SEX TALK|| Slam Poem by an Indian Girl

Dear parents, teachers and your father’s friends’ s uncle’s cousin’s great grandmother who weirdly thinks she has a say in your life sex is not an inappropriate word sex is not inappropriate hence talking about it in a poem doesn’t make it an inappropriate poem when your little ones come and ask you about sex Don’t call it the ‘S’ word tell them its okay, tell them its natural don’t call it making love tell them it isn’t necessarily love and then teach them about consent teach your sons and daughters that their bodies are theirs alone and no one in any relation can ever stake a claim on them So when they tell you how their bodies are not BIG enough How they are not THIN enough FULL enough COOL enough CURVY enough don’t say the bigger the better don’t say the smaller the sexier. Tell them them about the size of the globe and how they can enfold it in their palms perfectly. tell them they can rule the world and that the only size they need to worry about is the size of the pizza they ll be having tonight. so when your sons comes up to you and asks you why penises are called manhoods tell them they are not well they shouldn’t be. the shape and size of your sexual organ doesn’t make any lesser or any more of man biologically maybe but really, no Tell your young sons they don’t have to be men just because their bodies say so when your daughter comes up to you and asks you why the old aunt next door told her young daughter that it would be a shame if the wall breaks tell her there are no walls That it is just a body don’t talk to her in metaphors about her own genetalia about eels and caves and blooming flowers and whatnots teach her about herself teach her that she can never be in any way impure or pure because she doesnt need to be Teach your young daughters that they don’t have to be women just because their bodies say so so when when she tells you that she wants to be like batman and not Catwoman because she thinks catwoman is kind of hot Don’t frown and ask her why Just get her a cape or when your son tells you he wants to be like Hermione Granger And not Harry Potter Because he is kinda more smitten by Ron Weasley Don’t frown and ask him why just get him a wand and some spell books you can’t teach these little people to be perfect men and women Tell them what you can teach them is to be better people Being a man or a woman are states of mind tell them one day they could be both tell them the next day they can be one Or none Tell them it hardly matters talk to them About LOVE Tell them it is beautiful and magical and dangerous and devastating tell them it doesn’t matter who or what they fall in love with as long as they do. Tell them it’s okay It’s okay to love your job more than you love your husband or to love your dog more than you love general people or to love your books more than you love humanity or your girlfriend more than you love your boyfriend You can’t teach them who the right person is and when the right time is what you can teach them is to be more human More prone to love Tell them that animals are human’s best friends and that a lying, cheating, heartbreaking woman is not a bitch A bitch is a female dog And that a pussy is not a faint hearted coward And definitely not a term for the female genetalia Tell them a pussy is a cat And that cats are royal ferocious creatures Tell them that the only animal they need to be cautious of look just like them that fairies and princesses are stuff from old fairytales But sadly the demons are not That there are murderers in the positions of power Rapists upholding laws and magicians in jail Tell them that the world is not a good place Inspire them to make it better don’t protect them from the world they’ll eventually be growing up in they might never need the protection. And for heaven’s sake, teach them To take pride in who and what they are Who and what they love, who and what they believe in Talk to them About poets who died young but had great lives About witches who were burnt to stake Just because they were magic Talk to them All the great things that Hitler did and all the ugly shades of Gandhi’s life Talk to them about God Or the lack of Him Or how that one time you said ‘Fuck’ in class And got scolded by your teacher Tell them how ‘fuck’ is not an inappropriate word Tell them how there are no inappropriate words Be Honest and Crude And Raw And REAL

100 thoughts on “SEX TALK|| Slam Poem by an Indian Girl

  1. Thank you.
    Honestly I felt a little upset that no one told me these things when I asked. I learned from metaphors at school. There's no "innocent" person in the world. Not knowing about sex doesn't make you innocent. There was a lot of bullies in 1st grade. The only thing it makes you is ignorant. The only thing not knowing does for you is make you not know – and withholding knowledge is never a good thing. And it can be dangerous. A teacher might be doing something to your child and they don't know it's not ok, the teacher tells them it's ok. It's always better to know than not know. Ignorant isn't bliss – it's ignoring the problems in hopes it never happens to you. It's discarding the good things along with it.

  2. Well well, quite a show. But don't forget about human evolution and the laws of nature. Talking bla bla may get you some YouTube views and some imbeciles may agree to you also. That doesn't make it the right thing. The only thing I liked about your talk and the only one which is true also is about the rapists and the one on motivating kids. Rest is pure BS. By the way you're cute and you look like you're high;-)

  3. Nowadays people make this "sex" thing into something else. Remember everyone's beginning is through this reproductive act commonly known as sex. But if you say that there's no such purity thing and men and women can go around and f–k anybody they like, well, then what's the difference between you and the rest of the animals. Io don't follow any religion but one thing I believe is there's something higher than all of this. Because we didn't make this world. We're only ruining it like a cancer. But the only living being with this intellectual ability is humans. So the option of selectively staying pure is only for us. That's the best thing you can give your partner πŸ‘. And the one about dressing is all about evolution. Men are sexually aroused almost instantly by vision. So skin show will make a man hard. Period. But the following actions depends on him and the way he was brought up. Better cover them tits and legs and inspire other ladies to cover their assets also. Otherwise you're still in the animal kingdom. We're divine living things with a level of consciousness unmatched by anything in this planet. And we're the result of millions of years of evolution. So do the nature a favor and honor our intellect. By the way keep making nice videos which give awareness to people on living like human and not on pure instincts like animals. Good day.

