Sharing a passion for literature

since graduating from Johns Hopkins University Alissa Brent Weissman has published three children's novels written a fourth and signed a deal to produce yet another today she shares her love of literature with elementary school students in Baltimore through a program called city lit kids city lit kids is a writers in Schools program through its partnership between city lit projects and the University of Baltimore which goes into a Baltimore City elementary school classroom the same classroom once a week and we read aloud for about a half hour and then we do a creative writing activity related to the reading and then the kids share what they wrote so we're building this community of readers and writers in the classroom hopefully these students will have a lifelong love of reading and even of writing she founded the program with two other Johns Hopkins graduates and in just its second year she has already seen results one thing that we couldn't get over was just how much these kids have changed throughout the year in the beginning they just had a really hard time putting pen to paper and actually you know being creative so we had to start very basic but then by the end of the year they would just immediately start writing they would so proudly show us how they wrote more than one page you know turning over the pages in their Journal and everybody wanted to share students in the Johns Hopkins writing seminars share ideas and critiques through work shows Weissman wrote her second novel standing for socks as part of a writing seminars course called the long work the writing seminars was fantastic what I learned was what works what doesn't and more importantly why which made me I think such such a better writer she has wanted to write for kids since she was a child herself and now cherishes the opportunity to share that passion with the next generation people tend to think of children's literature as your varsity but if you ask anybody what sort of books have influenced them chances are it's books that they read when they were a kid to have the ability to may be influenced some other kids to love reading and even want to become a writer that that's pretty awesome

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