Seven Continents Song

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  1. There are 5 continents, america, europe, asia, africa, antartica and oceanía, Australia is Not a continent, and all people of countries of america are americans (mexicans, colombians, brazilians, argentinos) in spanish the demonyn to the people of USA estadounidenses.

  2. Wait my teach show me the song today because I have a program not summer school I like the song

  3. I love how this was made in 2017 and there are comments from 1 hour ago

  4. Asia=1st
    North and South America=3rd&4th

  5. same i live in australia
    and the australia and other contents voices are awesome

  6. is it defo Australia coz I thought it could be Oceania or Australasia 🤷‍♀️

  7. Our teacher showed us this song and the whole class starts singing along the second time in 3nd grade and I play at home and I show it to my whole family


  8. Wtf?
    North America
    Central america
    And south America is =America one continent ,and Oceania not Australia..

  9. And thank you Europe for Harry Potter lol do you know why I said that? It's because I saw Hedwig

  10. literally nobody:

    My 6th grade History teacher: puts this video

    My entire class including me and the teacher: WE ARE ASIA, AFRICA, NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA-

  11. my 6th-grade teacher puts it on once. every day Mrs.***** put on the continents song

  12. No one:

    Social studies teacher puts this on the board and everybody gets it stuck in there heads

  13. Teacher: shows us this song

    Class; starts singing whenever she puts on the song

  14. Today my teacher showed my class in school it was really good but I am I’m not thanks a lot for the video

  15. 4th grade social studies/science teacher plays this song

    Everyone really tired:

    Teacher plays this song

    EVERYONE:Bops head and sings and laughs at all of the voices

    This was really helpful!

  16. I think you could explains Asia better. Why is it say “but whatever?”

  17. This songs become a hit amongst our school kids. Request you to kindly give out the guitar chords for this song as we're planning to get our kids to sing it for one of our learning showcase! 🙂

  18. The fact that the teacher showed me this and I'm actually using this song for help with work is…mind blowing

  19. who else had to watch this vid because they weren’t sure if what you were thinking about was a continent because you’re stupid like me

  20. My teacher in grade forced the class to sing this Infront of the whole school T^T

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