Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

– Oooh, you want a piece of Lasagna? (traditional Italian music) – He was starting to text
me, and I was just like what do I even say to this? How do I even respond? (bottle clanging) – Guess who’s coming for dinner? Madre Maria, Joseph and Josephine, Louie and Louisa. – What? Sorry, I… Can you say that again? Wait, what? I’m sorry my uncles came over for lunch. – You wanna have some pasta? Oh my goodness. This is eggplant. You want some chicken parmigiana too? Mmmmm. – I just always use 50. I feel like it’s better to
be safe than sorry, you know? – Yeah, absolutely. – Is that sunscreen? – (stifles laugh) Yeah. – Oh, okay. – Dinner is ready. – I’m coming. – Where are you going? – I’m just going swinging at the gym. – You don’t want to go to the gym today. It’s too cold. What if you get a cramp
and you can’t move? I don’t want you to drown. Please don’t go. Eat, eat more. – No, no, I’m full. – You don’t like my cooking, huh? Eat more because you’re too skinny. You don’t love me anymore? – No, Grandma, I love you. I’m just full, okay? I’ll have one more. I’ll have one more. (elderly woman speaking Italian) (traditional Italian music) – It’s here! It’s here. – [Women in background]
(yelling) It’s here! – It’s here. – Get it. – Get it. – Get it.
– There! – I think they got it. Get it.
– Get it. – Yeah, you get it. – It’s here. – [Voiceover] Quinta.

100 thoughts on “Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

  1. My grandfather is always like “mangia, mangia” and I’m like “okay okay I’m full” and he looks at me then the food then goes “mangia”.
    So I eat.

  2. I don’t understand the tanning part, can someone please explain?

  3. Now we need Italians to try Domino's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Little Caesars.

  4. il pollo alla parmigiana è solo il frutto della mente di satana. non mangiatelo.

  5. u tell ur nonna that ur full and they act like u just slapped them I can’t omfg

  6. Lady: Where’d that money came from?

    Also Lady: * whispers * M A F I A

  7. I know i‘m Italian American (because my birth parents where Italian), but I grew up in a stereotypical American household

  8. If i mentioned anything about the mafia at the dinner table i would have a chair busted over my head

  9. I felt that part about saying no to food very personally. Literally my uncle Mike! 🤣

  10. Saying you’re full in my house is literally like a crime, you cannot say no under any circumstances lol

  11. I'm not Italian but this is so funny and I can relate 😂😂

  12. I cannot say no to food even if I’m hungry they say I’m too skinny and also they say eat mange and I’m like I can’t eat ANYMOREEE

  13. According to this I grew up in an Italian American family. I am from an African American family……

  14. does anyone else think that Italians and Jews are actaully the same culture?

  15. Youtube:how Many stereotypes do you want in this video?

  16. Italian women are so fricking Hot, I wish I have a Italian girlfriend

  17. The Italian grandmother is the exact same as a Greek yiya lol

  18. Latinos and Italians would get a long very well when it comes to food. Especially our abuelitas😂😂 quien cree lo mismo?

  19. 1. you're racist
    2. you're corrupt
    3. you voted for trump
    4. you work an easy union jobs whie hating emigrants
    5. mafioso culture

    I miss any?

  20. My dads name is Sal. There are about 5 sals in my immediate/first cousins

  21. Madre Maria? Chicken Parmigiana? Da faaaaaaak?

    (The grandma is just on point btw XD)

  22. Me: “Oh no grandma, I’m full!”
    Italian Grandma: “WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY!?!?!?”

  23. Oh my God I'm italian-brazilian and this is so relatable,I love my nonna more than everything

  24. signs you grew up italian-american:
    you grew up italian-american.

  25. As an italian girl, I can say that this video is full of stereotypes, yayyyy

  26. My dad is half Italian and he always likes to go to classy Italian restaurants. Even though we live in America and not Italy, the food will never be as good as their home nation’s but it’s still amazing. So when I grew up I never went to chain fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut or Dominoes or Little Caesars. When I first had Dominoes pizza I hated it. I suppose that happens when your parent has a more authentic taste lmao.

  27. i grew up 100% in the province where my great grandparents were born…i am 100% Italian and 0% American

  28. That is literally my grandmother
    “No grandma, I’m full.”
    “So you don’t love me anymore, that’s it?”

  29. Why is this so true I’m Italian and this is what my grandma does but we tan without sunscreen it’s a Italian thing

  30. And we have a festival where we dance around the pole which is other Italian thing

  31. Most of my family is Italian but like i can't really realte to any of these except the hand movements and the loud talking🤔


  33. I'm italian, I live in Italy near the sea and i am tan like Edward callen😕

  34. I'm italian and I always shake my hands while talking then I hurt objects and they fall, ALWAYS

  35. as an italian, i confess u that yes, grandmas tell u family secrets, but mafia is not involved… (i mean mostly of times)
    (or maybe not)

  36. the talking part is so true lmao, but that was just a bottle, but when to me happens to hit the wall…iniziano a volare le bestemmie

  37. Lmao I'm hispanic and asian but my father was adopted into an italian american family and I can relate to half these things

  38. Me: Can I have just 3 chicken wings please?
    Grandma: Of course sweetie!


    Also Grandma: Bakes two trays of chicken wings

  39. Yeah, is loud. Always.
    After shower Don't go outside with your wet hair you'll get sick.

  40. I grew up Italian american but my family is mostly men so its just LOUD,

  41. Ma che caazz.. non tutti gli italiani sono ricchi x la mafia alcuni vivono anche male che canale del cazzo

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