She hears electricity A poem

She hears electricity in the depth of the
night A soft hum
Off putting and frustrating and possibly not even there
If nobody else can hear it is it a different wavelength or all in your head
To be perfectly honest she isn’t sure anymore The buzz it will keep her up all night
Where it’s coming from she isn’t sure She cannot awake the person beside her for
if they respond in fear well it will only make the symptom worse
Maybe it is a symptom Maybe it is a lie
Realistically everything is just in your mind Is this a part of being alive
Is it everyone or just her that she does not know
it hums and thrums a twisted lullaby like a hideous caricature of home
The shadows they grow The humming gets louder
The pitch it shifts to something insufferable She lays still she doesn’t know why
The sound of electric won’t skin you alive Eventually she will fall asleep
The hum will do no harm The shadows they are calm
And when she awakes to softer sounds A bird singing, her partner rising, an alarm
she set that she thought would be annoying but at least it isn’t a hum She loves her music but don’t hum along
If your electricity is loud don’t let it be known
How silly it is to fear a sound When danger really is all around
But she will lay in bed paralysed once more Convinced that the humming will break through
the floor And maybe the hum it will do her some harm
But really like the shadows soon it shall be calm Hey pal-erinos I really hope you enjoyed that
I worked my arse off on it Would have been so easy to make in better
editing software there are a few things I want to update you guys on a few things that
are happening Number 1 on the 2nd of September I am hosting
a little youtube gathering in Liverpool there’ll be a link to the event in the description.
If you’re around please come along it should be a really fun time get to meet other creators
hang out get to know people I have made no secret of how much I miss gatherings and I’m
really excited because it looks like people are actually gonna turn up to this one.
Number 2 my wonderful fiance Pepper took a ridiculous joke t shirt I made and made it
actually look good it’s it’s mainly t shirts but also you can get it on mugs and like stickers
erm it ain’t no lie I am bi bi bi shirts link to those in the description
Please I need money for the gathering I really really hope you liked this video
the filming was not what I normally do but it was really fun hopefully I can make more
videos like this hopefully from September with better editing software so that it doesn’t
take me 10 years to make something look dark Like it was dark but it wasn’t super dark
my highlight of filming this was the point at which I started waving a sock in front
of a candle to make the shadows move that’s the shit you guys don’t get to see
If you did enjoy it please subscribe and give me a cheeky like and leave me a comment letting
me know what you thought the poem was about because I love hearing what you guys think
and let me know whether you like this style of video or not I’m not sure how much I like
it but I have been staring at it non stop for several days so
I will see you guys definitely next week maybe before byee

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