Sig p365 – Catching Glock with Their Pants Down

whoo all right what's happening folks it's not clickbait I'm actually reviewing a cig yes Glock fanboys what you called me I'm not I like a lot of guns I don't typically and historically like SIG's I say that I used to be a sig guy and then I kind of look at sig like a scorned lover of like why didn't you join the 21st century with the other gun manufacturers but they did a solid I think sig and they released their 320 Stryker fire gun and I think I don't know whether those will stand the test of time people are seeing them break down a little bit this is a review isn't about the sig 320 guys stay on task here the sig 365 is what I've got here I have never shot it I you're gonna see me shoot it for the very first time right in front of you and take it out of the box but anyway I think sig caught everyone with their pants down it's amazing they took a subcompact gun a tiny gun and somehow using some magical crystals some technology from the future they were able to pack 10 rounds into a tiny magazine plus one of the pipe that's 11 typically when I'm not feeling like carrying my bigger 19 Glock 19 I carry a Glock 43 and this is a six plus one if you just have the normal flush magazine and so I can compare apples to apples I'm not using the extended magazine on this because I think that's cheating when sig launched their 365 and all of a sudden they went 11 rounds on a subcompact all the other country infections are like crap oh no and they kind of scrambled I feel like Glock ended up releasing their 43 X and 48 which has bigger capacity but they extend out the magazine which i think is cheating as soon as you make it longer of like a man that's cheating so I think sig yeah by an engineering marvel way to go guys now I say that I'm not a fan of SIG's I think they break down faster than other guns and some people are gonna just shriek and all you cig guys out there like yes he's joining our side I'm like no I'm not I'm just giving credit where credit is due good job Zig no one's paying me for my opinion though sportsmen guy did send me this gun sportsmen guide way to go you guys are awesome guys shop sportsmen guide use code war poet and you'll save that cash money so alright yay for that anyway good job sig for getting that the magazine capacity way up amazing fantastic block replicate it 43 X and 48 is cheating in my opinion I want to compare the two guns I'm gonna open this up still has the tag on it and the barrel flag in look at that hey stop read operator manual entirely before using this product that's a great idea I'm not gonna do that anyway let me just compare the size of the guns here and cooked magazine and just for comparison this is a cleared out gun so here's your 43 and the sig 365 right there that's muzzle to muzzle looks like the 43 is a little bit longer they're the exact same height from the top of the slide to the pistol grip it yeah the SIG's a little bit wider but you can barely even tell that amazing sig way to go too bad it's going to break down let's say that of the first generation had some problems with their firing pin breaking since then sig is apparently fixed that problem from what I hear and other people who are torture testing these things the sig 365 now in its next evolution its next generation is actually holding up so way to go sig even so though it's the same size and gives me an additional four rounds that should probably shift many of you to be like well are you gonna switch and I'll say absolutely not and I won't switch and the reason why has to do with grip angles and some of the some of you guys are gonna really hate what I have to say others won't understand it and many of you who don't understand what I'm saying will think that you do understand and you don't actually there's two different types of pistols in my viewpoint there's the sig 19:11 beretta kind of style over here and it's a certain grip angles what I'm referring to and then there's all the modern striker fire kind of stuff like MMP cz p10 see there's the Glock there's all the other ones that you know about so you can X it doesn't matter and they have a certain grip angle that's based on a thumbs forward grip and that's the idea that my thumb's go way forward and push out so that all my bones get behind the slide so that it'll lock out now I've trained my presentation on my gun so that my sights are perfectly aligned every single time I present my gun however when I take this other class of pistol and I said hey kind of like the old-school Baretta's the 1911 s and all the SIG's they're not built with that kind of aggressive canting forward so that your bones can back up against it instead it's kind of like straight up and then a slide sits on top of it so it's a little bit goofy err what that means is anyone with a really meticulously trained presentation so that you present and your sights are aligned perfectly with a Glock or one other kind of these type pistols if you present a Sig you'll notice your front sight is low and then you have to pick it back up and that's true with all the 1911 s all the SIG's so if I just kind of close my eyes present it and open my eyes I don't see my front sight at all and I have to lift the front sight up there it is and if you're if in milliseconds when milliseconds count when you're presenting you don't see your front sight and then you got to lift it back up whoa too high and then drop it back down that can be really really devastating if you're trying to get a clear first front sight and the problem is is because the angles are different you can get really quick and consistent at presenting one of these two pistols if you're good with a MMP 2.0 you're good with a Glock and you're good with a cz P 10 see it's all the same kind of gun to me if you're good with one you're good with all of them but because I'd have to retrain my presentation around this sight picture I'll never be as good and fast unless I retrain it with that not to me is a big deal breaker though man four rounds is quite tempting I end up using the mag extensions on this or a higher capacity mag so there's that there's also the problem with SiC mags when you want to buy more max I was looking at the gun store yesterday and mags for a cig or 50 bucks a pop 50 bucks for this mic come on cig I want to stockpile magazines around whatever gun that I use so anyway that's enough chat I no matter how well the cig shoots as long as it's shooting the bullets are flying straight and the gun is not you know crapping out I'll go ahead and recommend this gun just beware of that grip angle that I was talking about but let's go ahead and shoot this I'm tired of talking and I want to almost shoot so here we go hey guys range is going hot eyes and ears are all on guys downrange is the Raven target stand I set that target up at 25 yards and we'll just see how we do going hot all right very good no stoppages yeah no stoppages that was seven rounds at 25 yards on steel it was shooting well it was a little snappy the gun was jumping up a little bit but my Glock 43 does as well so anyway I'll continue to shoot it and I'll update you guys if I run into any problems but I wanted to give you a quick overview sig 365 good to go if you like that grip angle guys thanks so much for tuning in remember to go ahead and hit subscribe hit the notifications bell like comments holy cow can't remember all the things and chopped sportsmen guide use my code warp oh you'll start saving all of that fat cash phat with a pH see you guys