  4. Woah! That is something which can definitely inspire conservative people to change.

  5. "Teach your young sons and daughters that their bodies are their own"
    You heart that?

  6. Having listened it for the fifth time in a row, I'm left mesmerised by the world of difference the words are creating in me. Girl, you have a long way to go, be it the art of writing or oratory !

  7. India will be a big slut country in feature..where pre marital and extral marital sex are no more sins.teen age pregnancy are already all time high….divorce rate is increasing exponentially…suicide rate…depression rate…rape rate….india will surpass us and Europe in feature…filthy hindoo can justify any thing….

  8. Unpopular opinion: She has a very little idea about the things she talking about.

  9. liked it but their are some points that i dont agree with but overall a good poem

  10. Beautiful poem! Unfortunately the people who need to hear it never will. This needs to be broadcasted on every news channel. This is the content india needs to see. But when our Censor board finds it necessary to blur a bra in a movie, we stand no chance. Great job with the poem. Perfectly worded

  11. rebellion is not an act of creating chaos in the society for the acceptance of one's stupidity..talking about "s*" is obviously inappropriate in a crowd coz there is an obvious age as to when and what a child needs to learn a few things..that's why they have s* education after 10th grade and not in next time before u start trending about bullshit try to think about young children who may grow up perverse be coz of all the profane shit u were trending about in front of them..If you really just wanna impart knowledge and u think everyone has a right to know everything then why don't u start by teaching children how to make RDX bombs..I would love to see the result of that after a few decades.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. Too good. Loved the poem. It touched many stereotypes and prejudices. This poem is a must listen to everyone. πŸ™‚

  13. Couldn't help but laugh when she said tell them that a lying, cheating, heart-breaking woman is not a bitch.. at least she admits that there ARE lying cheating heart-breaking women, that's a start i guess…

  14. great for utube views and popularity., but in reality all people commenting wow here not gonna do 10% of this view even u the girl in video will you… don't feel offended but it's sad reality, yet let's tryπŸ™

  15. this girl knows nothing only saying what she know and supporting weired words to be used ……she is pretending to very smart…..

  16. I love your poem…..and mostly I love your voice…. can I just talk to you. ….for a while

  17. Don't be like kamla stating only dialogue don't make anyone great!!! Hahaha

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  19. you go girl.your video featured in youth ki awaaz.kudos to an NRI I feel happy about the courage of our generation.i am also impressed at the rise of poetry slam in India.Hopefully such a phenomenon comes to my homeplace,coimbatore

  20. great effort sonal
    we all with you
    break the taboos of conservative society
    salute to you
    salute to you
    and again salute to you

  21. great thing that Hitler did and ugly shades of Gandhi's life πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ… finally someone has guts to speak against father of nation….mind blowing poem ✌✌✌

  22. Amazing is word !!! wow loved it… keep making more such poems…

  23. Oooooo this is simply amazing. She said everything that were in desperate need to be said:)

  24. well done girl keep going….we are there to support to u…..just keep it up i loved it😍😍😘

  25. Extraordinary speech by beautiful young girl.
    keep going sweetie, love & blessings ❀.

  26. man and women are state of mind! what bulshit is this?
    Really getting tired of this pseudo intellectuals, wish only if they could understand biology.

  27. The words from heart but i am sorry to say this you cant change any think because socity is πŸ™ˆ

  28. Nicely delivered, but isn't it more of a speech and very much less of a poem.Just give it a thought!!

  29. really heart felt..i wish i cud speak like you…it would really be nice if you could check out one one my poems on my channel and give me thoughts on how i can write better .Anyone who is passionate bout poetry is welcome to view my channel. πŸ™‚

  30. Who am I ?
    why I exist?
    What is my destiny?
    These questions and made the whole world .
    You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam.

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  32. sex is not neither a problem nor a taboo. but being a thot is a problem for ur family. Slutty women & men can never stay in a committed relationship that's why every family deliberately makes sex a taboo word. ok but if someone is highly engulfed by instant gratification and do not want a family life then go ahead. nobody is stopping u from being a slut…. But think about ur future i.e-after 45 yrs age(sex would be a boring thing). All women are under the veil of feminism discourse.

  33. first thing i heard here is that cheating is not a wrong, tell this thing to a victim of cheating s/he will tell u how it feel like when u r cheated on. those who think this, they should perhaps born as animal rather than human. because human beings are possessive by nature. completely insane.

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