Sign Language Poetry – “The Light” (ASL Snippets #6)

[Sign Language Poetry – “The Light” (ASL Snippets #6)] [Sign Language Poetry – “The Light” (ASL Snippets #6)]

26 thoughts on “Sign Language Poetry – “The Light” (ASL Snippets #6)

  1. This is very cool, beause you need to know very little of ASL (like the sign "to look", which can be easily deduced here) to grasp this kind of poetic expression.
    It gave me nice and serene feeling, would love to see more.
    Is it true that ASL has a lot od "initiated" poetry or "ABC" poetry, where you try to play on words by using handshapes for different letters? Have you written or recorded something on that?

  2. Hi! Glad you like the poem. 🙂 Yes, ASL does have "ABC stories." I have one here on YouTube. (And will create more.) Simply look at my channel for the "Checkmate" video. I think you'll enjoy it.

  3. Your ASL Poetry, "The Light" .is very nice. At first I thought it meant something like a lamp, flashlight but when you signed a contour of a lighthouse, I got it. Hope for more of your ASL poetry.

  4. How would I classify a butterfly sitting. Bent v ? I was thinking…

  5. Depends on what your focus is. Are you wanting to depict the entire butterfly, or just the part where its legs are sitting (BENT-V)?

  6. Then I would demonstrate the leaf with the non-dominant hand and the butterfly riding on it with the dominant hand using BENT-V.

  7. Thank you! Glad you liked the poem. I'll create more as time permits. I have done a few ABC stories for fun. (Such as "Checkmate" which you can see on my channel.)

  8. This is so cool. A new way to define art. I'm doing a presentation on signed poetry for my Linguistics of Signed Languages classes and this is great for reference.

  9. If doing the signs should I be mirroring you using mostly my right or is hand use purely based on the speakers dominant hand?

  10. Very interesting video.  FYI there is a slight hissing noise and I found it more impactful if I muted the video.  If there is an option, you should remove the sound from the video or perhaps suggest to the viewers to hit the mute button.

  11. In my ASL class we are learning ASL poetry and I am just so blown away. I love the continuity and fluidity of the hands. Especially loved how you transitioned from the sea to the boat. It truly amazes me how I can "see" the rhyme and the metric. I can't even explain it. I just feel it.

  12. Beautiful. I don't know any ASL, but I loved the rhythm and imagery of your movements. It seems very much like music.

  13. Thank you for this video.

    I do not know ASL, and I would very much enjoy to understand this poem. I switched on the video's english subtitles, but they didn't contain anything. If there were a website where I could find an english-written version of the poem, please tell me of it.

    Again, thank you very much for this video,
    kind regards.

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