29 thoughts on “Sig p365 – Catching Glock with Their Pants Down

  1. This gun is double the price and not 48 state approved. I love Sigs but don't tell me that Sig caught Glock with it's pants down.Give me a break. Sigs are for people who are rich and live in unregulated states.

  2. Not even. BUT, while you chose to suck Mad Dog's cock a while back to spite your Commander-In-Chief's decision you probably blocked this nugget out of your head …
    Dear John, Fuck You.

  3. I worked for Sig for 6 years in LE Sales. This guy make a lot of assertions and is way off base with durability of Sig pistols as well as his understanding on grip angle. This is the same guy that says not to use a suppressor on a home defense weapon. I guess he is already deaf? Some of his info is solid in other videos but at the end of the day he is just another blip on youtube that will be forgotten in a couple of years.

  4. I get it… glock makes great and reliable guns… but sig makes a more accurate easier shooting gun right out of the box with no modifications. I say this as a person who has shot both extensively.
    (I’m fully expecting the G Lock fan boys to shriek in disagreement)

  5. STOP Read operator manual entirely before using this product, that’s a great idea, I’m not gonna do that…oh my god that got me good 😂

  6. Never liked Glocks anyway. Thanks, but I'll stick with the 1911, and 10 rnd mags. Sure it's big, and more difficult to conceal, but Glocks always felt like badly cut 2×4's in my hand. No thanks

  7. Thanks for making this video. I was looking at a 365 in the store and I presented poorly consistently and was confused as to why. Thank you

  8. It would most definitely take years of dedicated practice, patience and even more patience to actually get used to such an abortion of a designed grip and/or angle of such said grip. Far, far from perfection. Actually not even in the same ball park as perfection.

  9. Hey was just sitting here watching an episode of Seal Team. I got to wondering what you think about it and if any scenarios could be plausible?

  10. Yeah but does it take glock mags…………. F sig and the left

  11. So all you would have to do is re-train yourself on this Sig and you would then, automatically be able to upgrade your whole setup to a 229?

  12. I cant stand the grip angle on a glock. It's just too far. I'm not anti glock, I just am not a fan of them. I tried several different brands before I settled on the m&p. That one just worked perfectly for me.

  13. You do know the G26 is 10+1 and the size of a G43 right?

  14. @John Lovell Thanks for the great video! I was wondering if you have any idea on the Walther PPS M2's grip angle? I am on the market for a new gun. Thank you.

  15. Springfield XD subcompact! WTF! 13 ROUNDS. Long time ago? Idiot!

  16. Great job on the review….
    I totally get the grip angle issue, but I'm on the other side. I won't buy a Glockazine anything because I don't like the grip angle. (Probably because I've shot 1911's from the 70's)

  17. Jon what watch are you wearing in the vid I like the looks of it.

  18. P365 is fantastic gun. Its small size and 12 Rd capacity fits great in the hands. Great gun for summer time. Pocket gun, fanny pack or inside pants fits amazing. Is a very accurate gun and love the night sights. Go SIG!!

  19. If I use "WARPOET" Sportsman's Guide will send me a free pistol too?

  20. Your a 100% spot on. I thought I was he only one to grab one of these 365’s and think the grip angle was way off. Your the 1st I’ve heard point this out.

  21. As others have already noted, either I'm wildly inconsistent with my grip or my Ruger 9E and Springfield XD Mod.2 subcompact are not the same angle as Glock. Until my wife got her 43X, I could not hit a bullseye with a Glock (17, 19, 42, 43, 26, etc.) to save my life… or at least without aiming at the left shoulder when I wanted to hit center-mass.

    That said, I've been hearing some rave reviews of the P365… too bad I don't have my own Sportsman's Guide bros to send me one! 🙁

    PS: Great video as always!

  22. I got a 365 a few weeks back and am loving it. I did have one failure to battery in the first box of ammo and felt it hesitate to go into battery a few more times… like it got stuck for a split second. Almost certainly inadequate lubrication on my part. None of the issues I had when I rented a 1st gen though. The slide stayed open every time and the 1st gen I had some accidental double fires; this one felt great and the trigger had a solid wall. There is still noticeable primer smear on the new one. The grip felt a little rough in the front on my soft silky hands, but nothing a little sandpaper wouldn't fix.

    I did have a problem with ammo though, it just kept disappearing. I'd fill up a mag and it'd be empty before it made it into the gun. Magic. Tons of fun to shoot though.

  23. Glocks are over rated. What is wrong with all you people not being able to pick up any pistol and hit a a target with a killing shot, regardless of grip angle and all that bullshit, they are just excuses for lousy shooting ability.

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