SHS Literary Magazine

the seaman high school literary magazine is an annual publication that honors student writing and art the school had a magazine five years ago but now it is being revitalized under a new name and shifted focus so the name of our magazine is Ravel Yoast and it's a word that comes from Old Norse so it's an ancient Viking word and basically the word means to have enough light light available to guide one's path and we kind of play with that definition a little bit and we have a fantastic group that is working as staff members three seniors have played an instrumental part in the forming of the literary magazine I read through all the literary writings and stuff and choose which ones go in or not I am the poetry editor and so I'll pretty much but I'll pretty much be looking at people's poetry and deciding what goes in each issue so I'm the arts editor and like I take our submissions of art and I'll decide what goes in the literary magazine submissions are taken and considered for all students submission boxes are located in many English rooms for students looking to enter art submit through the art rooms for pictures to be taken the magazine will only be published on paper once a year and now is your chance to feature your creative work in the publication so submit your writing and art

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