Shiva – Full Episode 43 – The Crocodile

Wait! Grandpa, when will
Maritia island come? According to the map it
will come right now. Oh no, Shiva. Look
at this board. There’s a crocodile over here. Actually crocodile
is nearby in a lake. People say that one crocodile has
come from there in this water. But until today no
tourist has seen it. I get scared of crocodiles. Quickly give me something to eat. I get hungry when I’m scared. UD, don’t worry.
I’m there with you. Once a crocodile
came in our village. No one had the guts to go
in front of that animal. That time, I caught the
tail of the crocodile… …and later I dragged him
and put him in the lake. I told him. ‘Your place is in the lake.’ ‘Stay there, and dare…’ ‘…you think of
entering the village.’ Don’t worry, 50 kms from here… …when a crocodile comes out… …then his mother says. ‘Don’t go
other’s Laddu Singh will come.’ Crocodile has arrived.
Quickly go towards the tree. I’m too old to climb a tree. Let’s go the land over there. Come on!
– Adi. Catch the tail of the
crocodile and take him away. You people take me seriously a lot. Come on fast. Mr.Laddu Singh,
please do something. I get too scared of crocodiles. I get hungry when I’m scared. Please get the me the
food bag from the boat. Please. UD, if I get you the food bag… …then, I’ll become a
prey of that crocodile. UD, you’re concerned about your
hunger in so much tension. I don’t know anything. I get hungry when I’m scared. My tiffin is left in the boat. Oh God! Please be quite. I’ll bring my cycle over
here through remote control. Later I’ll distract the crocodile
and take him from here. You people repair the boat. Shiva, I’ll repair the boat. But you any how take the
crocodile from here. Okay done. If you’re going to
take the cycle… …then, please bring my food bag. I got to know today that
you’re such a big hogger. Oh no! My remote. Now, I’ll have to go
and get the cycle. Shiva! Look your food bag has arrived. I think today you’re
lucky to get food. That crocodile has
to stay hungry. Look at him, in this
tension he’s eating… …as if he’s not
anything since years. Maybe this is our
last food bite. Please let me eat. You ate the entire, you could
have left something for us. Mr.Laddu Singh, you’re
a police inspector. Please do something
and arrest him. Grandpa, what to do? Law doesn’t have any
law for crocodiles. Croco… What kind of melody
are you singing? And, why are you singing in fear? Grandpa, crocodile. He’s behind you. I’ll teach this crocodile
a lesson right now. Now, I’ll recite a
crocodile melody for him. Come here. Come here. Yeah! Wow, grandpa.
That was a nice trick. Inspector, get up that
crocodile has ran away. What is this?
This crocodile stomach… …has also a blue sky in it. This isn’t crocodile
stomach, it’s the real sky. I scared him. Oh! Thank you, grandpa. Today your song
has saved us all. Thank you! Did you see
the magic of my song? Grandpa, please keep singing. That crocodile will
stay away from us… …until you’re singing. Yes, grandpa. Please
keep on singing. Later Adi and crocodile will dance. Well that’s really nice. We got some time to
reach near the boat. Let’s get the boat here. How should we? The hand
of laws are longer. And here it get’s unconscious
because of water. Let’s attach the tree
vines and make big rope. And then throw it near the
boat and pull it here. Reva, well said. Come on, everyone.
Let’s gather tree vines. Shiva, help me. Wait. Help me! Shiva, do something that
crocodile is coming towards Adi. Shiva, please help me. I don’t want to become
crocodile’s food. Shiva, please be careful. Yes, Shiva. Very good. Now, he can’t close his mouth.
Now we’re out of danger. Now this crocodile is out.
He came to eat us. Now come, I’ll show you my power. Adi, stop challenging.
Crocodile has ran away. He shouldn’t come back. No! Grandpa. Grandpa, please start singing. The kids are in danger
and you want me to sing. Grandpa, please sing. This crocodile is
really very smart. He went to grandpa
to take his stick. Shiva, well this crocodile
will not let us go like this. How will we not go?
Quickly get the tree vines. Oh no! Crocodile is
also pulling the boat. He’s smart. He knows that we’ll
run away if we get the boat. Everyone pull harder. Pull harder! Pull harder! Yeah! Well done. Well done. Mr.Laddu Singh, this is is right
time to go near the boat. – Yeah, let’s go.
– Okay. Grandpa! Mr.Laddu Singh. Crocodile is coming
towards you both. Go back. Get up, Laddu Singh. Now, I’ve do this at this age. Crocodile. Grandpa, faster. Run faster. Run. Mr.Laddu Singh, please get up. Grandpa, hurry up! Faster! Faster! Grandpa, faster. Yeah! Crocodile ran away. Inspector, please get up. ‘Get up, Mr.Laddu Singh.’ This time I’m surely in the
stomach of the crocodile. I can neither see a sky or the plants. Get up, young man. You’re not in the stomach of the
crocodile. Come on, fix the boat. That crocodile ran away. Ran away! How can he run away? I was going to fight with him. Crocodile lake. I think the crocodile
came out from here. I’ll click a picture and
show it to everyone. Yeah, Shiva. Shiva. Shiva, the boat is ready
to rock and roll. Well done, Mr.Laddu Singh. Now,
we’ll go to Martia island. – Everybody ready.
– Yes. – No!
– No! Shiva, they’re right.
Now we should go back. By the way, lot many adventures
before Martia island. Okay, grandpa. Majority wins.
We’ll go back. Wait, I’m also coming. Shiva, I don’t know
what’s wrong… …but this boat is not working. Grandpa, please start singing. Okay, Shiva. Well done, grandpa. Go for it. Grandpa, keep on singing.

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