so flip the sample vandalized the Van Andel stupid statue! move my family to the castle. it’s that easy. I rap sleazy let the rats see me still cheesing all in the back peep the
black Jesus no contest flow monstrous with the gold watches they going to watch us low profits who going to prosper yes woozy catch wreck until the feds shoot me the best movie Doobie Brothers
left The Keg uzing hot and ready I’m plotting heavy never sloppy seconds moms spaghetti I’m Fonzarelli with the vinyl spinning
matching jackets clashing hatches thought hatch on acid the black bastards still they never closed my casket don’t grasp it sum up everything in the past
100 laps then swallow everything in the glass you know you missed the laugh and
cleverest Wuzee Allah always got the best of the stuff and the ish Wuzee raps

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