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section 1 of the sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors volume 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of guru arjun chapter 1 life of goo arjun the fifth guru chapter one BB Bonnie wife of guru ram das gave birth to arjun ago and wall on tuesday the seventh day of the dark half of by sock samba 1620 ad 1563 we have already related one legend of guru amar das as fondness for his grandson are John and of his offer to him of the Guru ship another legend is also current the child are John one day found his way to the bed of guru amar das while taking his repose it was generally considered a serious thing to disturb the guru in his siesta BB Bonnie on missing the child Rand affection he had however already awakened the goo who said let him come to me ye mera dahi Tapani bajito away got this grandson of mine shall be a boat to take mankind across the ocean of the world are John was in due time Mary taganga daughter of croissant and a resident of the village of mio in the file or sub collectorate of the present district of John and are the details of our John's life up to the date of his father guru ram das is death are given in the life of the ladder he will be remembered that he died in go into wall after his decease Marie maternal uncle of our John bestowed on him a turban as his father's heir according to ancient custom prettier urged that it was he himself who as eldest son of the late guru ram das should receive the turban upon this guru arjun conferred it on him and returned to Amritsar a short time afterwards prettier met Salahi khan a revenue officer of the province of lahore and interested him in a complaint which he was preparing to make to the Emperor on the subject of his super session by his youngest brother prettier next complained to the charges of Amritsar that he and his brother had been left without maintenance the charges made a representation to guru arjun on the subject he accordingly granted certain taxes and house rents to prefer the customs duties of pasa con choc award of Amritsar to mahahm death his second brother and merely reserved for himself the voluntary offerings of the faithful as we have seen it was under guru amar das that jetta his son-in-law afterwards guru ram das began the excavation of the tanks of San talks are and amort saw and the foundation of the city after the death of guru ram das who are John applied himself to the task of completing the tanks and extending the city of ram das / it was his practice to go every day and sit under a sheesham tree which had sheltered guru ram das and superintend the work when the tank of Santa saw was approaching completion it is said the workmen came on a hut in which a naked yogi was seated in profound contemplation the guru clothed him and restored him to consciousness he was robbed and the breath which was concentrated in his brain was diffused through his body he then opened his eyes and seeing the Guru and his seeks standing round him inquired who are you and who reigneth now by Buddha answered these and many other queries magoo interrogated him as to how he had been so long concealed alive beneath the earth the yogi replied i please my guru and he granted me the privilege of lying and deep contemplation here he promised that I should sleep till the coming of guru arjun who would awaken me and grant me deliverance he then put several questions to the Guru who replied by the following him a player play this part and represented many characters but when he taketh off his disguises the play is brought to an end and he assumed his original appearance what characters appeared and disappeared whether did they vanish and whence do they come many waves are formed in the water and ornaments that many fashions are made of gold I have seen seeds of various kinds some when the produce ripen at the seed reappeared in its original shape and a thousand water pots there is one sky reflected when the water pots Birds the sky remaineth as before man go with a stray through the sins of covetousness and worldly love but when he is freed from his era he assume it's the likeness of God who is imperishable and perish if not who neither cometh nor goeth the perfect guru health washed away the filth of my pride and the NOC have obtained the supreme state it is said that the yogi on hearing this found his doubts resolved and obtained divine knowledge he then cast aside his body in the words of the Sikh chronicler as a snake's loves his skin and by the favour of the Google obtain salvation per tank from the site of which the yogi had emerged was completed on the first of fagan samba 1645 18 1588 the Guru hastened the construction of the Amritsar or sacred tank and projected the par manda or temple of God he appointed his most trustworthy seeks by East Buddha salo bagh tu pyara below kalyana and others to superintend the work and procure line bricks and all other necessary materials the removal of the earth had all been effected under guru ram das in samba 1634 ask of making the masonry side walls and floor fell to guru our John one day the Guru seated in court said that in order to complete the work more money was required and he suggested to his seeks to endeavour to obtain it from the hill Chiefs by kalyana said he would gladly act in furtherance of the guru's wishes he proceeded to the Hindu state of Mondy in the hills and appreciating the beauty of the country after his residence and the plains decided to sojourn there on the occasion of the jaanam ash Tommy eighth day of the dark half of the month of Baden the anniversary of christiansburg the Rajah decreed that all the inhabitants of his state should observe a rigid fast during the day and not sleep the following night we keep vigil occupy their time uttering krishan krishan in the morning they should repair to the temple to behold the Sala grom and there they might break their fast by drinking water in which the Saligram had been bathed kalyana was the only one who heeded not these stringent orders he did not fast or go to the temple or drink the water in which the idol had been bathed and reply to several questions as to the cause of his disobedience he replied my god is a living being who speaketh and conferred great happiness on his worshipers vein is the worship of a lifeless stone which neither Edith North speaketh nor confer favors it is true that you occasionally fast but at the same time you were fraying not from Grievous sins the Sikhs of my google eat little and thus are ever fasting they ever restrained lust and wrath and apply their hearts to God's worship he then repeated the following him of guru arjun did God put aside all the other days of the month that he should have been born on the 8th man led astray by error uttereth nonsense God is not subject to birth and death man taketh cakes and giveth them secretly to an idol to eat o brute of an infidel God is not born nor death he died all thy sin resulted from fondling the may the mouth which save God entered a womb be burnt nuh knocks God is everywhere he is not born nor does he die he cometh not and goeth not on hearing this everybody laughed and began to criticize Callie Ana's words they were repeated throughout the city and the roger was informed that there had come to the state of stranger who spoke slidingly of the Saligram and called it a stone and who did not fast on the holy anniversary of Christians birth the Rajah became very wroth at once sent an orderly to summon kalyana when he arrived the Rajah in imperious and angry tones asked him to tell his place of residence his religion and the name of his guru got Kali on a reply on the throne of the Holy gurunanak who was very famous in the world now sit at the holy and perfect guru our John we who are his disciples obtained the object of our desires from him he giveth us instruction which confer with happiness here and Hereafter we ever read his hymns wherefore we reverence not stones which neither see nor hear nor speak how can a stone be pleased and what can we gain by worshipping it God who is the life within our lives by whose support we exist and who is ever bounty as to us all that God you supposed to be a stone God who pervade a sea and land who conferred happiness here and hereafter who is contained in animate and inanimate nature who is in the past present and future whom the Supreme in the three worlds and to whom none is equal that God you imagine to be an inanimate object how can he be pleased with you when you treat him with such utter indignity the Raj of finding kalyana bus intractable ordered that he should be imprisoned next day he was again produced in order to bow before the idol kalyana refused and said his idol was guru our John the Roger then ordered him to lose one of his legs as punishment and be expelled the country after the delivery of this or Roger fainted and the execution was accordingly stayed every known remedy was employed to revive him but in vain the Wiseman at the royal court frankly said that this was all the result of the annoyance inflicted upon the holy stranger instead of being punished he ought to have been received with hospitality and respect better counsels having thus prevail kalyana was called to the Rogers bedside he said he could cure him if he promised to believe in the Guru and become one of his seeks otherwise he had no healing power his ministers promised on behalf of the Roger that he would act as kalyana desired upon this kalyana stood up clasped his hands and prayed to God to save the Monarchs life while kalyana was the spraying the Roger recovered consciousness on scene kalyana as his physician standing before him he ordered that he should be received into his palace and treated with all possible courtesy and distinction the Rajah after complete recovery Beck kalyana to take him to the Guru the Roger went with his Queens his concubines and his army and pitched his camp outside amritsar kalyana proceeded to inform the Guru of the monarch survival and of the circumstances which had led to it the Roger next day accompanied only by his mace bearers went on foot to see the Guru on arriving in his presence he put his head on the goons feet and begged him to say to him now that he had come under his protection the Guru imparted to him religious instruction upon which he realized his past errors the Guru asked him to stay with him for three days and he would reap the advantage there of the Roger consented to delay his departure and also to take his meals from the Guru's kitchen in due time he took leave of the Guru and returned with all his sweet to his own Kingdom there is a story told of one monge a votary of sake sawar a Mohammedan peer whose shrine is on the border of Balochistan the Guru's