Short Stories For Kids | Appu And Friends Find Some Balance

They write poems about days like this. Not that I know any, but I’m sure they’re out there. I know one. Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. I wonder what that means. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m dreaming this scrumptious bone. It means it’s a beautiful day and let’s take a boat ride. I’d love that! Dip my paws in the water. Eat some water lilies. May I point out we don’t have a boat. I can take care of that. Perfect! Last one in is a rotten banana! Make way, make way, watch out, don’t step on my paw, Queens first! We’re going down like the Titanic! The what, dear? A boat that sank! I watched the movie through a window! Better do something fast, you won’t like the smell of wet dog. Stretchy, we should switch with King and Queen. Watch my hooves, everybody. Ahhh! We’re shifting! Hold on! Now we know a real tiger weighs more than a tiger dog. I don’t weigh as much as Appu, I don’t think. Maybe we should switch. That did nothing. How about we just start row row rowing? We can’t with the boat unbalanced. It’s not safe. We’ll start taking on water. And we’ll go down like the Titanic! It’d also be really hard to row with the boat unbalanced. One side is so much higher than the other. We should switch with king and queen. Appu, can you balance us? I think so, but not with magic. How else can we do it? We need a scale, like the one in my bathroom. Find out what we all weigh so we can balance ourselves. I’ve seen those, they’re a bit small for a giraffe. What about something like this? I can magic that. Meanwhile, everybody out. If I were magic, I’d use it to solve everything. And that, Tiger, is why you are not magic. Hate to say it, but it still won’t fit all of us. It’s okay. We can go in groups. Right. Let’s start with say – Stretchy on one side. Now, who would balance her out? How about me? Look at that, I weigh a little more than Appu. We need someone light on Appu’s side. Let me try. So one Stretchy equals an Appu and Neena. Let’s see if it works on the boat. Friends, we have balance! Don’t row off without us. Never! Now let’s see who else balances. Igress, you go on one side. Well, we already know I don’t weigh as much as a real tiger. But how about two monkeys? Come dear, let’s see if royalty outweighs the jungle tiger. We monkeys are light on our feet. Looks like we need a little more to equal out with Igress. Let’s see if two monkeys and a dog makes a tiger. You three do make a tiger! Now come and join us on the boat. Just stay on opposite sides. I must say, that was quite a balancing act! And we balanced without using magic. High paw and hoof! Back to your positions! I suggest moving only when necessary. So it’s safe for us to row, row, row. Where are the oars? Oops, I forgot to magic oars. Who wants to row? Okay, I have a better idea anyway. I’ve always wanted to learn to sail. Now, which way is the wind blowing? I believe it is from the west. East North South How about a magic puff of wind to get us started? Sounds good. Ah. Life is but a dream.

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