Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Buys A Rhyme

MIKE: [SINGING] Oh, 420 blackbirds
baked in a pie. When the pie was opened, the
birds began to sing. [COOKIE MONSTER HUMMING] MIKE: [SINGING] Wasn’t a weird dish to
set before the king? COOKIE MONSTER: Dum-dum. Hi. MIKE: Hi, I’m the baker. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. MIKE: Can I help you? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, me want
something delicious, but me forgot what it is. MIKE: Oh, well, gee, this is a
bakery, so there’s lots of delicious stuff here
you could buy. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait, wait. Buy, that’s it. Me want something that rhyme
with word “buy.” MIKE: Something that rhymes
with the word “buy,” like sky or fly? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah. MIKE: Or sigh. COOKIE MONSTER: But must
be something to eat. MIKE: Oh. COOKIE MONSTER: Look at that. MIKE: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh-ho. M-I-K-E-S. Mike’s. MIKE: Yeah, that’s my name. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, but look. M, I. “I” rhyme with buy. MIKE: Hey, what are you doing? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh-ho. [CRUNCH] MIKE: Hey. COOKIE MONSTER:
you doing there? He’s eating my letter I. COOKIE MONSTER: No. Me ate I. And it pretty good,
but not delicious. Not delicious. Me want something delicious. What rhyme with buy
that delicious? MIKE: Gee, I don’t know. COOKIE MONSTER: Stand back. Me see something. MIKE: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh ho. Tie. Tie rhyme with buy. Ohh, mmm. MIKE: Hey. COOKIE MONSTER: Hmm. MIKE: He ate my tie. COOKIE MONSTER: Not bad,
but not delicious. MIKE: Oh. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, what rhyme
with buy that delicious? MIKE: I can’t think
of anything. COOKIE MONSTER: Me neither. GUY SMILEY: Good afternoon, this
is Guy Smiley, star of daytime television. And I am here to buy a pie. MIKE: Oh, Mr. Guy Smiley. You want to buy a pie? COOKIE MONSTER: What
rhyme with buy? GUY SMILEY: I think I’d like
to buy this pie right here. MIKE: You want to
buy this pie? COOKIE MONSTER: What rhyme
with buy that delicious? GUY SMILEY: That’s the
pie I’m here to buy. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait. Wait, me know what rhyme
with buy, and is delicious, and is in bakery. GUY SMILEY: What’s
he talking about? COOKIE MONSTER: It Guy. GUY SMILEY: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Hmm,
delicious. GUY SMILEY: Ah! Let go of me! MIKE: Mr. Smiley. [SHOUTING] MIKE: What about the pie? COOKIE MONSTER: Send
me the bill.

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Buys A Rhyme

  1. Blooper at 1:37 in the lower left! Someone's hand removing the adhesive that the letter I was stuck to the counter with.

  2. Cookie Monster really like Guy's game show, and he's so obsessed with the show that he's eating Guy Smiley!!

  3. What about when Cookie Monster's 80-years old? He'll finally say "Die Rhymes With Buy."

  4. @panda1234567891 lol, not really…cookie monster isn't human…monsters can eat humans you know…

  5. Person: I WANNA BUY THIS PIE RIGHT HERE! Cookie Monster: Oh, what rhymes with buy? xD

  6. I hear they brought Guy Smiley back in a recent sketch. Eric Jacobson performs the muppet and I think it really resembles Jim's Guy ๐Ÿ™‚ Gee…after watching this segment, it's good they were able to reconstruct the muppet lol We all know Cookie WAS trying to take a nibble at Guy's hand, but if you pause and look closely at 2:25…Cookie's mouth is wide-open and there is nothing in his mouth! So if you think about it, he really didn't succeed lol So, even as an adult, this skit is amusing lol

  7. The first time I saw this as a kid, it kind of scared me. I thought, "Cookie, you mustn't."

  8. Cookie Monster has snapped and reverted to his savage cannibalistic ways. Guy Smiley's damn lucky Cookie Monster doesn't have his fang-like teeth anymore.

