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Harry won today I'm doing a review of the 7c Strider by Nanami paper made with toe my River paper so let's check it out this is how comes it comes in a slip case it's a cream-colored yellowish cardboard case this is what it looks like and then there's the actual notebook in there so let's get it out alright this is the notebook I think this case is great for archiving the actual notebook but I wouldn't tote it around in it and pull it in and out too much because as you can see it are readily already slightly damaged the cover here so if you plan on carrying this notebook around a lot I would suggest getting a different cover for it it's plain black it has this nice little structure to it and there's nothing that says you know no branding or nothing just plain black it's pretty flexible as you can see rounded edges then it has four hundred and eighty pages which i think is incredible it's tall my river paper it is 52 grand paper is it extremely thin you can tell here almost like you know like that Bible paper and if you're a fountain pen user you've probably heard of Tama River paper because even though it is so extremely thin there's absolutely no bleed through when you use a fountain pen which i think is incredible so the size is a a five which means it is eight point three by five point eight inches or fourteen point eight by twenty one centimeter centimeters and is this seven millimeter ruling and the lines actually very little grey dots let's see if the camera can pick the oh maybe yeah laughs I can't focus on that anyways there is a slight margin at the edges and top and bottom it is a off-white cream colored paper which I like lies extremely flat when you open it up another big bonus in my opinion it is made in Japan so this is a high quality product it comes with a blotting paper which is great for people who use a fountain pen with you know broader nibs that might take a little bit more dry time one thing people complain about is the dry time with certain fountain pens I have used I show you my writing sample I used the pilot metropolitan medium nib with diamond marine ink and I have had absolutely no problem whatsoever the ink is dry within a few seconds so I didn't come across that at all let's check it out as regular pencil then the ballpoint pen like a big round steak medium gel pen uniball signo and then the pilot metropolitan medium nib with diamond ring ink and I must say it is such a pleasure to write in this notebook with a fountain pen it is really smooth paper without that glossy feel that maybe a Clairefontaine paper as you might know it from Rodian notebooks Clairefontaine notebooks so it's it's fairly smooth without a glossy feel to it the fountain pen glides over its so easily because it doesn't soak up a lot of ink the inks actually appear to be slightly lighter in color than writing other type of notebooks I noticed so but it is such a pleasure to ride on this it's just so easy to just flows so I can only how I recommend this for fountain-pen users yes it does have quite a bit of ghosting because the paper is so thin it does not bother me personally to be honest if it does bother you maybe just you know write on one side and leave this page blank but um yeah not a big deal for me as you can see the ghosting but there's absolutely no bleed through which i think is incredible for paper that is that thing to set 52 grand paper 480 pages which retails for I think it's around and on my paper retails for around $30 which sounds expensive but when you calculate the price per per page it's actually cheaper than a regular Moscow notebook so getting a lot of bang for your buck with that paper it has a two page markers which is a really nice feature and what else it's available now this is a first edition I bought this a few months back now there's a second edition available with this that looks almost the same except for the page markers are gone it is a few bucks cheaper now and it's also available in plain paper it used to be only available in blind grab lined paper now it's also available as plain paper if you carry this around everyday and you want to you know just just use it at home but carry it around in your bag I would highly recommend getting a cover for it since it is standard a5 there's a lot of covers out there that available Manami paper actually some gorgeous leather covers for this one so I would check out the website if you're interested I think that's pretty much it I can highly recommend this notebook especially for your fountain pen user it is slightly heavier than a notebook of the same size but it has double the pages and it is still fairly light for what it offers and as I said extremely flexible so if you interested go check out nanami paper comm I'm going to post a link in my review yeah if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see more reviews of notebooks check out my channel and um yeah thank you so much for watching

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  1. I guess I'm in the minority, but I really don't like Tomoe paper. . The 68 gsm is pretty good for writing letters, but the 52 drives me crazy. Maybe I could tolerate the ghosting if I used a Pilot Metropolitan, but every pen I have leaves a wider line, and lays down more ink. To me, the ghosting with most pens and inks makes the back of the paper useless, and this means the paper actually costs twice as much as another brand that lets me use both sides.

    The dry times with many inks is horrible, and a couple I've used took two hours to dry. One of the Noodler's bulletproof inks would still smear slightly after eight hours.

    The paper also wrinkles and creases easier than any paper I've ever used. Even a very slight bend will leave a crease that won't go away.

  2. Wish I could get this in the UK 🙁 The shipping is like the same price as the book itself. Anyone know of any other Tomoe River paper notebooks for a reasonable price like this one?

  3. I love these notebooks!  Definitely need a leather cover for it.  I have the Standard.  I picked up a couple of the Cafe's which are very portable, but IMO do require a finer nib to write smaller.  This is the only paper I'll use for fountain pens.  You get so much for your money.  I used to be a clairefontaine person until I found this. has some really nice ones, too.

  4. Love these A5 notebooks from Nanami Paper. The 7mm rule would be too big for me so I am eyeing the one with blank Tomoe River Paper. I think it's called the Standard. But the shipping to my country is so expensive! So instead, I use the Midori MD A5 notebook in blank format. The paper is made specially for fountain pens but it's not as good as TR Paper.

  5. Thank you for this review. I've just started getting into fountain pens and have been looking for the perfect paper for them and had heard about tomoe river paper and wanted a nice notebook for it. I am curious though does the cream color of the paper take away from the color of the ink compared to plain white paper? Also I don't suppose you'd make a video about your inks? Your favorites and such.

  6. because the paper is so thin, does it rip easily? i'd love to try it for bullet journal but not a fan of easily ripped sheets.

  7. ho there , can you please provide me with the link to this notebook, i cant find it on the website

  8. I have been lusting over this notebook from this particular company. Have you notice any difference between this notebook & the Hobonichi?

  9. Good review. I especially like the writing samples you show with the different types of pens.

  10. thanks for the awesome review. would you prefer dotted paper instead?

  11. Hi Andrew, thank you! Can't reply to your comment directly, so I hope you'll see this. The Writer is definitely the better quality notebook with better paper. But it also depends on your personal preferences. Do you like really thin paper? Do you write with a fountain pen? Will you use the notebook while having a writing surface available? It's super flexible, so it might be harder to write in your lap. Overall I recommend this one over the Moleskine, or, if you want a hardcover, check out a Leuchtturm1917. I haven't bought a Moleskine recently but looked at them in stores and the quality seems to be getting even worse. Every once in a while there might be a slightly better batch in terms of paper but you never know what you get until you open that shrink wrap.

  12. Great review! I was wondering, have you bought any moleskins lately to see if the quality has gone back up? Also would you recommend this over a moleskine?

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