Signing Story Time A to Z Poem

A is for the apple that grows on the tree, let’s go and pick some for you and me. B is for brown, C is for cat, D is for dog that you call like that. E is for elephant with the big long nose. F is for flowers that grow in rows. G that’s a lot of signs that come our way. H is for have as in have a nice day. I is for ice that keeps things cold. J is for Jill who’s 9 years old. K is for the king with the crown on his head. L is for the letters that he writes in bed. M is for mouse, N is for nose, O is for owls, do you know about those? P is for the princess who wears a big ring. Q is for the queen who’s married to the king. R is for the rainbow which has no end. S is for the sun, the rainbow’s friend. T is for the time that we spend on the lane. U is for umbrella when it starts to rain. V is for volleyball that’s played in school. W is for water that is nice and cool. X is for x-ray but no need for alarm, they’re just taking pictures of your head or of your arm. Y is for the yawn that’s way down deep, and Z is what you’re making when you’re fast asleep.

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