fame had reached marg he had heard the Guru's hymns recited and passionately desire to behold him when this favor had been vouched saved him he made the following requests Oh guru heal my three fevers make me a Sikh and gaming me thy servant saved me and removed the great pain of transmigration the Guru applied thou hast made sake sawar thy priests his way is easy Sikhism on the contrary is difficult in it thou canst not put thy self forward or assert thyself thou canst not embrace it without being ready to sacrifice without a grown by life on its behalf if they'll become my Sikh thou shalt be an object of public habla qui the relations will ridicule be and not allow thee to associate with them they will also dispossess the of all our property if thou are prepared to endure such hardships and sufferings then may as thou become a disciple of mine otherwise continue to worship the shrine of thy saint and talk not of Sikhism keep thy wealth and the good opinion of thy family why heap on thy self trouble by embracing my religion mond replied o guru the very moment I saw thee and heard thy words are turned away from sake salwar and I was overwhelmed with shame when I reflected that in imitation of others I bowed my head at the shrine of a pretended st. possessing no real greatness thus do men forth with their religion and lose the advantage of human birth monza spoke in his humility in tears clouded his eyes the Guru reply except Sikhism worship the true God and it shall be a source of happiness to thee the Guru then told his visitor that he must go home demolish the niche appropriated to sake Star Wars worship and his dwelling returned the Guru and place himself under his protection Monge did all this return to the Guru lived by manual labor and contributed a fourth part of his earnings to the seat cause Asik named by helo came from alwa to visit the Guru he professed to know how to make bricks in the most durable manner the Guru accordingly entrusted to him the whole of the brick making necessary for the completion of the tanks and the temple indeed there were many sikhs at the time who served the Guru with the utmost fidelity among others the names of a job a guide and umar shah i mentioned they were musanze who collected offerings for the gube and faithfully delivered them on one occasion he asked them in what light they regarded the offerings which passed through their hands they replied that they regarded them as poison not only for their bodies but for their souls end of section 1 section 2 of the sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of guru our John chapter 2 unexpected help reached the guru from various quarters one gangga rama brahmin merchant came from Bhatinda with corn to sell he visited the guru and remained with him for some time during his stay the Guru's kitchen one day became empty sir gangaram gave up all his corn and fed for a space of five days all the laborers on the tank as the besakih fair was approaching the Guru persuaded him to stay and enjoy it large offerings were made to the Guru on the occasion all of which he ordered to be given to gonga rom this was done to test his devotion and sincerity Gangaram however refused to accept them the guru who was naturally pleased at meeting such a disinterested friend commended and blessed him when the tank was excavated it was represented to the Guru that harem and our or the temple of God to be built in the midst of it should be raised higher than all other buildings in the neighborhood so that it might receive proper respect the Guru replied no what is humble shall be exalted the more a tree is laden with fruit the more its branches descend to the earth by whatever way you approach the temple you must descend eight or ten steps wherefore let the Harmon door be made the lowest edifice of all the guru himself was humble but through his spiritual greatness he obtained the dignity of being visited by people of rank from all parts of India and receiving their rich offerings Hindu temples are closed on three sides and opened only towards the east or Rising Sun the grade Sikh temple at Amritsar was to be open on all sides this meant that the Sikh worship was open to all and was not concerned with Sun worship the Granth Sahib is placed in the middle of the temple so that no man may seat himself in its place it was on the first of mog samba 1645 ad 1589 the Guru laid the first brick of the masonry foundation of the harem and our or the darbar sahib now known to Europeans as the golden temple a mason afterwards accidentally displaced the brick whereupon the Guru prophesied that the foundation should again have to be laid his words were subsequently fulfilled ahmad shah abdali in some about 18 19 destroyed the temple and desecrated the tank two years afterwards the great army of the Khalsa recovered possession of the Temple relaid it's masonry foundation and reconstructed it the Guru had given orders that only kiln-dried brick should be employed some musanze who had charge of the bricks resolved to cheat the Guru and scamp the work they smeared sun-dried bricks with plaster and laid them the Guru heard of their dishonesty and ordered them to desist they disobeyed his orders three times he then dismissed them and said that when he became tenth guru he would visit them with condign punishment when the sikhs and large numbers contributed their assistance and the tank and temple were approaching completion the Guru felt that God himself had assisted in the work and in joy and gratitude composed the following God Himself came and stood up to do the work of the Saints into the beautiful land and the beautiful tank he poured nekked arias water he poured nekked arias water completed the work and all our desires are fulfilled there are rejoicings in the world and all anxiety is at an end the veins and the pure ons sing the praises of him who is fixed and imperishable God had been mindful of his usual function nuh knock hath meditated on his name the creator gave me the nine treasures well and supernatural power I have not been and wanted anything I have obtained happiness eating spending and living comfortably God's gifts ever increase his gifts increase are never exhausted and I have found the searcher of hearts millions of obstacles have been removed and trouble hath not approached me peace composure and happiness and abundance are mine and all my craving is satisfied the NOC singeth the praises of the Lord wonderful is his praise he did it whose work it was what is wretched man the saints are adorned by singing God's praises and ever wishing him victory pleasure is produced by singing God's praises and forming an alliance with the Saints how shall his praises be recounted who exerted himself in the construction of the tank bathing in this tank is equal to bathing in the 68 places of pilgrimage to the bestowal of alms and the performance of great purifications the purification of sinners is the function of the Lord his word is no knocks support treasury of excellences my god creator what praises of line may I utter the prayer of the saint is o Lord grant us the great elixir of thy name give us the name grant us this boom forgive us not for a moment Oh Tom repeat God's praises let us ever sing them night and day the mind and body of him who loveth the name shall be filled with ambrosial essence the NOC represented my desires have been fulfilled I live by a sight of thee the following also was composed on the same occasion the Creator stood in the midst of the work and not a hair of any man's head was touched the Guru will render ablution here in very profitable and by repeating God's name sins shall depart Oh Saints ramadasa stank is excellent he who bathe in it shall save his family his own soul too shall be saved he who here below sing at the song of rejoicing over this work shall obtain the fruit his heart desire he who while meditating on his God cometh to bathe here shall be made safe and whole he who bathe a–the in the Saints tank shall obtain final salvation meditating on God's name he shall not die or suffer transmigration he to whom God is merciful knoweth divine knowledge his cares and anxieties shall depart who seeketh the protection of Baba Nanak and God the Guru thus described the advantages of the by bathing in the tank of ram dass all the sins that man committeth shall be done away and he shall become pure by his ablutions the perfect guru hath given us this boom when we meditate on the guru's instruction god bestow with all comfort and happiness and cause of the whole cargo to cross over safely in the association of the Saints uncleanness departed and the Supreme Being abideth with us nanaka by meditating on the name have found God the primal being end of section 2 section 3 of the Sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by max Arthur mcauliffe life of Guru our John chapter 3 when the tank and temple were completed there were great rejoicings the enormous exertions and personal sacrifices made by Vice Buddha log2 and buy halo are specially mentioned one day as they were all bathing guru arjan's shed tears on seeing the state of their bodies as a result of their labors the Guru said with mournful voice that as the tank had been constructed by such devout and sincere seeks all sins should be removed and all desires fulfilled by bathing in it and duly worshiping God he who bathed with her in having meditated on his God shall be completely restored to health he who bathed it in the tank of the Saints shall obtain salvation he who meditated on God's name shall not die or suffer transmigration heat whom God is merciful is thoroughly acquainted with divine knowledge go knock have entered God's sanctuary he has removed all my cares and anxieties the following was composed by the Guru on the same occasion God himself hath given the support of his lotus feet he who entered god's asylum shall ever be renowned God as the preserver unequaled holy is his servants the divine guru have made Rams dispur God's Empire ever and ever meditate on God and no obstacle shall thought you nanog by praising the name the fear of enemies flee of the way the Guru wrote the following on the completion of the harem and are by repeating God's name I have made God's temple ye Saints and worshippers sing God's praises remember remember the lord your god and ye shall be released from all your sins by singing God's praises the supreme position is obtained his word is the best the savor of divine knowledge is very sweet when the tale of the ineffable is told good the juncture true the time and moment when I had the immovable foundation laid Oh slave nanak when God was merciful everything was completed the instruments of joy continually play the Supreme Being have taken his abode in my heart the performance