Sharyl – “DACA and the Death of Dreams”

♪ (music) ♪ When I moved to America, they shackled me, tied my hands
against a wall, changed my name, put a label on me. They cut my wings, called me alien, unwanted, illegal. They told me to go back home so I wandered, hid in the shadows, walked in the desert for 40 days, made a refuge in a cemetery. I hid, dyed my hair blonde, put on blue contacts. I distorted my vision so that every time I looked in the mirror,
I was like them. But it seems that they could
not change my voice. Please do not be ashamed of who I am. This is the only way I can wake up,
look in the mirror, and like who I have become. I beg for forgiveness in this land
that I never knew, I was told to trust them, that DACA would save us from this hell
we had been living in. So our wings began to grow coming out of the shadows. Bodies began to resurrect
from cemeteries. It was the first time
I was allowed to cry. I watered the soil, got rid of the tombstones, harvested my crops. As my fruit began to grow,
I was deceived. They kissed my cheek
and built their walls higher, burned our boats, took my family,
mocked us, persecuted me, took away my right to live,
told me I was only meant to be asleep, where they could not see me, where they didn’t hear me sing,
six feet under. I was only a dreamer, better off dead. But I refuse to be quiet
because we will still climb your walls. Burn down our boats,
and we will swim oceans. Cut down my wings,
and I will grow them again. I am not afraid. I am no longer hiding. I am a dreamer,
and I am here to stay. ♪ (music) ♪

20 thoughts on “Sharyl – “DACA and the Death of Dreams”

  1. Meanwhile 40% of millennials have a hs diploma and 53% have at least a bachelors degree. DACA students are academic driven more than the natives.

  2. there really going to tell a bunch of minors that they can’t live in this country because they weren’t born here. america was started by immigrants and that’s what we say we are for. we are supposed to be for the people, not just some of the people.

  3. I am DACA and I will listen to this every morning to remind myself not to be afraid and not to be silenced. I will make something great out of myself and continue teaching.

  4. I went to school with her for a while!! She's so inspiring and these words are so powerful omg

  5. * But it seems they could not change my voice" giving hope to the voiceless is priceless. Well done. The metaphors are insane too: burn down your boats and we will swim/ growing back your wings are some of the lines I loved so much. Thumbs Up from the United Kingdom. Keep it up!

  6. Beautiful…we can never stop dreaming even when we are emersed in our worst nightmare…what is hope without a dream?

  7. Wow that is the best poem I have heard in awhile I’m gonna cry

  8. Come here legally get the proper visa ,keep up with those Visa ,don't let them expire and you'll have no issues

  9. All this complaining about the shit you have to go through to get here if it’s so bad why are you leaving wherever you came from in the first place you obviously had it better there

  10. Really sad how a country founded by immigrants is now stigmatizong immigrants left and right. Makes no sense. Beautiful piece. It really says a lot.

  11. This is brilliantly written and the video is fittingly amazing. I have literal chills.

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