Sierra Poetry Festival

do they know the camera cutting through saw bears as their back more than a rifle or machete ever could come home oh yeah baby mission annamund me welcome the litem lovely up in me that was the first time I ever spoke Nissan was to introduce myself kissing was sometimes like that looking for an exit they were large and capable of great things I want the red dress and to throw my hair up it's so wild wld is after Oscar Wilde of course tonight I realize I've spent my entire life in a situation that might require me to save the California College of Art in that diversity department and he said I think she would like this however unsettled the waves towards often a plan what I'm gonna read was some kind of easy light poems you don't have to do that this on the top I sometimes hear a poem and I think it took me a whole novel to say that and it makes me jealous sort of elaborate on this notion of what is that what does that mean in relation to being a literary citizen you're entering a conversation they're entering a conversation that extends throughout history developing lenses to see the world in a different way well the tweets just an epigram with a number sign in front of it crowd stated before rightful seat I feel that moving together with the pattern of daisies and yeah your ancestors more young and old from different epochs in different fashions and the indictment of those two crimes against I think it's a it's an extremely powerful conservation of two different artistic forms period of time poured again the guidebook says every ounce of pleasure we feel as the sorrow of saints soon you'll descend that rusty iron ball [Applause] oh there you've got a comma here that shouldn't go there where's the real problem is the conception is still not complete it's still not finished what is the poem of home is is an exercise in feeling the chapel walk with eyes of thinking whistling through the tulgey wood and burbled as it came I am assuming a bright red flash into the heart of everybody's garden I am bringing joy and prettiness to everybody's eyes at heart each palpitations of trophy engraved words you are still alive you are still alive act like it [Applause]

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