4 thoughts on “Sha Rene' meets Meryl Streep at Poet's Benefit – Apr 1 2008

  1. wow you are sooo lucky, i would do anything to meet meryl!

  2. Hello Sha Rene it's Mark Anthony Jenkins from Black Singles Magazine Inc and Black Writers Guild of America. Call me when you get a chance. My number is 718-993-2999. Look forward to your call.

  3. Wow! It was so cool! At the event she recited a poem called, "Sunday Morning" and it was if you were watching her in a movie in a long scene, Really dramatic. I loved it! And when I met her she was so nice. She was really friendly and she took the book. She had a great disposition. At the event she said poety was one of her "favorite things" so I asked her to read my book and email me her comments! I hope she likes it! I had a really awesome night! Thanks so much for asking! Have a great one!

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