of the work of the true one under the gurus instruction is best of all by it false doubts and fears are dispelled the Guru has spoken the Divine Word on continually hearing it the mind and body are refreshed he whom God hath made his own hath obtained all happiness in his house are the nine treasures his Garner's are filled with god's name which he loveth nuh not the servant who is fully fortunate shall never forget God when God the Lord of the umbrella afforded the shelter all trouble departed the abode of sorrow and sin hath fallen and the workhouse succeeded when the Lord God ordered it misfortune was averted and true religion and chair he flourished ever meditate on this God whether sleeping sitting or standing the treasure of excellences the sea of happiness the Lord is in sea and land in the nether and upper regions Oh slave minak there is no shelter accepting God my house have been constructed my garden and tank have been constructed may God enter there in my heart have become glad my friends and associates rejoice and sing songs of praise and gladness to the Lord they have sung the true God's praises meditated on him and obtained all their desires they who are attached to the guru's feet are ever awake in their hearts resound God's praises when the Lord who dwelleth in happiness cast of a look of favor this world in the next are arranged minak represented ever repeat his name who supported soul and body the emperor akbar's new prime minister raja beer bar a learned and accomplished man was on religious grounds hostile to the guru and jealous of his daily increasing influence and popularity the minister was a great favor of the emperor who desired to have him always by his side he is said to have been capable by the force of his intellect of telling the Emperor his secrets at any time his energy blaze for a while but it was only the expiring flicker of the lamp on account of his hostility to the Guru evil days came upon him on the failure of Zion khan coca in his expedition against the yusuf zayas beer bar was ordered to proceed to him with reinforcements before his departure he received a written permission from the Emperor to levy attacks of a rupee on the house of every cop tree on the way he crossed the bias and sent his agents to collect the tax and amrit saw the car trees there refused payment and complained to the Guru he represented to the Prime Minister's agents the taxes on cod trees we are Sikhs and look exemption up to the present the government has never imposed forced labor or taxes on the Guru's house my kitchen is kept open by the offerings of Sikhs and saints no one has refused access to it take as much corn and food as you require but I have no money to give you I live on confidence in God the agents repeated this speech to the prime minister who became furious on hearing it he said I am a commander of many men how'd erath the Guru disobey me moreover I bear the Emperor's order even if it be the Guru's House it is for Sikhs and not for me to reverence it upon this beer bar sent some soldiers to the Guru with the following message thou art a coterie a subject and in every way subordinate to the state if thou come to meet me it will be well otherwise I will sack the whole of the High City the soldiers went but were dumbfounded in the presence of the Guru divining their object he dusted rest them my friends I care not for anyone nor do I fear anyone that Roger beer bar come and do what he pleases the Creator will protect me the soldiers fearing the Guru's words and also their masters wrath went and falsely told him that the Guru would come on tomorrow Raja beer bar said what matter if ye be a saint or an object of reverence or even very old if he have not fear of me well if he come not tomorrow I will sack amritsar that night the Roger never slept through perturbation of mind meanwhile another order arrived from the Emperor telling the Roger to make haste and proceed with his troops by forced marches to unite with zion con against the Yusuf Zuri's the roger was much disappointed on receiving this peremptory command as it left him no time to wreak his vengeance on the Guru he ordered his staff to remind him of the Guru on his return and said that if he did not then get any rupee from each house in Amritsar he would raise the city to its foundations as the sacrificial fire flames up when Claire butters thrown on it so did the Rogers spirit burn at the recollection of the Guru's language when the Sikhs communicated to the Guru the Rogers wrathful words he merely said if the Roger returned he will give us trouble Sian kaan the commander-in-chief and Raja beer bar held the body councils they were attacked and defeated by the use of zoe's dye ink on escaped with difficulty but beer bar was slain pretty child in alliance with sulla he conned found ample opportunities of annoying the Guru was near calm the Emperor's assistant Prime Minister interposed on the Guru's behalf and prevailed on Salahi Khan to bring the contending brothers to a compromise the reason why was the aircon espouse the Guru's cause is said to have been the following once as he was lying ill in his house in Lahore suffering from dropsy Asik passed by singing the Guru's sukhmani as Wazir Khan listened his pain decreased when the Sikh had gone beyond hearing the pain appeared again when he returned by the same route singing the same strain was the archons pain was again a late he called the Sikh and requested him to continue to see the sukhmani for him he then distributed sacred food in the Guru's name and was soon restored to perfect health when he found an opportunity he visited the Guru told him the whole circumstance and became a devout follower of his was your con until his death retained Sikhs in his service to sing the Guru's hymns for him every morning before daybreak a time which the Sikhs call the ambrosial our wen Hua's aircon solicited the Guru to give him instruction the Guru addressed him the following a servant of God the inscrutable ceased to think of worldly occupations become the dust of the feet of poor travelers thus shall the darwesh be accepted at God's door make truth thy prayer faith thy prayer carpet chase and desires and subdue those feelings make thy body the mosque by conscience the mula and the very pure guy like read make the Sharia the practice of real sacred law make the Tyree cot the search for God and abandonment of the world make I'm re-thought Oded up t the chasing of my mind and I hockey caught the meeting of God by which thou shalt not die again make the restraint of thine organs of action and perception from evil ways by Hardy practice of the precepts of the Koran and sacred books make subjugation of the five thieves I sadaqa charity dice of glory and thou shalt be accepted May kindness dhamaka humility by fasting implicit obedience to the word I priest I heaven the service of God the Harris died newer and I perfume and God thy lofty who draw he who practices truth is a cozzy he who chase Smith his heart is a Haji he who banishes Satan is a mullah and he who praise of God is a dar wish and every time and on every occasion remember God the Creator in thy heart make the subjection of thy ten organs the rosary by which God is remembered in thy heart good conduct and great restraint over thy self thy circumcision know in thy heart that everything is for the moment Sports banquets and sewed allottees are all entanglements Kings rulers and nobles are perishable God's gate alone is the stable place let first God's praises second patients third mildness fourth almsgiving fifth the five evil passions restrained in one place be thy five most precious times of prayer make the knowledge that God is everywhere though daily worship the abandonment of evil deeds the water pot in my hand the knowledge that there is but one God I call to prayer such a muas een shall have an excellent reward what is honestly obtained eat thou as thy food wash away thy filth in the river of thy heart he who recognized that his peer is the man from heaven as rail will not keep him in hell make good works thy body faith I spouse and obedience to God thy pleasures and spectacles purify what is impure make God's presence the hotties that a complete body be the turban on thy head that a mousou men be soft-hearted and wash away the filth of his heart let not the pleasures of the world approach him and let him be pure as flowers silk clarified butter or deerskin he is the object of the kindness of the kind one who is a man the manliest of men he is a shiok a chief of shakes and a Haji a man on whom God's look of favor falleth is his slave power belongeth to the omnipotent kindness to the kind one the attributes and love of the merciful are unfathomable understand God's order which is true Oh No knock and thou shall be released from the prison end of section 3 section 4 of the sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion is gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of guru our John chapter 4 when the buildings around the Guru's tank had increased the Guru ordered his Sikhs and worshippers to take up their abode in them thus did the city of Amritsar gradually extend a seat called by salo who appears to have possessed much local influence materially assisted the Guru in the accomplishment of his design after a little time however the Sikhs finding there was no worldly advantage to them and living in a bird saw presented a humble address to the Guru true king there is here no trade or commerce at any sort by which we may gain our livelihood and support our families there are very few inhabitants and consequently as yet no buying or selling the Guru in reply told them not to despair that amritsar should yet become a great city and possess a large population he counseled them to depend on prayer and divine worship for their prosperity they were to rise early bathe and go to the temple to hear expositions of the Guru Sims after that they were to attend to their worldly affairs till evening when their worship should begin anew by the repetition of the rahi rose and so hela notwithstanding the compromise that had been affected the Guru's quarrelsome brother prithee continued to give him every form of annoyance consequently the Guru decided to leave amritsar and make a tour in the manga or country between the ravi and bios he first visited car door and go and wall and then proceeded to the village of suhali where he sought to obtain land whereon to build himself for dwelling a Sikh of the village of by eeny invited the GU to visit him in the Guru knowing his devotion consented when he arrived in the village the day was far advanced the Sikhs wife saw that the Guru was hungry but at the same time it would take too long to cook vegetables for his dinner she