when the Sun rises the shadows must
retreat fleeing in fear from the fires of the night never knew that it’s
endless elite as a bright Lord bears beacons of flame the Sun rises yes but
from the West which shines marching our eastward eternal right the elves
esteemed delicate finery in all their arts and the crystals in this artifact
glow softly even in a pitch-black room I know this firsthand because I’d often
sneak into the Great Hall and read by crystallite when everyone thought I was
safely in bed the sea of nirn is home to beasts we can
scarcely comprehend but from time to time clues about their existence wash up
on the shore our patrols found this fossilized squid beak years ago if it is
proportional to the smaller squids that fishermen sometimes catch the sea
creature would be several hundred feet long such a monster is the stuff of
nightmares proof that this world hides Horrors far worse than the orcs it’s
easy to dismiss the orcs as brutish but that demeanor masks our cunning and
cruelty well-suited for warfare their weapons likewise seem brutish but make
no mistake they know their purpose one sharp blow to the head will split your
skull whether it comes from Gondor Ian steel or orcish pig iron this artifact a
chunk of moonstone was our last acquisition before the orcs came
scout found it still smoldering out in the fields where it fell to Earth from
the moon overhead I am far from superstitious but even I wonder whether
this bit of fallen moonstone was meant to serve as an ill omen for the disaster
that followed some orcs are self-styled Marauders who crave riches more than
other orcs greed not bloodlust motivates them and unlike most other orcs they
wear jewelry such as this ring to mark their status we obtain this ring from a
dead Marauder with no idea of its history though it
seems númenórean if only we knew where the Marauders find treasures like this
ring there’s so much we could learn the last king of Gondor Iona challenged the
witch king himself in the heart of Angmar armored for war not ceremony he
left his crown behind when he wrote to his fate we hold it in trust for the day
when a king of Gondor will return to wear it though we need a future king
with enough sense not to confront the witch-king alone by reading the history and peoples of
Gondor every child receives countless lessons in our realms history our kings
and heroes our battles and triumphs doubly so for those of us who grew up on
gondor’s frontiers the teachers meant well they were trying to inspire us but
all the tales of Gondor remind us how exposed we were to the threat of model meanness evil never had the grand dramas
and pageantry of ministerial itself but we had simple arts like music to give us
the solace of home when all around us lies in shadow
a simple folk song or pleasing dance was a ray of sunshine
I wonder such music will ever be heard again to an orc grog is strong drink for
their bellies but it’s also medicine for their wounds and so combustible that it
may even be fuel for their war machines few GaN Dorian’s dare drink it lest we
start to behave like the orcs still it is worth studying Baron all has some
ideas about a poison that when mixed with grog can disable or even kill the
strongest org gondor’s preferred order of battle with
variations is a chart depicting how an army should be organized from the
frontline infantry to the cooks and Teamsters in the rear
whenever I study it I’m amazed at what it takes to send an army to war details
down to the number of cobblers and farriers for each column of soldiers
such matters of supply seem mundane until you’re under siege desperately
fighting and quarter rations then you’re eager to pay attention to logistics I believe this plate is of Easterling
manufacture the ceramic and the style of decoration is a sort unknown to me or
anyone I’ve shown it to I know that the East wing’s from beyond the sea of roon
have never been friends to Gondor and their war chariots and Wayne wagons are
fearsome indeed but I should like to meet one up close when battle is not at
hand no matter how fierce they are they’re still men not rocks or other
minions of the Dark Lord you

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