Simple Poem for Introducing Percussion with Sticks

Alright, this is an easy activity to do,
especially, I do this at the beginning of the year, and actually threw out the year.
But, especially at the beginning because it’s pretty low-key. But it works on
several different musical things. One is tambor, I’m just using sticks. Course these
ready-made sticks, you could just use sticks that you find on the ground. But
this uses a, tambor is the different sounds you get from an instrument it’s
what makes a trumpet say, sound different than a flute. For sticks you’ve got a
rubbing sound, and different types of taps. Also, volume because it’ll there’s a
soft component, and a loud component it just goes like, this two little sausages
frying in a pan, one goes pop, and the other goes BAM! So, I’ll do that several
times. I don’t know four or five times. The kids will usually just join me on their own,
as I get it sometimes they leave it on the floor,on their hand. Just be careful don’t
let them hit their fingers because they’ll be crying after that. Make sure
they’re out here on the ends of the sticks, but it’s a easy way to get kids
playing, without really a steady beat or anything. But you still get soft, loud, and
the different sounds from the sticks. And get, away to get them involved.

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