therefore prepared a dish of broken bread mixed with butter and sugar and laid it before him having satisfied himself he inquired the name of the village she said bye Eenie the Guru replied the name of this village shall be Cho ha that is tip bit or dainty dish upon this he composed the following i am a sacrifice to my guru who implant did God's name in my heart who pointed out to me the straight road when I was in a great wilderness and darkness God is my life he feel of anxiety for me regarding everything in this world and the next by remembering him I obtain all treasure respect greatness and perfect honor by repeating his name the dust of his feet All Saints desire millions of sins are erased let him who desire with all desirable things worship the one supreme treasure the Lord is the supreme being limitless by remembering him man crosses over the world by abiding in the association of the Saints man obtained of comfort peace and great happiness and his honor is preserved to amass God's wealth and make God's name my food nuh knock hath made these things his joha dainty's on the same occasion the Guru composed the following God's name is priceless it is naturally comfortable God abideth with me and help with me he for sake of me not he is unfathomable and unrivaled he is my beloved brother my father my mother and the shelter of the Saints the invisible is seen when he is obtained from the Guru who owned anak is God's Cheol ha dainty the name ba eeny was duly changed into jo ha in the government records of the period a jacked inhabitant of the village of choha represented to Guru are John that the inhabitants of the village of boo would not allow his cattle to graze on their lands though he had an ancient rite of passage the Guru applied boo jus ho a guy that his boo shall become sterile a prediction which was subsequently fulfilled guru are John on this tour visited a village called kanpur between go and wall and the press tarn Turan he was accompanied by five seeks including BD Chand and gore das men famous in different ways of whom we shall hereafter have much to say he remained the whole day engaged in his devotions in the evening it rained heavily and wintry winds were blowing BTW Chand said to the Guru that lofty house which thou seest in the village is very near let us go and rest there for the night the Guru objected and said it would be better to remain where they were then associate with the evil people who dwelt there BTW Chand however prevailed on him to let him go into the village and endeavour to secure shelter as the night was piercing leak old biddy Chand begged the people to let his party have even one room in which they could all sleep together the villagers only laughed at him and called the Guru and his seeks hypocrites Biddy Chand went and duly informed the Guru of the character of his reception the Guru replied pay no heed I told me they were fouled tongue two people whoever hath devotion in his heart will come to us of his own accord and give us accommodation for the night as guru arjun had anticipated Hema a devout seek of the village arrived and said oh true guru i have a tattered hut made out of grass and twigs which is at thy servants it will be hallowed by receiving the Hema who had been made a Sikh by guru ram das lived by grinding corn for the villagers his leisure time he employed in repeating the Guru's hymns though he was extremely poor and possessed only a coarse blanket to wear his Hut was ever opened to the stranger the Guru's seeing his love and devotion gladly accepted his hospitality he then cooked and supplied his distinguished guests with the best food in his possession before retiring he took off his soul blanket put it under the Guru as bedding so that he might enjoy sweet repose the Guru seeing his devotion composed the following very beautiful is that Hut in which God's praises are sung while the mansion in which God is forgotten is of no avail there is a pleasure even in poverty when in the company of the Saints God is remembered may that grandeur which is bound up with ma'am and perish even when turning a hand mill or wearing a coarse blanket the heart may be happy and contented that Empire is of no avail which confer not satisfaction they wander even naked in the love of the One God obtain honor while vain are silks and satins attachment to which maketh man covetous everything is in thy power o God thou actists and cause us to act may anak obtained the gift of remembering the at every breath he draw on the same occasion the Guru composed the following the place where the name of the beloved God is repeated is like a mansion of gold the city in which the name of God is not repeated as like a wilderness he who eating dry bread remember–the God shall behold him whether at home or abroad know that he who through pampering his belly committed bad deeds is planting for himself a garden of poison the spiritually ignorant man who loveth not the Saints and committed sins in company with the infidel loses his human body so difficult of attainment and uprooted himself I have entered thine asylum Oh compassionate to the poor Oh ocean of comfort my Great God nuh noxious the prizes mercifully preserved his honour the Guru remained for some time in Kanpur during his stay hema obtained his desire and went to his heavenly food after the Guru's departure the Emperor's Viceroy who had some reason to be dissatisfied with the inhabitants of Kanpur sent an army against it raised it to the ground and massacred its chief inhabitants the survivors had reason to reflect on the words of kabir kabir the house in which God and His Saints are not served is like a cremation ground and ghosts dwell therein the Guru then proceeded to the village of Cara where he was pleased with the prospect around him the flowering woods and glades the limpid water and the fresh and exhilarating atmosphere on entering the village he received a friendly reception from the head men they afterwards assisted him in obtaining land from the villagers on which he laid the foundation of what is now the famous seek city of tarn taran and proceeded to construct a tank for the devotional ablutions of his seeks the year in which these events occurred is stated to be ad 1590 the name tarn taran means a raft to take men across the world's ocean the Guru at great expense built lime kilns and caused bricks to be baked when these were seen by newer ruled in the local mohammedan governor they were according to the tyrannical custom of the age seized by him for the construction of a seraglio designed by the Emperor for the public use the Sikhs on seeing this suggested to the Guru to write to the Emperor to allow the tank to be finished and to inspire fear in newer old in the Guru who was the essence of humility refused to take notice of the outrage he said that God had not yet ordered the tank to be made wherefore they were to stop its construction altogether mercy continued the Guru is the basis of religious worship wherefore we should have mercy on everyone all the acts of him who hath not mercy in his heart our vein in the samba year 1832 ad 1775 sardaar crucial sing of phi ezoo poor and sardaar jawsaw sing of ROM gar destroyed nor Alton's edifice and employed the bricks of which newer old n had robbed the guru in the construction of the tank the Guru then went into the jail and our district where he purchased land to build another city cart are poor or the city of the Creator which has since risen to considerable spiritual and temporal eminence it lies in what is called the jalandhar doe AB between the bias and the satluj rivers the Guru with his own hands cut the first sod for the construction of the city and it's necessarily accompanying well to supply water to the inhabitants the well he called gangs are or the Ganges tank for the following reason a man called by sake who used every year to visit the Ganges once called upon the Guru on his way the Guru asked him not to go but bathe in his well worship God repeat the true name and he should thus obtain all the advantages of bathing in the Ganges besakih respectfully represented that he had made a vow to go to the Ganges and must accordingly proceed the other the Guru on seeing his determination allowed him to continue his journey when by his sake on the point of returning sought to fill a vessel with ganges water it slipped from his hand and was taken away by the current he did all in his power to recover it but in vain when he returned to the Guru and related the untoward incident it is said that the Guru to his astonishment produced in his presence from the new well the very vessel that had fallen from his hands at the ganges by sake was then convinced his pilgrimage to hardwar had been in vain on this account the well at kar tar pore was called the gangs are the Guru went to the country of naka at the invitation of by Borya Chaudhary chew harmall and other pie seeks he visited chem quran jun yan and other villages where he preached with great success he then went to john bar where he remained for some time during which he converted kid na kehna Sam do boo Conda Tulsa lalu and others the Guru then proceeded to Lahore at the request of the Sikhs who resided there he rested in the DA be bizarre on the side of the present gurus mawali and planned its construction people of all classes hearing of his fame flocked to see him receive his instruction and make provision for their future salvation there came the yogi San munaf and the Hindu saints kana and charge you the Moslem st. shah hussain shah shuli mancha in yacht quad re shiok wally shaw and others all humbling themselves before the guru and beseeching soul-saving religious instruction the Guru fixing his thoughts on God uttered the following him o wise men think of the Lord in your hearts the true king the release our from bondage dwelleth in the heart by the mines affection nothing is equal in value to the sight of God thou art the pure Cherisher thou thyself aren't the Lord great and incomparable give me the hand o brave one thou art the only one to assist me o creator by thy power didst thou create the world thou art no knocks prop this him when heard by the Viceroy of Lahore produced a great impression on his mind it is said that he reformed his life and devoted himself to God service he invited the Guru to ask him a favor guru did so and the result was the excavation of the boy Wally at the viceroys expense the Guru then went to the shrine of guru nanaka at dera baba nanak in the gurdaspur district thence he proceeded to birth in the same district to visit reach on guru nanak son after mutual salutations they held the conversation Sri Sean asked why the Guru wandered hither and thither and did not reside in Amritsar the Guru replied that prettier was distressed at