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oh there's BJ from how expert we also have a how expert publishes nonfiction how-to guides from all topics from A to Z but at this same time we have a fiction brand it's called short story press so if you want to go check out short stories written by everyday people go check out short story press calm having said that I wanted to document the journey behind the scenes war short story press as well hiring fiction writers so I posted a job on up work which is where we find our writers primarily and I'm gonna go review the applicants we have about 12 applicants and to be quite frank we appreciate everybody who applies but we just cannot hire everybody we tend to hire people who have long detailed answers to the cover letters as opposed to people who write one or two sentence answers okay because we're looking for people who are really passionate about their story one example here is Michael okay he has a pretty long detailed cover letter answer title I will have to say his Rangers bride okay let's call it that right now I already took a look at this already so for Speed purposes I'm gonna go through it really quickly so I'm gonna take a look at this um hold on two seconds okay I shortlisted it okay my concept is a Christian themed fantasy about arranger prince who who woos a tavern wench and frees her people Wow interesting it is meant to model how Christ is the bridegroom for the church but through a lens of us Celtic fantasy the plot is as follows see most people will write if you're a writer looking to write for how expert or short story press or any of our publishing brands we even have a Christian themed publishing brand called Christian story press we're looking for passion we're looking for someone who has not just gives one or two sentences because I know freelancers are usually busy so they want to apply as many as possible many jobs as possible but someone like Michael here we've got who has a whole story in his mind I talked to enough writers they in have this vision in their mind and they need to get it out of their system right didn't mean to they need to write it so I could tell this guy this person is tremely passionate okay not everyone is super passionate about you know one or two sentences no no disrespect to anybody who applied but most people are you know tend to write shorter answers I tend to look at hire people who have longer answers okay someone who has longer answers that's why there is thumbs-up shortlisted today I'm gonna hire Michael okay and this is the process and I'm going to take a look at it when such as Venice is much more forceful inspiration lines so he has a whole story inside of and I trust the writers I don't tell them what to do I give them flexibility and the freedom to write their own story that's in their own art in their own mind okay so all I'm looking for is passion okay and I could tell person's passion about the story by the length of the cover letter hands to how detailed it is how interesting it is how unique it is how detailed that's why I say the more unique interesting and a little detail the better the chances of getting picked we hire for how expert we hire 10 to 15% of the people will apply okay because we're looking for people who have passion I'm not saying that other people don't have passion but the ones who have more passion we aren't leaning towards okay so this is a good example if you want to write for how expert short story press or Christian story person or any other projects out there be detailed in your cover letter answers and you'll have a better chance getting hired as a freelance writer okay so I'm gonna go with this I'm gonna click hire freelancer and I'm gonna write down short story press writer and the suggested title will give them the freedom and we like to have the title and subtitle usually usually the title and a subtitle to kind of we like to have a title where a person can read the title and the subtitle and instantly kind of understand what the story is gonna be about okay we like to get to the point so you know instead about having a very vague title like you know you know the quests you know we want something more I mean we want something more logical keyword friendly what are your audience it's a Celtic fantasy right so maybe Celtic can be in the subtitle now the vague title the title can be vague but the subtitle we want it to be logical relevant and contain the main keywords that your type of audience would search for okay so um is mental model how Christ is a bridegroom the church but through a lens of Celtic fantasy range is bride Christian themed fantasy fantasy through the lens okay let me just say it and by the way it's not a final title at the end of the writing once the writers finish we work together to find out and finalize him pick what's the best title that fits the topic okay but um it is meant to model how Christ is the bridegroom of the church Christ as a bridegroom of the church but through the lens of a Celtic fantasy right sure they use three fantasy Christian theme fantasy guilty Hey I'll just bet Christ is the bridegroom let me just write write this down exactly how they put I like to be logical in the subtitle Christ as the bridegroom for the church so forth real ends of the fantasy I'm just gonna put it like this okay this is changeable over time okay um Christ is the bridegroom Christ the bridegroom Christ the bridegroom for the church through a lens through the lens of Celtic of a Celtic fantasy okay let me reverse Rider the Rangers bride Christ a bridegroom for the church through the lens I mean it's not the best subtitle but you know what I mean I like to be uh okay listen I don't want to use a word Christ a bridegroom for the church through the lens of a Celtic fantasy bragdun bragdun for the church I mean let me let me see this check the fantasy okay let me just put Bergen for the church through the through Celtic fact through the lens of a Celtic fantasy story church club we play around this Rangers bar bride bridegroom for the church through the lens of a Celtic fantasy okay let's just do it that way before right now okay and generally speaking our short stories are 5 K to 15 K words if longer we have a bonus and would go from there okay we pay once the work is finished we pay hundred percent so we put hundred percent full at end thank you I put a note and the due date is generally speaking two months okay if you need three months we give you three months one two so there's two months okay we put a minimum and deposit in the beginning but we do pay full when the fork is finished want to get the title one more time work description I get rid of that I put the title here okay I'm click on yes I understand agree to the Terms of Service attach the file now I got to send us the the instructions and details to get started so I'm gonna attach the file there's certain things I need to send okay hold on one second okay I'm gonna send the example of a book no I'm gonna send in the book to write pres book yeah use this book I also like to send them the instructions okay I'd like to send them instructions I copy and paste it okay and I also like to send a example of a book for them to kind of take a look at what the example may look like I also send them one last thing which is a writer agreement okay the details okay so this is what I do I paste it boom okay and I go down to the end I put my the correct date I save it and I'm gonna save it one more time as a PDF file okay PDF uh okay and I like to put the title in the front so let me get rid of this so just the main title is fine okay just to keep us in a range of Bible eyebright uh Richard sorcery newest just do it like that that's fine okay we're gonna save it as a PDF file once we save it as a PDF file I like to double click on this okay I attached it so I have sent all the details as far okay all the details now okay I make a quick message I already sent a quick message hey you know sounds like you're passionate about this story and thus I want to hire you for this one project please read all instructions thank you okay and Michael okay let me see sorcerer press writer so I got this information I double check from the top I got the contract title write the amount deposit right description we pay for and due date deposit the instructions the book to write on the example the contract and I click boom hire them okay so there you go that's it that's the documentation right here document the journey of hiring a short story press writer it's the same process of hiring how expert how-to nonfiction writers now and it's also the same process to write hire for our future Christian story press project writers okay that's a another project so there you go if you're interested in writing for one of our brands check out our brands on upwork thanks for watching this video I appreciate you talk to you soon take care bye

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  1. Hello! do you also make fiction movies ?? There is a short film I would like to share with you 🎥; you could just look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube Or send me a message to give you the link, thanks a lot !!

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