Sesame Street: Rhyming Day

MAN: Oh. What do you have to do to get
some service in this place? GROVER: Hello there, Sir. MAN: Oh no, not you. GROVER: Yes, sir, it is I,
Grover, your rhyming waiter. MAN: My what? GROVER: Your rhyming waiter. Today is rhyming day
at Charlie’s. Whatever you pick to eat, I will
rhyme it, and then you will get it. Get it? MAN: Yes, I get it, but
what’s the reason? GROVER: No reason. Just rhyme. For example, let us say you
ordered some cheese. I would think of a word that
sounds like cheese, for instance, ooh, that
is a toughie. Cheese. MAN: Oh please. GROVER: Very good, sir. Please rhymes with cheese. Yes. But I am the rhyming waiter, not
you, so I have to think of a rhyme for cheese or you
connect get your cheese. Cheese. Cheese. MAN: I don’t want cheese. GROVER: Then why am I
trying to rhyme it? MAN: All I want is
a tuna on rye. GROVER: Oh, well all
right, tuna on rye. The customer has changed
his mind. Not a problem. I will just think of a word
that rhymes with rye. Rye, rye, rye. MAN: Sigh, tie, lie, cry. GROVER: All of those words do
rhyme with rye, sir, but I have to do the rhyming,
remember? It is my job. MAN: Why do I come here? Why? GROVER: Why rhymes too, but
I did not think of it. Rye, rye, rye. You would think this would
be as easy as apple pie. MAN: You did it. GROVER: Did what sir? MAN: You rhymed pie with rye. Rye and pie sound the same. GROVER: Oh, I am a poet and
I do not even know it. Oh, I did it again. Did you see that? MAN: I’m hungry. GROVER: Yes, of course, sir. The customer is always right. I will be right back
with your order. MAN: Oh, that last. GROVER: Oh, this
looks so tasty. Here you are, sir. One hot slice of apple pie. MAN: I didn’t order apple pie. I ordered tuna on rye. The pie rhymed with the rye. GROVER: Oh. I am so sorry, sir. It is not easy being a poet. I think it was Shelley
who once said– MAN: Just bring me
my lunch, please. GROVER: Yes, sir. With pleasure. MAN: Wherever I go,
he’s always there. GROVER: OK, Charlie,
whatever you say. I am sorry, sir, but we are
all out of tuna on rye. MAN: Oh. GROVER: Perhaps you should not
have waited so long to order. MAN: But– all right. Just bring me a cheeseburger. GROVER: Yes, sir. One cheeseburger, sir,
coming right up, sir. Now what rhymes with
cheeseburger? MAN: [MOANS] GROVER: No, do not help me. I have to do this myself. This should be easy. Cheeseburger. Linoleum. Sarsaparilla?

79 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Rhyming Day

  1. I wonder who's more at fault: Grover for his poor service, or Charlie for such gimmicks as "rhyme day" and only serving items that start with "CH" sounds on his birthday (assumign those were Charlie's ideas).

  2. @antsamthompson9 i would say frank definitely has a soft spot for every kid sketch SS offers him to do. i think in the last year or 2 frank did about a dozen street scene sketches with kids talking to grover about fruit, vegetables and exercise. They were VERY short sketches but anything involving Frank is gold!

  3. Watching videos with your preschooler hahaha yeah right, im 15 and this is how im spending my afternoon XD

  4. @mohinderbauer Yes. He's still doing The Count and Mr. Johnson.

  5. @fnatsy excuse me? this is GROVER we're talking about. no cussing!!!!

  6. @DakariKingMykan Nah, this guy pissed Grover off in the old days "YOU'RE MISSING AN O IN MY SOUP! GO GET IT!" I'd be a jerk to him too.

  7. Nice restaurant. Fat Blue is always surprised to see Grover everywhere he goes

  8. I guess "sir" sort of rhymes with cheeseburger. Fat Blue(Mr. Johnson) could've said, "I want a hamburger with cheese." Then Grover would've rhymed please with cheese.

  9. <<Grover's new voice is here>>

    Yeah.  Usually Frank does Grover in the Grover/Fat Blue segments, I guess he wasn't available at the time this sketch was made.

  10. Wow, Mr. Johnson has had a deep, raspy voice since this skit. :/

  11. Couldn't Fat Blue have said, "Wait! You just rhymed sir with cheeseburger?"

  12. Yeah, this is one of their weaker skits. Doesn't have the same punch.

  13. Can you believe Grover had the nerve to tell Mr. Johnson "Perhaps you should not have waited so long to order." when they ran out of tuna on rye when it was his fault?

  14. AIDAN RAMSEY do not say that about sesame street. sesame street is a show that helps you learn.

  15. At 1:20–1:22

    Mr. Johnson: Here is my rhyme with rye:


  16. Cheeseburger
    See further
    sheep herder
    leaf blower
    seat warmer 
    meat curer
    neat worker
    speak of her

  17. Yet another fainting spell for poor old Mr Johnson…his stress levels landed him in hospital because of it!

  18. Mr Johnson couldn't take Grover's incompetence any longer and fainted. He was treated for shock and taken to hospital for stress and shock. He was released two weeks later.

  19. Thank Goodness Mr. Johnson wasn’t ordering anything with the one word that has no rhyme in it’s name, being Orange, otherwise it would’ve been impossible to order.

  20. “Oh no reason, just rhyme.”

    I see what they did there! Very clever 😛

  21. Mr Johnson must secretly enjoy being driven batty by Grover, because he keeps going back to the restaurant the furry wee lunatic works at! "No reason, just rhyme" is a criminally underrated joke. #madnessgoals

  22. Oh no its you ! Grover breaking the fourth wall ,a blue man with red hair so unlucky , i love it all

  23. why does Johnson keep going to Charles if the service is that bad?

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