Sheri “Purpose” Hall – “Irregular Rape Poem” @WANPOETRY (UNOFFICIAL WOWPS CYPHER 2017)

Sorry if I’m not the rape poem you’re used to Not Western Beauty standard waif thin pale Too black woman strong for you to imagine forced, held down, or controlled. Sorry if I’m not, White feminist crying on microphone enough for you Skin and land of origin not exotic enough for you History of slavery not human trafficking enough for you Sorry if my continued survival doesn’t scream damaged enough to you My agency in my own body and thinking my own self still as sexy Not screaming broken enough for you Married and raising children not post-traumatic enough for you to stress over Sorry If I don’t fit your standard of what it is to be rape poem beautiful and emotionally messy. Sorry your stereotypes didn’t include fat, or black. But I assure you we exist. I know rape poems Read the forced love italics The deafening blank spaces containing no edits for heroes The irregular stanzas all carrying the same fragmented sentences Void of proper punctuation except for periods. At some point they they all hope their periods come I suppose the unfathomable to be true that rape In some sick twisted sense is better than you More politically correct and socially savvy than you Isn’t ageist racist racist sexist ableist colorist or shallow like you Rape hangs on to anyone that it can grasp hold to I know rape poems whose names are Jim Tom and Ed Rather than Monica Sharonda and Sue Rape poems that don’t identify as men or women Rape poems with cerebral palsy confined to wheelchairs black, yellow, brown, deaf, dumb, mute overweight, pimple-faced, permanently disfigured Rape poems that were not scripted till they were in their 80s I had the opportunity to teach a group of young middle-school girls once And found that eight out of nine of them also Identified as rape poems and the one glimmer of hope I had The one who wasn’t was transformed into violated calligraphy two weeks later. So I am sorry if I, we Don’t represent your Law & Order SVU version of a beautiful fair-flowing haired goddess outspoken Pale skinned collegiate rape poem Sorry I will not be your token episode Sorry I will not lay out all the gory details Crying you a river on a microphone giving you rape poem porn Sorry you can’t get your rocks off to this one Sorry These sorries do not come attached to legitimate apologies Sorry I ain’t sorry

7 thoughts on “Sheri “Purpose” Hall – “Irregular Rape Poem” @WANPOETRY (UNOFFICIAL WOWPS CYPHER 2017)

  1. "And the one glimmer of hope I had, the one who wasn't was transformed into violated calligraphy two weeks later."

    That hit HARD

  2. Legit was just talking about SVU and them rarely having anyone outside of white thin able-bodied women.

  3. I love how she talks about not giving all the gory details, like not making it into porn. Because so often that’s how I feel whenever I hear anyone talking to a survivor, they just want to know the most fucked up super personal stuff, when it really is none of their business.

  4. Hello, I am currently putting together and planning to publish collection of poems by survivors of rape, sexual assault, incest, or sexual abuse. If you fall into this category and would be willing to contribute a poem or two, please email it to me at [email protected] Please consider this. The goal is to take back our voice, make a statement, and connect with other survivors. Let me know and have a good day!

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