his residence there and so he travelled to propagate his religion after some further conversation in the course of which Sri Chand censured the conduct of prithee and said it would be the cause of his damnation the Guru took his departure for amritsar and thus consulted the wishes of his seeks and of Shri Chand end of section 4 section 5 of the Sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of goo our John chapter 5 chapter 5 after the Guru has returned to Amritsar prettier continue to annoy him as before previous jealousy was to a great extent fan by his wife's reproaches she said to her husband my lord hath thou please thy father by serving him thou should now be guru and I should be the Guru's revered wife the oldest son have been superseded the youngest hath obtained the position of guru and is worshipped by the world the Emperor and Kings bow before him wealth ever cometh to him while the fates are against us prithee replied thou hast the greatest wealth of all in thy son mehrban when he shall have grown up he shall obtain the guru ship our John have no son himself and his prosperity is but short-lived the Guru's wife who overheard this conversation repeated it to her husband he bad her pay no heed to it but continue to repeat the true name he then addressed her the following him oh my soul grasped the shelter of the Supreme and omnipotent God repeat the name of God who supported the regions of the earth and the universe Oh saint of God abandoned thine intellectual pride understand the will of God and thou shalt be happy except the act of god is good in weal and woe meditate on him the Creator save Earth in a moment millions have fallen ones and in this there is no delay the Lord is the destroyer of the pain and sorrow of the poor he were awarded whom he pleases he is mother and father Cherisher of life and soul and receive comfort for all there is no deficiency in the creator's gifts he is omnipresent and a mine of jewels the beggar beggar thy name o lord thou abideth in every heart the slave no knock have entered the sanctuary of him from whom nobody departed empty the Guru continued his instruction fools love the world though it is as a mirage an enchanted city or the shadow of a tree in the same way to knock wiseman regard family and wealth as perishable and remember God's name oh my good wife even if Karma's jealousy and pride please do not be not jealous and proud like her if one throw a handful of dust at the moon it will not reach it but recoil on the thrower if my eldest brother's wife hath addressed the bad language Barrett shaikha far it'd have said for rid do good for evil clothe not thy heart with anger thus shall thy body not suffer pain and thou shalt obtain everything the guru's wife said although thine instruction is the best yet my married life would be most happy if thou grant me a son Great King they who seek that protection obtained happiness in this life and salvation in the next if thou grant not thy servant his son it will not be well with the object of giving his seeks a lesson in humility he decided on referring her to by Buddha to pray for the desired boon and gave her the following directions my beloved if thou really desirous son then go to buy Buddha an ancient seek of Baba una Knox time and wait on him he dwelleth in a forest he is a humble man he carrieth firewood and grass and sendeth to my kitchen the corn which is the Guru's right after the cultivators have taken their share he has ever engaged in worship and only Edith when he receiveth food from the Guru's kitchen if he be pleased he will bless thee in valve shalt have a Sun God arranged with the affairs of his Saints next day the Guru's wife set out in great state to see by Buddha she took with her as her attendants the wives of the headman of amritsar they wrote in carriages Paul keys and sedans and formed an imposing procession she was also attended by servants male and female who carried plates of sweets as offerings to the saint they reached his place in a forest in the afternoon when he was hungry and thirsty and in momentary expectation of his meal from the Guru's kitchen when he saw the dust of the cortege flying and the carriages palki sedans bearers and horsemen approaching at high speed he said is there a stampede from amritsar that the inhabitants have left the city and sought shelter here the Guru's wife on being informed of Barbuda surprise was much distressed and remarked that her journey had brought her a curse instead of a blessing having made her OB sins and placed before him the delicious food she had brought she addressed him thou has seen and heard served gurunanak thou art respected by us and worthy art thou of reverence the Guru has sent me to be that by thy blessing I may obtain the boon of a son by Buddha replied revered lady I am but the grass cutter and servant of the house if I possess the power thou supposes why should I cut grass and sweep the Guru stables it is the Guru himself who fulfil of everyone's desires it is the Guru himself who is the ocean of supernatural power should he desire to dismiss me I must be content as for these savory dishes out places before me I am not worthy of them they are only fitted for the guru himself if they all think I should take them expect not service from me where I to eat them how could I afterwards think of cutting grass if thou desire menial service from me then I am thy slave but take away these vines the ladies furthered solicitations were useless she had to return disappointed and crestfallen to the Guru the Guru on hearing the result of his wife's mission quoted to her the following him of guru amar das oh man be not proud of thy knowledge become pious and humble within the our ignorance and pride of intellect by the true word wash away this filth be humble before the true guru and allow not thyself to be at all noticed the world is burning by its own pride allow not thyself to be noticed act according to the will of the true guru and abide by his wishes thus say of the NOC forsake pride and continue to be of humble mind thus shalt thou obtain happiness the Guru continued the Saints and the true guru are not pleased with display if thou desire anything from them never appear in the character of a superior come I will teach the how to succeed with devotion in thy heart grind corn knead the flour and bake the bread with thine own hands dress it with onions then take it with some thick buttermilk on the head to buy Buddha dress thyself as a cultivators white and go on foot and alone so shalt thou obtain the Saints blessing the Guru's wife in accordance with his instructions proceeded next day without attendance to buy Buddha she found him hungry as before and waiting for his meal on seeing her he thought to himself if a mother take not care of her son who will do so she hath brought me my meal and I need it much I was wrong in sending her away yesterday but she had pardoned my era hey lady give me what thou hast brought by Buddha while eating said the Guru is the owner of the storehouse but I have received an order to open it as thou hast given me food to my heart's content so shalt thou have a son to the heart's content he shall be very handsome and brave possess spiritual and temporal power become a mighty hunter ride on royal steeds where two swords beep recent in battle and trample on the Mughals with every morsel he ate by Buddha uttered a blessing on the ladies progeny and said as I now crush these onions thou hast brought me so shall thy son crush the heads of his enemies and be it once a great warrior and exalted guru is shall not be the humble seat of a village guru but a gorgeous imperial throne as I'm now filled with navi and so shall thy heart be filled with joy on beholding him a son who received at his birth the name of har gobind was duly conceived and in memory of the event and anniversary fair is held in the forest where by buddha resided the Guru on hearing from his wife on her return home of the graciousness of her reception by by buddha said if the saints desire it they can make a poor man a king fill the empty and poise a mountain on a blade of grass it may be convenient here to give a panegyric of by buddha which is seek bog refer put into the mouth of you are John Buddha Sahib is the impersonation of austerity a mine of divine knowledge and virtue simple and pious he have asserted himself he is unequaled like the Sun the moon and the Philosopher's Stone he hath adopted no religious garb nor in any wise practiced hypocrisy he has subdued all his desires and organs here Oh Ganga ineffable is the word of the Saints in whose complete power God is Oh ganja the Guru on being satisfied of his wife's conception composed the following that the words of holy men are immutable is apparent to all whosoever associated with a saint shall meet the Lord God this faith and comfort are obtained by uttering God's name everybody have been making his own remarks the Guru have brought a child to my house there is no doubt God is the preserver of him who seek of this shelter plant God's name in the soil of Acts since this opportunity is difficult to find God Himself is the searcher of hearts he do with everything and causeth everything to be done it is God's function to purify many sinners be not let astray oh man by the deceit of Mammon not God will preserve his honour whom he hath wrote in his court when carmo prettier wife heard of the Guru's wife's pregnancy she upgraded her husband with having falsely prophesied that no child should be born to guru are John when by Buddha spoke of a stampede from Amritsar he little thought that there would be a stampede of another character which would give his words literal fulfillment prettier instigated his friends sula he con now grown insulin with power to proceed under pretence of loving tribute with a strong force to plunder amritsar and inspire fear in the Guru the guru anticipating the raid and otherwise after handing unprovoked annoyance from sue he resolved to leave amritsar and seek shelter and were Dolly a village six of seven miles distant a faithful seek apprehending danger to the Guru persuaded him to retire to attract a barren land called raw or in the local dialect which belonged to him it is said that after the Guru's arrival the land became green it may be here mentioned that the Guru's retreat is still called the Guru's raw ore and possesses an imposing and well-appointed temple the Guru was not suffered to abide long in peace in his retreat with Ollie originally founded by the Chan ball and man tribes had become a prosperous village and on this account the inhabitants of the neighboring villages grew jealous and made war on them there were Dolly people unaccustomed to her a marauding life were defeated and in their difficulties