Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – Writer and Director Talk Plot, Character, and Gameplay

it is such an honor to join a long chain of people who've had a hand in shaping Who Lara Croft is I am Jill Murray I'm lead writer for shadow with the Tomb Raider with items Montreal I'm Danielle Chiasson I'm game director on shadow – Tomb Raider I worked on Tomb Raider 2013 as a game director and have been for the last three years and a half I've been working on shadow tumor as a game director so I've been eight years on their franchise since the begins their reboot um we were meeting Lara at the top of shadow of the Tomb Raider in full possession of all of her skills and powers doing what she's always been successful at doing staying ahead of Trinity getting to the artifact first taking it she realizes suddenly she's made a terrible mistake has set off the apocalypse so her challenge and our challenge for this game is to really look at heroism and I'm more mature light and say well maybe it's not being the fastest or having the best intentions or being the strongest it's really about what do you do when you realize that you've made a mistake you're not perfect how do you define yourself and your actions going forward being there since the beginning to reboot because at the time the last game that crystal a ship was on the world and that the reboot Lara was always important in the reboot was we knew it was core to what we wanted to tell us a story and same thing about tomb raiding and that was the thing that was for sure we were bringing back you know from the classical version platforming was became traversal and puzzle became tombs and and smart resourceful Lara so when we looked at AI we said okay now we need a we need to create a real character we wanted to create a character that everyone can relate to can say that could be me and Jill you know brought her own you know her own heart and soul to this last janitor I think we have foreshadowed the Tomb Raider is a more emotional character-driven story than we've been able to have in the last two installments we're really benefiting from the work that has been put in to establish her character who she is in relationship to the world everything that she's already been through and so with this installment we have a smaller cast of characters which allows us to go more into depth into their relationships we see a lot especially in the friendship between Lara and Jonah how they've evolved together the tensions that arise between them they're very different points of views on how to accomplish things with with Jonah offering a very steady gentle humanist approach that is in contrast to Lara's very active adrenaline driven and this game guilt driven approach the beginning will feel very similar to rice because we are because Lara's starting with are the whole arsenal that she learned from rice and that was key for us because we wanted to showcase a much more experienced Lara because she everything she went through from rice as soon as you get into the jungle and after that that's where all the new mechanics started to kick in because she needs to learn how to to deal with the challenge that she's facing in a very different way to previous games she was she was shaped by the world she was reacting to it now she's a now analyzing it learning from it and becoming that world and then we were saying becoming the jungle that's what it means she's becoming learning it even her interaction with the Jaguar she's learning from that very painful way but she does learning how cunning is very important when you try to survive in this environment in rise and I remember I was saying that to my level designers we need to get her dropped we need to get her fall that's why she's falling that much in these games because we didn't have any McCann that was permitting us to go down and now we have the whole rap battle thing we have the underwater dime so everything now shows a lot more confidence on how she's she's interacting with that world it's not just about ascending or moving forward it's also going down when you start really experiencing these new ways to traverse the world you'll realize that the world is actually built in a different way than the two previous games you feeling it's a different experience when you think about darkness also when you think about what we experience in a game is because we're facing the consequence of our own action and because the actions are are very you know what a world threatening it's like a surgeon a surgeon if he fails the surgery somebody will die Lara in a tumor tumor ating way of doing things is that if she's missing up something then there's multiple people it's you know it's well threatening let's say we're also seeing a lighter version of the character and especially when we arrive in places like PI DT which is the largest social hub we've ever created Larry a sense of humor can come out more we see her having to work with people which is kind of new after so much time spent alone adventuring in tombs and so I would say more than darkness this is a game of contrasts and I think people are gonna find that true of the story as well the industry is super collaborative you want to be a game writer do not expect to sit by yourself writing most of your time will be spent in meetings and it will be a good thing so be as collaborative as possible I would say two things have passion you don't have to care exactly for all video games but have passion of what you want to do understand what you want to do have passionate about that and never give up even if the doors are closed even if people are slapping the doors in front of you never give up and have the courage to face the developer and say here's what I can do you

12 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – Writer and Director Talk Plot, Character, and Gameplay

  1. Well, i now know the name and faces to blame for the shitty writing of the new Tomb Raider…

  2. Tomb Raider историй 1996-2018 😀

  3. I just want a tomb raider game with tombs less call of duty shoot outs no crying emotions sadness whatever, just a simple story of why she is tomb raiding and have her double pistols why do she not use double pistols , wtf…..

  4. if you have passion in what you do…. so why does you have cheap mechanics…. i mean her jump looks soooo 80's and the bug with the radio!!! MAN !! she talks with her HAND !!! like common on this is Tomb Raider, the game that starts everything ,storyline,cinematic,graphics,female protagonist , EIDOS montreal should paid more respect to Lara Croft.

  5. People aren't that excited for this. I think it will be awesome. The graphics and new mechanics look very satisfying.

  6. I love Jill Murray Because when gamers, Interview her shes always smilling 😀

  7. Jill seems thoroughly unimpressed by some of the stuff that comes out of Daniel's mouth. 😀

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