  9. I wonder if this would even be allowed to air today, what with Cookie's cannibalistic tendencies at the end?!

  10. @its4it – I don't think that technically it's really cannibalism since Cookie's a "monster" and Guy Smiley is a "human". Or…as human as Muppets can be, ya' know?

    BTW: 2:21 FTW!!!

  11. @HollywoodLito You're probably right. Nevertheless, the end is still freaky!
    It's only recently that I have realized what an edge the Street of the 70's had. Today it's much tamer.

  12. @its4it

    I agree that the "Sesame Street of the seventies was an entirely different ballgame. I think is was better back then.

  13. 2:28 "Wrap him up. Can you wrap him up?"
    2:38 "How much he cost?"
    2:41 "Send, send me the bill."

  14. The thing I found ironic about the sketch was that Cookie wanted something delicious that rhymed with BUY…yet he was oblivious to the PIE on the desk…

    And his attempt to eat Guy still puzzles me; for one thing, it seemed pretty earnest ("Guy, wait..", "Me got him!") but COOKIE monster isn't a cannibal monster. Did he seriously want to eat Guy because Guy wanted to BUY the PIE…but "GUY" itself was the only thing left that rhymed with BUY?

  15. Nah, he was just confused. Cookie never was the sharpest tool in the shed.

  16. Anyone notice that hand reaching for something on the sign at 1:37?

  17. Thought this segment was a little to scary 4 kids at the time. Especially when cookie monster starts chasing Guy Smiley around the bakery after biting his hand. It sure scared me when I first viewed it as a kid.

  18. The baker sounds like Chef Brocket from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.They must of had him in mind when making this.Too bad CM never guess starred on that show.

  19. I remember seeing this skit during my first year on YouTube. It is surprising that Cookie Monster was after a pie and not a cookie.

  20. LOL,yeah cookie monster just went crazy monster as he tries to take a bite out of Guy. LOL!

  21. I saw this as a kid with grandmother and there is nothing disturbing about because it's a funny scene logic is thrown out making cookie and the baker to look stupid while encouraging the kids to know what rhymes with BUY is PIE. The joke here is GUY also rhymes with pie, as a kid before I got it and this joke became more gold to me as I grew older.

  22. After all this, I'm shocked that Guy Smiley allowed Cookie Monster to be a contestant on Beat the Time.

  23. CM's attack on Mr. Smiley can be interpreted as a representation of the aggressive biting behavior some small children exhibit

  24. The (Lansing Illinois) bakery I worked at was filthy. It had mice running all over the building and mouse droppings all over.
    Cookie Monster would not eat anything from that place, not even a letter a tie or Guy Smiley.

  25. Was it going to be on Saturday Night Live when Cookie Monster ate the letter I, the tie, the guy and tried to eat the pie?

  26. This made me laugh so hard even if I'm 30yo…Jees, Cookie Monster I love you

  27. 2:42 Baker: What About The Pie

    Cookie Monster: I Don't Want it

  28. 1:13 I like how Cookie Monster, whoโ€™s known to have childish grammar straight up corrected him.

  29. 2:11 Cookie Monster: Wait Me Know What Rhyme With Buy And is Delicious And is in Bakery
    Guy Smiley: What's He Talking About
    Cookie Monster: it
    Me: Pie
    Cookie Monster: No Guy

  30. Cookie Monster: Me know what rhyme with buy and is delicious and in bakery. It Guy.
    Guy Smiley: Wait Cookie Monster, Don't eat me. I don't wanna DIE!!!

  31. The part where Cookie Monster says "Delicious" would later become part of the My Sesame Street Home Video logo, except for The Best of Elmo and the 1988 videos. I still consider Cookie Monster's Best Bites to be part of the My Sesame Street Home Video collection.

  32. Cookie Monster actually had a taste for people in the old school skits ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  34. 1:48 You didnโ€™t need to yell dude like the Baker is right there and no one else is in the store besides Cookie Monster. You just need to take a breath.

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