hearing that guru our John was in camped in the vicinity sought his protection and mediation with their enemies the Guru accepted the role thus offered him and proceeded with the one calling men to their village where he lived for a considerable time trivia not wishing to undergo the expense of entertaining sue logic on went forth to meet him Salahi after salutation sir pretty chand bow the eldest has not obtained the guru ship whereas the youngest brother who hath obtained it pretty replied My Lord my brother our John hearing of that approach have left amritsar and gone i know not whither prithee offered Salahi are present which he refused saying that it was more proper for him to give than to take a present from a guru sue la he requested prettier to let him know when our John returned and he would take measures to restrain his irregularities the Guru finding in what dolly a scarcity of water ordered a large well to be dug and worked by six Persian wheels shahar at once it was afterwards called chahata on the fifth day of the light half of mog the indian vernal festival there is a yearly fair held at the please end of chapter 5 section 6 of the sikh religion the guru's sacred writings and authors volume 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion is gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of guru are John chapter six seeks from distant countries visited Amritsar during the gurus absence but their hearts withered and pined like a lotus without the Sun previa made many efforts to convince them that he was the real guru but the crane has not made a swan by pretense or buy a coat of paint he who has no spiritual peace consolation truth love and devotion cannot communicate these gifts and virtues to others har gobind was born at were Dolly on the twenty first of the month of har Sombat 1652 ad 1595 on his birth the Guru composed the following the true guru sent me a son a long live son have been born by destiny when he took up his dwelling in the womb his mother's heart was exceeding glad a son a saint of God have been born the destiny recorded in the beginning have become manifest to all by God's order the boy have been born in the tenth month there is no more anxiety great joy have taken its place our female friends sing the Anand the composition of the Guru which is pleasing to the true Lord the vine of my race hath extended and shall last for many generations God hath erected the machinery of the faith the true guru hath granted me what my heart desired having fixed my attention on the One God I have become free from anxiety as a child who is very out of its father Oh bathe his words so I speak as it please of God to have me speak it is not a secret or concealed matter that gurunanak being pleased bestowed this gift on me the Guru composed the following also on the same occasion God has remembered his function and conferred all happiness on me the Saint have been merciful and all my family is delighted the true guru himself has accomplished the matter long be the life of hard gobind God hath consulted our comfort happiness and peace of mind the woods the dales the three worlds are blooming and all creatures rejoice and knock hath obtained the object of his heart's desires God hath fulfilled them on hearing of the birth of a son to the Guru carmo prettiest wife became very sorrowful she said to her husband has the herd of the rejoicings at one dolly are John's glory is now like that of the Sun and thou art hidden like the stars before his brightness all they talk and boasting have been in vain prettiest heart also burnt and he impotently replied my words are ever true what if a son have been born to our John shall I cherish grief in my heart I will not allow the child to live carmo took no sustenance the following night and was quite unable to sleep the birth of a young heir reminded the sikhs of the time when the whole of Ayodhya rejoiced at the accession of ROM to the sovereignty and Kukai one of his father's wives alone mourned the event next morning Carmo sent for an old nurse of the family after some preliminary conversation asked her to go to a dolly pretend to be a friend of the Guru's family and find an opportunity of poisoning his newly born son should the nurse succeed in this she should have as much money as she pleased at present she could have 100 rupees and when Karma's son mere bond obtained the Guru's ship she should be rewarded with a further pecuniary grant in excellent house and maintenance for life the nurse replied I have been employed in your family for many generations and now when it is my turn to obtain the post of nurse the Guru's wife has employed another my heart was already distressed before I heard thy tale in a few days thou shalt see I will accomplish that work carmo gave her the promised money and a splendid shawl as a retaining fee the deceitful nurse went home applied poison to the nipples of her breasts mix some more in a medicine called gertie given to infants in the east and proceeded to her dolly it was at a time when owing to some temporary indisposition the child refused the breast and the family was in great anxiety in consequence sage women recommended each her own medicine when Carlos nurse Iraq ganja the Guru's wife was much pleased to see her and the nurse to rejoiced in the hope of being able to carry out her hostel design she hypocritically said o Queen ganja hundreds of thousands of congratulations to thee made our child and my husband live forever thou has not remembered me but I have remembered thee I have come to wish the happiness ganja told the child was not well and ceased to suckle the nurse reply bring him hither I will give him infants medicine I understand infants complaints and I treat numbers of them who are brought to me from distant countries after one dose of my infants mixture they require no more prettiest wife always had her infant treated by me and he was never ill afterwards the opp shot of it was that ganja deceived by her species words entrusted the child to her the nurse took hard gobind in her lap and offered him the poison medicine but he refused it she caressed and fondled him and succeeded in putting the drug into his mouth but he would not swallow it she then drew out her breast and offered it to him the moment she did so she fainted and fell backwards some put water into her mouth of sprinkled rose water on her with the object of restoring her having become conscious she looked about her and said the bribe of 100 rupees which prettier and his wife gave me half undone me why did I poison my breast and undertake to kill the child the story of previous instigation of the child's murder spread from house to house and caused him preserved Abba qui the Guru composed the following him on the occasion the perfect guru has stretched forth his hand and preserved him the glory of his servant have become manifest ever repeat the guru's name ever meditate on the Guru and lay before him that heart's desires I have sought the protection of the true divine guru and his servant service have been successful he have preserved my soul body youth and life say of the knock I am a sacrifice to the Guru during her go bins illness suggestions were made to the Guru that recourse be had to a local witch who possessed a high reputation for skilled and sorcery in the hope of obtaining from her a charm for the recovery of the child this was to be done by repeating some Kabbalistic words over water and then giving it to the child to drink the Guru ridicules such suggestions and such remedies and composed the following on the occasion the name of the pure one is holy water by repeating it with the tongue sins fly away God dwelleth and everything God shine it in every heart by repeating God's name and ascendeth not to hell by serving God all boons are obtained God is the support of the soul God is the ship of the world by repeating his name death flee of the way God breaketh the witches teeth God has ever the partner he giveth comfort and happiness God manifested his glory he is the father and mother of saints God is with the Holy they continually sing of him the invisible thing is obtained by meeting the Guru his servant no knock have taken God shelter owing to the perpetual important and taunting speeches of his wife carmo previous mine became dailies satyr and he again plotted an affair his designs he sent for a snake charmer gave him some money and promising him a further large reward on his success induced him to undertake to kill the child by exposing him to a cobra as the mother was sitting at her door rejoicing in the sight of her son and pleased with his youthful Gamble's the snake charmer escaping her notice letter black snake loose in the courtyard har gobind took the hissing creature in his hand as it rushed towards him and killed it immediately guru our John arrived on the spot soon after and composed the following here and hereafter our protector is God the true guru compassionate to the poor he himself protective his servants his voice speaketh in every heart I am a sacrifice to the gurus feet by day and night and every breath we draw he who fill of every place should be remembered that oh god art my protector true is the support of the true one greatness is obtained by devotion to thee nanaka God has sought the shelter when har gobind was about two years of age a deputation of the inhabitants of Em's boots are went to the Guru and were dalek they said to him wherever thou abidance there is happiness conscious of the advantage of beholding the we have abandoned our villages our homes and our relations to dwell and a meat saw but thou continuous to dwell apart other seeks to come from distant countries to behold thee when they arrived in Amritsar and finally not they returned to their homes come now with us Ram Dass / shall long prosper by thy presence the Guru exceeded to their request and set out for his capital amritsar on arriving there he sent his wife child and servants to his private dwelling and then walked to the golden temple he bathed them the tank and distributed sacred food with the usual prayers then was sung the following him I have meditated on my guru and reached my home and comfort this is due to the greatness of the name who's worth cannot be expressed ye Saints worship God God God by worshipping him he shall obtain everything and all your affair shall be a just very fortunate is he who find of love and devotion to God the slave no knock have meditated on the name and thus received the reward of all happiness on that occasion also the groom who composed the following I have meditated on God in my heart and so have returned home safe and sound everybody is consoled that the perfect guru have saved us Oh Saints my god who's ever merciful God taketh no