Sheep Nursery Rhyme for Kids

Hello, White Sheep! Hello, White Sheep! Do you have a little ship? Yes, I do. My ship is called “Azalea” I will set sail to Australia Oh, lovely name – “Azalea”! When will you sail to Australia? I think I’ll start tomorrow Then I will feel no sorrow. When the voyage has begun I will have a lot of fun! Oh, White Sheep Oh, White Sheep! Is the ocean shallow or deep? It will be my first trip I don’t know if it’s deep But who lives in Australia? My auntie Camellia My cousin Sheila My twin sister Leela Is your family united? Yes, it is. I’m so delighted! How long will you be staying there? Till I see a little mare Do you want to see a mare? To be honest, I don’t care!

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