Sheher Ya Tum – Yahya Bootwala | Jidnya Sujata | MAMI 2018 Best Short Film

It’s been a few years since I moved in to this big city, with all my dreams & aspirations. Now, my dreams weren’t getting fulfilled as I’d expected, so I started penning down my thoughts. By the way, my dreams are still under progress but during this while, I met a girl. one, who I hadn’t even thought I’d be with… in the wildest of my dreams And as they say… “Every relationship is perfect in the beginning” We were a notch higher than perfection itself. But, since the last two months, there has been an unsettling issue between us The thing is, she belongs to this city itself And as they say… If one spends a long time at a particular place one gets fed up of that place. one gets fed up of that place. And now she wants to leave & go away So now, she’s left it upon me to choose, either this city or her. Now, I have written an answer(ode) for her But I know, if I start reading it out to her, she will try to dodge the topic So, I thought it’ll help me if I share it with you guys first. The ode is… Whenever we walked through a lane, we would feel daunted looking at the crowd. Our fingers would touch each others’, and we would hold hands. Not because we feared getting lost in the crowd. But because, we feared losing each other. then… we would move away from the crowd I would leave her hand she would hold my hand again, and ask… “Had you held my hand only for the crowd?” During the rush hour in the local train as a shield I would stand in front of her and then lose myself in her eyes. She would shyly look here and there, then look into my eyes and smile Often, peoples’ jostles would bring us closer. Later in the evening, when we would board a less-crowded train then she would say, “Keep standing in front of my eyes…” By the sea shore… …I enjoyed watching the setting sun… …while she liked to see it rise. So, to fulfill each other’s desires, we would continue sitting there for hours And during that time we would open up to each other, about the things that we’d never shared with anyone else. Then, when I would be about to leave, she would hold my hand and innocently ask me, “The sun will set again… right?” Look… lack of money would not allow us to do Facebook check-ins at fancy places but yes It familiarizes us with the streets & corners of the city. In those streets, I have seen a different side of yours A side, that other’s are totally unaware of which shows the carefree, happy-go-lucky person that you are. The same carefree side of yours, which asks the pani-puri(Indian street food)wallah, “Give me another sookha puri(Indian street food)!” When you’d return home drenched in rains I would make tea on one stove and warm water for your bath, on the other. But when you sneezed, I would immediately lift the hot vessel with my bare hands which would burn my fingers and let out a scream! Concerned, you would come running towards me take my hand to your lips and say, “Can you do even one thing properly?” Whenever the lights went out you would snuggle up to me. Then I would light up a candle and in it’s glimmering flame, I would clearly see the color of your eyes and would feel immersed in the depths of your eyes. Then you would blow off the flame and would say, “Now you look at me and tell.” But… what upsets me is your habit of repeatedly bringing up issues from the past You want answers whereas I just want to forget about them and move on. Eventually, those unanswered issues would resurface leaving us both, feeling miserable. I would slam the door and walk out! Then, when I would return in the middle of the night I would find you sitting at the same spot with just one question: “Will you have dinner?” Because of our disagreements, WE would create distances and end up sleeping on either side of the bed. But… because of the bed being small in size unpreventably, we would get closer Then I would gently put your tresses behind your ears And you would lovingly say, “I forgive you” This (ode) was my answer for her. Okay, listen What I’m going to say now is meant for nobody else, but you! It is said that to build a ‘home’, you need a ‘house’ and YOU are my ‘home’ but this city is OUR ‘house’. So when you asked me to choose between this city and you… I obviously choose YOU but don’t forget, we met each other because of this city.

100 thoughts on “Sheher Ya Tum – Yahya Bootwala | Jidnya Sujata | MAMI 2018 Best Short Film

  1. This guy will make anyone fall in love with him…. the way he delivers… Damn 😍😍😍

  2. Priya dharma (pihu)
    Kuch esi hi h na hmari bhi khahani
    Tum pata nhi kahane par Sachs m.
    M bhut akala ho gya hu ab.
    Vo sheher or tum dono ki bhut yaad aati h.

  3. tumare to jahane bali h
    is liye idhar khare ho
    tumare to jahane bali h
    is liye idhar khare ho
    muje vi koi mil jaye na to tum mere pichhe honge

  4. Like like….. Karo bro……. Sahi 👉 😘 😘 story… Bhai dil 😍 ko chuuu gya

  5. Khuch narazgi mujhe bhi thi kuch tumhe bhi tmhe batana nhi aata tha or hme chupana meri khamoshi se tum bhi anjaan the or hm tumhe smjha na paye 😭😭 ish ki sari line dil se juri thi kuch kehna imposible hai yrr sorry 💔💔

  6. Everything all line heard touching
    Aaj mahsush huaa ki pyaar Kya hota hai or ha kabhi kisi ke pyaar se khelna nahi chahiye 🥰🥰🥰

  7. Kya har relationship me koi 1 chiz choice karna zaroori hota hai kya… kyon relationship ke akhri me 2 option rakh diye jate hai jisse me se Hume koi 1 hi chiz choice karna hota hai

  8. Har kishi aapni hi kahani hai dil me dard aur aakho me pani hai….shikwa hai sikayat aur bate purani phir bhi na Jane kyo pareshan ye jawani hai

  9. Don't know why… teri har ak poem, poem ki har ak line kyu relate krti hai yar.. 😔

  10. chalo aaj puch leta hu ….💓💓
    kuki bistar he chota h to narazagi bich me nhi aa payi to kya bistar yu he chota rakhne me mere sath ho tum

  11. Tumhari poetry sunte sunte kahi kho jaata hu
    Aur pata nhi kyu khatam hote hote ro jaata hu…. ❤️❤️

  12. Wow !! This is so..
    I can't believe I didn't recognize you when I saw you !
    This is just so beautiful ❤️

  13. Indian boys waise hi chutiye. hai tum sale aur bakchod bana do kuch aachi videos banao jisse baccho ka future bane

  14. Bro your end was great mtlb mai ek dancer hun aur aaj aapki poetry sun kr use choreograph kar raha tha sach its really good heart touching can you send me you contact or anything Where i can send you my video

  15. Good to hear from you and thanks for the email and the email address I have now received the

  16. Bhai bus karde yar…
    Uski hazaro yado ko chhod aaya hu, aaj tune fir yad dila diya use.

  17. Superb two of my favourite poets to whom I look forward to ……their story just took my heart away!!

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