Six Book Recommendations | & GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone, I’m here today with six book
recommendations and the chance to win all six of those books as well. Those are
linked to a prize that I’ve been judging recently but before I talk about those I
wanted to quickly mention this because it’s also prize related: the independent
book shop week book award shortlists were announced today and I was really
thrilled Franklin’s Flying Bookshop has been shortlisted in the picture book
category. As you know, this is my book baby, illustrated by Katie Harnett and I’m
really, really happy that it’s on that shortlist
because… well, for many different reasons but the main one being that the books
that are nominated are nominated by booksellers, so it really does mean a lot.
Independent Bookshop Week in the UK is between the 15th and the 22nd of June so
in that week I’ll be travelling around the UK and doing events, some of those
events are with Katie I’ll leave details in the description
box down below and if you haven’t already checked out Franklin’s Flying
Bookshop and would like to that would be really, really lovely; it’s all about
book-loving dragon called Franklin who just wants to share his love of reading
with the world. So getting on to the other books, the ones that you could win. For
the past three years I’ve been judging the Somerset Maugham award which has
been fun and difficult and illuminating and interesting. It’s particularly
interesting because it’s open to fiction, nonfiction, poetry… so you’re judging
books that are very different to each other against each other, though I
suppose really you’re judging them against the criteria that they’ve set
themselves and deciding whether or not they have achieved what they set out to
achieve. This year we have shortlisted six titles, there’s a prize fund of
£16,000 and the winners will share that money between themselves
and they have to use that money to travel somewhere which will hopefully
inspire their next book, so let me show you these books and at the end I’ll tell
you how you could win them. All of the books that I mentioned will also be
linked in the description box down below. Let’s go through them in alphabetical
order. The first book on our shortlist is a poetry collection and that is The
Perseverance by Raymond Antrobus; this looks at deafness, it looks at identity,
it looks at race, it looks at pasts — both individual past and collective pasts, as
wel. lt has a mixture of sign language in here as well as the written words of
the poems themselves; there is a poem in here that’s written in response to Danez Smith’s Dear White People called Dear Hearing World. There is an erasure — a full
erasure —poem of a Ted Hughes poem and then a response poem to that. This
collection deals with mishearings, with miscommunication, misunderstandings both
deliberate and otherwise and how those things are all linked together too. So in
one poem Raymond remembers his father constantly going into a pub called
The Perseverance and him saying “I am constantly hearing ‘I’m just popping in
for a minute'” and that linking back to his first poem where he says he
remembers “popping in his ears” when he was younger; how those are both very
different things with different meanings but also they are inextricably linked in
his mind and in his memories. It is a beautiful collection. The next book is a
nonfiction book it’s called The Stopping PlacesL a journey through Gypsy Britain by
Damian Lev Bas. Damian is a traveler, his family are all travelers and he wanted
to delve into the history of that. He wants to travel around the UK and find
all the stopping places that his family used to stop in historically and he
decided to set off on his own. It’s a very personal book because he’s talking
about things that are part of his immediate history but which he doesn’t
feel such an affinity with or at least he straddles that line: there are
travelers that he knows who have settled down and are living in houses now and
then there are travelers that he knows who are still living — in inverted commas —
“the old life” and he finds himself somewhere in the middle almost judged by
both sides, or at least he feels judged by both sides in different scenarios.
Because this is tied to personal narrative and then branches out into
research areas that the author was particularly interested in, it’s not a
comprehensive history but that doesn’t matter
I still enjoyed it and because I also love etymology
I was particularly interested in his discussion of traveler words that you
might not know we’re traveler words and their origins, so for instance as a
Geordie lass, I used gadje and radjie and also there are the words chav and charva,
all of those are traveler words and I did not know that so lots to learn about
in here. Then the next on our shortlist is Phoebe Powers Shrines of Upper
Austria, so another poetry collection, this is one that I’ve spoken about on the
channel a couple of times and I’m still so impressed with how diverse and
outward-looking this is for a debut poetry collection, it travels — imagine
travels — throughout Europe and European history, it discusses climate change and
language, it is rich and intricate, it plays around with form and voice. I’ll
leave a link down below to a video where I discusses collection in more detail.
Next on our list is this big book here which is The Crossway by Guy Stagg. The
reason it’s so big is because he has a lot of things to say because this
documents his journey walking from Canterbury to Jerusalem… that’s a fair
old way! He’s not a religious person but he decided to set off on this
pilgrimage and to stay with nuns and with monks and in sanctuaries along the
way. He climbed over the Alps in the middle of winter. I just… there are parts
of this book that are treacherous and you know that it’s going to
be okay because ultimately he lives to write this book but still I felt like it
was living it with him and I was really on the edge of my seat. He survives a
terrorist attack in Lebanon, he sees the emergence of a new Pope at Easter in
Rome when he happens to be there — he initially just decides to walk to Rome
but then decides is going to go all the way to Jerusalem, and this book is… well, it’s
pretty epic. You know me, I love learning about strange, weird facts I can then
regurgitate at people, this book is amazing for that. The
fifth book on our list is The Golden Thread: how fabric changed history by
Kassia St Clair, I recommended her first book on this channel
a while back which was The Secret Lives of Colour,
which looked at mythology and the history of different colours and how
they’ve been used this looks at the history of fabric. It looks at the
wrappings around Tutankhamun, at Columbus, it looks at the Silk Road
it looks at trade, how fabrics are made things perhaps you have never even
considered before but those things that you have never considered before you
should have considered, I should have considered, because they’re absolutely
fascinating. The detail in this, it’s amazing, it’s so intricate, it’s
definitely one of those books just to have somewhere that you can pick up and
just read little snippets of every now and then and just fill your brain with
wonderful, wonderful stuff. The sixth book on our shortlist is one that defies
being put in a genre box and that is Mrs. Gaskell and Me by Nell Stevens. This
is her second book and it is part memoir, part research, part discussion of women
writers it looks at unrequited love and friendship. It’s talking about Nell
embarking on her PhD and the relationships that she’s having or not
having with her partner Max and at the same time she’s looking at the life of
Mrs. Gaskell and a relationship that she may or may not have had with a man that
she met in Rome. It is so astute, it has many wonderful observations in it, it is
so readable and compelling and if you enjoyed Normal People by Sally Rooney
this is a book that you need to pick up it gave me very very similar vibes for
reasons I can’t particularly explain, I just think that if you loved one you
will definitely love the other. So those are the six books on our shortlist,
obviously I heartily recommend all of them. We will be picking our winners and
announcing them Monday the 17th of June. I’m going to try
and vlog that and that whole week but in the meantime would you like to win one
of these six shortlisted books because the Society of Authors, who run the prize,
have very kindly offered up a bundle for me to give away. If you would like to win
all of these titles simply be subscribed to this channel and leave a comment down
below saying you would like to enter and let me know which books in the shortlist
you’ll particularly keen to get to. It’s open until the 1st of June, is open
internationally and I’ll pick a winner after the 1st of June using a random
number generator and that winner will win all six books. So I think that’s
everything that I had to say, I hope you enjoyed this video, hope you have a great
week and I will speak to all very soon lots of bookish love xx

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