account from his worshippers but preserveth them as his children I have clasped God's name to my heart and he had arranged all my affairs the perfect guru being pleased gave it me and now shall have no further anxiety the Guru taking his son waited with some sacred food on pura as his eldest brother / Thea hated the side of the Guru and his son but pretending to be pleased ironically said may you both live long the Guru then went with his son to visit Mahadev his second older brother and receive His blessing there were great rejoicings and illuminations when the Guru after such long absence returned to Amritsar accompanied by the young heir to the guru ship prettier and his wife kamo alone burned with jealousy karma addressed her husband my lord now has made many efforts to secure for that self the guru's throne and kill har gobind but thou has not succeeded now our rivals who are near us indulgent ostentatious rejoicings my breast is burning I suffer intense agony and cannot endure their happiness thou didst formerly say and thus consoling that the Guru should belong to our house and that after our John's death our son mehrban should inherit it now even that hope was shattered since a young prince have been born in our John's house wherefore contrive some other plan by which the desires of our hearts may be fulfilled pretty reply hear me my beautiful have no anxiety thy son shall sit on the guru's throne har gobind are John's son shall be the victim of smallpox if he survived them shall we contrive some other plan for his destruction he must not live when this conversation was reported to the Guru he repeated the following composition guru ram das the perverse are all day occupied with avarice though they pretend otherwise at night oppressed by drowsiness and their nine apertures relax they worship not God women exercise power over the perverse and ever make fair promises but they who act as women tell them are impure thought listen foolish the impure who feel lust asked away from women and travel thereby but he who walketh as the true guru tell of him is a true man the best of the best God produced all women and men he played every play saith minak all is the work though Oh God has made the best of the best har gobind exhibited some fever symptoms on the third day afterwards his body became inflamed and showed red pustules which eventually assumed a confluent form the child's eyes closed as if in perpetual sleep smallpox of a very violent type had declared itself the child's mother prayed oh great God I have one son obtained after long waiting may he be able to bathe them rise in health the Guru administered to his wife such consolation and suggested herself to him the people of the city advised him to make an offering to the goddess of smallpox and propitiate her by worshipping a young virgin they said the goddess is pleased when an immaculate virgin is worshipped by offering her food and money and paying her other objects servants according to the scanned / on of the Hindus the goddess of smallpox should be thus addressed I bow to see Tala dead the right Earth on a donkey who is naked who wear with a broom as her died and whose forehead is adorned with a sieve Hindus are in the habit of repeating this as an incantation in the hope of obtaining recovery from the malady the Guru rejecting the advice of his Hindu friends addressed them the following God is my sole prop I have relinquished other hopes god the perfect Lord of excellences is powerful overall the name is the support of God's slave who entered his protection reliance on God is in the Saints hearts he himself preserve it himself bestow it he himself cherishes the compassionate to the poor the ocean of favor remember with us at every breath we draw what the Creator continue with to do is for our advantage the perfect guru hath taught that happiness is obtained by the will of God they who dismiss care anxiety and calculations recognize God's order minak they who are imbued with God's love perish not nor are they abandoned by him the child gradually began to show signs of recovery upon which the Guru uttered the following I have ever and ever repeated God's name and God himself hath preserved my child the smallpox estate our troubles are removed by God's name my god is ever merciful he who is merciful to all creatures hath heard the prayer of his worshipper God is omnipotent to act and cause to act by remembering him all sorrows depart he hath heard the supplication of his servant a knock everyone may now sleep in comfort on the ninth day of the disease the child opened his eyes whereupon the Guru composed the following the divine guru have opened his eyes my anxiety sup fled my prayers have been successful God have preserved my son from the smallpox the Lord the supreme being hath shown mercy minak he who repeated the name shall live and quaff Gods nectar in the company of his Saints the Guru composed the following also on the same occasion the fever hath departed God hath granted relief my son is now well by the grace of God is by God's favor men become happy and they who through various birds were separated from God become United with him by ever remembering his name the abode of all diseases is destroyed with composure and devotion utter God's hymns and remember him immortal through the eight watches of the day sorrow and pain and death approaching not saying the knock who sing in God's praises God have protected the honor of his servant the guru gave the medicine of God's name and all the fever has departed god of his mercy hath preserved hard gobind the calamity was removed he obtained all happiness by ever reflecting on God's attributes my Creator consented to the magnification of the perfect guru who have no not made a fixed foundation which ever grow with more secure o God thou has been merciful there was comfort and joy oh god my boy hath recovered clasping both hands I made supplication and meditated on the supreme being in my heart God giving his hand I have preserved him and removed all his sufferings my husband and wife joined in rejoicing and singing victory to god save the knock I am a sacrifice to the man who saved with all the following also was composed by the Guru on the same occasion the primer brom the supreme being pardoned and all my son's maladies are healed they you entered the asylum of the perfect guru are saved and all their affairs adjusted God's servant remember the name which is his support the true guru being compassionate have cured his fever be ever happy my beloved friends the Guru have preserved har gobind and not great as the greatness of the Creator true is his word and true his speech the authors of the gorillaz the suraj parkhouse the Guru samhita and other works without paying due regard to the Guru's hymns falsely asserted each according to his own Hindu proclivities that the Guru's wife went to worship in the temple of Durga performed the Hindu ceremony of harm and adored virgins offer her son's recovery there is no indication of this superstitious worship in the Guru's hymns on the contrary it is only the Anand of guru amar das and the other hands quoted here in which were repeated or some on the occasion end of section 6 section 7 of the sikh religion its gurus sacred writings and authors volume 3 this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the Sikh religion is gurus sacred writings and authors vol 3 by Max Arthur McAuliffe life of guru are John chapter 7 when har gobind had completely recovered there were illuminations and great rejoicings prettiest wife however kept raw the sort of her husband's inflamed mind my Lord and Master thy words have proved false Knight enemies increased daily like the waxing while thou decreases like the waning moon I cannot endure our john's greatness therefore i will either drown or poison myself prettiest sent for cargo bins male nurse and said to him though are too high brahman and on that account i ever take thought for thee what are thy wages now whereas no necklace and no bracelets are John squander a–the on others and boasted of his generosity now God is nothing even when the child was born my friend if thou do business for me I will fill the house with wealth and thou shalt not want for jewelry but since their art intimate with our John's family I will only tell me what I wish need to do on by taking an oath on by jaanu to keep my secret when the servant complied previous said take 500 rupees fund me and killed that boy I will show thee how to do it that will not find it difficult for he is all day with thee put poison either in Kurds or bread pudding and extract the thorn from mine eyes I will give the half of the money now and the other half when thou has done the deed fear not in the slightest the Brahmin was thus persuaded to promise to poison the child he took very powerful poison and grounded into outer next day when the boy's mother sent him milk by another servant the Brahmin found an opportunity of slipping the poison into it the child turned his head away from the poison food thrust it aside and asked something else to drink the Brahmin began to fondle and pat him on the head and said thou oughtest certainly to drink this the child then began to cry the Guru heard him sent for the Brahmin and inquired the cause of the weeping he had heard the Brahmin replied that he had offered the child sweet milk but he would not take it and when press to do so began to cry the Guru taking the child in his arms began to encourage him to drink what was offered him the child whoever still turned away his head and would not touch it the Guru then began to suspect another plot he took some of the potion and gave it to a dog which fell ill immediately and very soon after it died the Brahmin seeing the state of the dog was himself seized with colic and began to suffer great agony he confessed his intention of poisoning the child at prettiest instigation and then expired upon this the Guru composed the following the poison produced no impression whatever on him the evo Brahman died of the colic the supreme being himself preserved his servant the sinner died by the guru's power the servant have meditated on his master God Himself have destroyed the plotter against the innocent God like a mother and father protected his servant the face of the slanderer is blackened here and Hereafter god heard the prayer of his servant Nanak and the vile sinner was destroyed without hope guru arjun found an opportunity of reproaching prettier with his murderous designs / thea became furious of their discovery and determined to set out with his family for dilly to make a complaint to the Emperor Akbar against the Guru and thus anticipate any charges the Guru might subsequently make against him mahadev endeavor to restrain him and