Sierra DeMulder – "The Tampon Poem"

this is a response palm to your palm press about a lion tampons your daughter is terrifying but you do it because you love her I get it you're afraid of things with tails you must have a fear of hamsters or tiny fucking kittens perhaps you have a severe continuity in which case you are most likely always naked and cannot go outside and realize that half of the population including your mother I mean attacked monthly by this terrifying Satan sponge guess what you were right all along vaginas are not actually a sexual organ that can orgasm three times strong with you and give birth to a gaggle of adorable babies now vaginas are actually dragons scalings fire-breathing vaginas it was the scene of a tampons and boners and lesbians was young white go in there thank goodness you're here write a poem cut something radical progressive and liberating for all fathers that's it and finally people express their fear and confusion of the tampon aisle I agree way too many bright threatening colors I know you probably already understand the vaginas basic evolutionary functions ie peen bleeding and Woody Allen impressions however there is so much more danger for example cramps are actually caused by tiny ovary gnomes strengthen local balls off your fallopian tubes Bears aren't attracted to Metro blood mixture blood is attracted to bears the only way to protect your daughter is to lock her in the closet for five days like a bleeding Harry Potter Lord no not more terrifying than periods then natural bodily functions it's hard enough that everything on this planet teaches women to hate themselves to feel ashamed before feeling beautiful and you are disgusted by the one thing your daughter's body does that yours doesn't I know Dan times do look like tiny bullets just for mo for the vagina Zilla I know thanks Ben and Lauren I'm like an infection or a tiny deadly jellyfish I know it's hard to understand go then just get lost in there last in the dark vulva cavern but your daughter is bleeding to death you must go young white foam and go where many remember Ben and survived because just fucking tampons you dramatic bastard

42 thoughts on “Sierra DeMulder – "The Tampon Poem"

  1. "Tampons look like tiny bullets"

    I always thought they looked like miniature cartridges of dynamite.

  2. Men don’t understand the HELL we go through during our periods. Buying tampons for your daughter shouldn’t scare you at all because the females body tears itself apart every month leaving the female to to piece herself back together. The world isn’t revolves around you, think about how your daughter feels. We go through too much shit.

  3. to whom it may concern that we have periods would you rather we were pregnant
    if u hate sanitary products please stand aside as we bleed on everything we love everything u own and everyone who tries to stop us
    if u are blaming girls feelings on pms then you aren't worth our feelings
    to whom it may concern that we have periods

    fuck you

  4. "Bears are not attracted to menstrual blood, menstrual blood is attracted to bears." Did anybody else laugh their ass off?

  5. “Lock her in a closet under the stairs for five days like a bleeding Harry Potter.” 😭😭 I’m done

  6. I LOVE THIS POET SO MUCH OMG, tho everytime i see tampons i always think of how hard it must be to put it in there. I use pads lmao

  7. Just so no one is confused women DO NOT pee out of their vaginas. Women pee out of thier urethras which are completely separate holes.

  8. What's the name of the poem she's responding to, I'd love to listen to it

  9. Does anyone know which poem this is in response too? I can't find it.

  10. This is epicccc.The perfect thing for a girl on her period to watch.Made me laugh so much.That guy must be dead of embrassment by now 😂😂

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