quoted many passages from ancient writings to prove that brothers ought to live in harmony but prettier could not be restrained by any remonstrance prior to his departure for dilly he decided on going to the village haha and paying a visit to his friend Salahi Salahi conferred on him the prior to ship of the village and there he tarried for some time and built a tank for public use the Guru sent by gurdas to prettier with the object of endeavoring to conciliate him bhai gurdas failed in the negotiations and only received abusive language to communicate to the Guru gurdas composed the following on that occasion the crane though dwelling at a place of pilgrimage is not contempt it raineth near the shot Rick yet he drinketh not even though the bamboo attached itself to sandal it is not perfumed the owl unlucky bird see if not the Sun the musk is in the deers navel yet he flee if elsewhere in quest of it the true guru our John is the true king the minor prettiest face have been blackened the meaning of the sim appears to be that no one knows when he is well all prettier did not appreciate the advantage of dwelling near the Guru a letter was in due time received from the Emperor summoning Salahi to dilling he took prettier with him to present a complaint against the Guru the Emperor decided in the first place that he would not interfere in the affairs of religious men and secondly that the memorial was false prithee crushed by his disappointment became seriously ill the Guru on hearing the total result of his enemies proceedings composed the following God himself showed the memorial to be false in affliction befell the sinner death shall not approach him whose help her my god is the blind fool told lies in the true court and slowed his head with his hands they who commit sin contract disease God Himself sat as the judge prettier is involved in the consequences of his own acts all his guelph shall pass away with his light no knock my Creator guard of the honor of those who seek the protection of his court but ha gobind was of a suitable age to receive instruction the Google went to his own brother Mahadev and requested him to take the boy under his protection and educate him Mahadev recommended that the delicate and respond call duty should be entrusted to by Buddha who is experienced who had seen gurunanak and by whose intercession the child had been born the Guru accepted mahadeva's advice and sent for by Buddha he modestly pleaded that he was himself quite uneducated the Guru applied thou has tall eloquence in thy heart as a preliminary to har gobind education prayers were read in the temple the Guru publicly announced his intention of entrusting his son's education to by Buddha and quoted a line from one of Guru Nanak's hymns he who hath meditated on knowledge confer favor on others by Buddha began his tuition he first wrote the 35 letters of the Guru mookie alphabet on a wooden tablet and told har gobind their names the pupil immediately repeated them from memory as if he had previously known them in a few days he knew how to join bowels with consonants and mastered spelling he then began to read the Guru's hymns upon which his faculty of perception and comprehension was developed in a short time he received the gift of tongues he was then taught the use of offensive and defensive weapons riding swimming chemistry astronomy medicine agriculture administration and other sciences on the completion of his education the Guru took him to the temple offering thanksgiving to god and acknowledgement to by Buddha for his successful and comprehensive instruction Asik call Pyrrha lived with guru arjun and used to wait on him day and night the teaching of the Guru made a great impression on his mind at that time a proud ritual asleep and it arrived to hold a religious controversy with the Guru on the morning after his arrival he put a tyla on his forehead and went and sat in devotional attitude on the margin of the guru's tank he was provided with a Saligram a bell and a shell which he ostentatiously displayed it was the guru's custom to bathe every morning in his tank after that he used to go into the temple and make four circumambulations then going forth he used to make four more we're making the first round he passed by the pandit but did not make obeisance to him or his Saligram the pandit became angry and said the guru and his seeks has sadly fallen away from the doc's worship although he called himself a guru said the pandit and have followers and worshipers yet he is only a tree and a family man while I am a rigidly continent Brahmin he therefore ought to have worshipped me rom and krishan who were incarnations of God used to reverence and worship Brahmins the Guru knew what was passing in the Brahmins mind and stopped speak to him at the second circumambulation excellent twice-born what fancies hast thou conceived that thou art angry pray explain the cause they're of the Brahmin briefly stated the cause the Guru upon this gave utterance to the following him thou readers the dads with their commentaries but the all-pervading God abideth not in my heart thou givest instruction to make men firm in their faith but thou practices not thyself without reaches 0 Pandit study the vids and banish the greed of thy heart thou play since the Saligram before thee but thy thoughts are dispersed in every direction they'll produced a tile ACK on the Saligram and fall estat its feet now blindly follow 'used the world that performance the six duties now spread us by Matt and whereas the loin cloth but it is only in wealthy houses however reduced my books tell us that beads in Vegas for alms oh my friend no one has thus been saved he is a pandit who acted according to the guru's instruction Mallya with her three qualities departed from him the NOC seek the protection of that God with whose name the four beds are filled the Robin replied o guru even if they'll think me not a fit person to bow to though artist at least have bowed to the Saligram the Guru then extemporized the following him intended to confute and humble the Hindu priest say of nanog the Guru hath made me this gift it is such a salad gram I serve God is my worship my adoration by OB sins he bathes off all day long he the supreme guy on E is ever banqueting and leadeth no one unprovided for I touch his feet again and again his bail is heard in the four corners of the world his seat as ever inhabit his fan wave with overall is incense is ever diffused every heart is his casket the company of the saints is his perfect court singing God's praises which ever be stoic pleasure is my adoration his greatness is beautiful and ever endless he who have come under the protection of the Saints feet and his fortunate shall obtain such a Saligram the following was also quoted by the Guru on the same occasion o blind one thou see is not worth ionized I must leave all these vain things in depart SE of Minako God mercifully grant me the favor of the company of the Saints man obtained it's something when he becometh the dust of the Saints feet he to whom God giveth understanding repeated his name the Brahman desire to continue the controversy but the Guru avoided it as much as possible at last he consented to hear the Brahman speak on the beds and Upanishads the Brahman wound up with a discourse on the nature of Brom when he had finished by solo presented himself and was welcomed by the Guru as his own special on Anya Bhagat or monotheistic st. the Brahmin contended that such an appellation might only be applied to himself the Guru denied this on the ground that the Brahman worshipped many gods on this the Brahman produced all the books he had brought with him but they failed to satisfy the Guru the Brahman been proposed to send his son to Benares for the remainder of his library an auspicious time for the sons departure was fixed by the astrologers but after he had set out on his journey he met an ass which braid deeming this and unlucky home and he returned the circumstance afforded much bad to an amusement to the Sikhs who became the more convinced of the truth of their own religion the Guru summoned Pyra and told him that when guru nanak visited salon he composed the prawn son golly and loved it there until a successor of his should demand it the guru gave power directions to go and bring the volume while the question of funds for the distant journey was under consideration Asik came forward and offered the Guru 5 by ease all he had in the world the guru gave this sum to pyro for his travelling expenses and dispatched him without consulting an astrologer the Brahman remarked on this omission whereupon the Guru read him a lecture on the evils of superstition by Gor das who happen to be with the Guru wrote the following stanza on the occasion o brahmana thou art a worshipper of vishnu and of the sala gram now listen asst to the Gita yet thou call'st thyself a monotheists after inquiring of astrologers and calculating auspicious times thou goest on religious pilgrimages and on visits to holy places where now goes forth if I'll meet a donkey or dog superstition is aroused by the omen and thou returnest home thou has not the gift of continents and are not content with the support of one God in decision being in thy heart thou shalt not obtain the supreme rang such as the power of association with the company of the Guru seeks that countenance has produced man the life on one support and his indecision is removed he will not consult the astrologers or the beds or ask the lunar or weekday nor will he clasped to his heart any superstition regarding the planets and the lunar mansions he will take no note of omens or conjunctions of planets or serve other gods and he will fix his attention love and affection on the word of the formless one the Sikhs and the Saints are as children the Holy guru is their Cherisher they who meditate on God shall obtain elevation while alive on hearing this the Brahmins pride was thoroughly humbled and he was obliged to admit that the Sikhs were better than his own co-religionists his burning heart obtained comfort from the guru's instruction he threw away his saligram began to utter the true name was initiated into the sikh religion and thus obtained salvation several other learned Pandits followed his example and accepted the pure faith of Guru Nanak Pyrrha reached salon with great difficulty as was natural considering the restricted travelling expenses allowed him the king of salon received him with respect treated him hospitably and gave him the required volume with a letter and many presents for the Guru and allowed him to depart on his return journey to Amritsar the Prancing galli was subsequently stolen by a pretended satu or holy man end of section 7

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