Sixteen Days (Poem)

Sixteen days of social media silence
Of Wondering if I still belong Who am I kidding
This isn’t 2008, it’s not even 2015 Click, Click, Click Scrolling through the same sentences of ego
and self-loathing Can I be honest?
If this were to all end tomorrow, I’d feel relieved
Blissful, unwavering relief No more faceless strangers to appease
No PC warriors to avoid on worn digital streets Let’s get petty
Let’s be unnecessary We’ve got nothing left to sell but every private
thought, our sexualities, our pain I’ve eaten every type of candy
Choked on fake laughter Edited friendships Attention, boredom, you can say it
It changes things, people, ideas Is there nothing left but re-mortgaged dreams
and stale failures? Sixteen days of silence Only sixteen.

65 thoughts on “Sixteen Days (Poem)

  1. Everything alright Gary? I hadn't really noticed that you haven't been on Twitter these last couple of weeks or that you haven't posted since Disney World Summer part 2, because I thought you'd want give that big video amount of time to be enjoyed, which I thoroughly did. I hope you're doing well.

  2. have never listened to this topic voiced in this way before you have done it in your own voice and mindset for that you deserve the world, i have also struggled with social media and all the noise this year its a very complex thing as simple as it may seem to some people, although im glad i can find you here and comfort in your words.

  3. πŸ’•πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’ͺ🏼

  4. hitting the mid mark in life really hits you… and as gay men we tend to absorb this more…. what have I done with my life….does it have value and do we see it…what Mark have I left that's valuable… have I made a difference…. the clock ticks… mania and anxiety do it's dastardly deed… causing us to pull away… shut down and shut off….then something happens….a crack in the darkness….light shines in and we reach out again….hopefully wiser and stronger…. you have real friends Gary…. call them…they understand…love you…

  5. Your videos and songs saved my life you saved me from myself. your are one of the main reasons I'm still alive and I thank you for that.

  6. Are you okay Gary? I hope you are, because i don't like seeing you so sad it makes me sad then, I hope you feel better soon 😊

  7. Wow right now I am terrified you are going to leave the media world behind you. Are you okay because you don't sound like it? Are you just taking a long break or is there something more to this? I hope everything turns out alright

  8. I may be a faceless stranger, but watching your videos really warms my life! Please don't leave me! Sending love, and hugs from Pooh and Piglet. xoxo

  9. Loved how you tried to do something different on your channel, Gary. I would choose a different rhythm or tone to the poem because to me it didn't seem like you really felt them, you were just reading them off the page. Slam and spoken-word poetry is all about the performance and the feeling you want to evoke with your words. That being said, it was a powerful poem, just maybe a bit more practice.

    In any case, well done for your first time, Gary. I loved the lines, "I've eaten every type of candy/ Choked on fake laughter/ Edited friendships". It's that feeling of wishing things were different, if things were just more authentic and genuine.

    But what were you trying to say with the poem? Also, are you okay? I hope you're okay. We love you and you can see that in the comments of the video that we care about you. πŸ™‚

  10. I do hope you're ok, how is the silence working for you?? It's good to have times like this to reflect and see what's going on around you. Sending you Disney hugs xx

  11. Hope you're alright Gary. Tomorrow will be a better day, stay strong. Sending you my love and hugs xoxo

  12. You absolutely still belong, Gary! You're not getting rid of us that easy! You make great videos 😊 I have actually missed you these sixteen days (I thought it was longer)

  13. If it makes you feel better than do disconnect entirely! You can always come back and if you want to stay in contact with your viewers/supporters I'm sure there are other ways. But there's no point of doing something that makes you feel more negative than positive feelings. It's your life, your decision and you well-being! lots of love<3

  14. Hope all is well Gary. Do you now and take care. We love you and you are absolutely entitled to take a break. We'll be here when you are ready to share again.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  15. You, my friend, are loved! Gary, I hope you know that. You are entitled to take breaks because you are human, we will be there when you feel stronger! This has such a beautifully human message, Thank you. Stay strong, my love πŸ’›

  16. I've been silent on social media since 6th and no one seemed to notice. Yesterday I posted a pic with a blatantly honest decription, but most people just assumed it was a quote
    As long as you're at piece with yourself, everything will be alright, if not, take care of yourself, please
    The sun will come out and everything will be alright

  17. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to. I missed you! hope that you feel better about everything soon. just remember that you are loved for exactly who you are. Sending lots of hugs and pixie dust your way. xx

  18. This video speaks to me. I so appreciate the diversity in the types of videos you create and that somehow I get something out of each and every one.

    Also, if what you need to take care of yourself is to step away from here for longer or forever, I'll miss your videos but I'll survive. And be so so happy that you're following YOUR bliss because that's what we really need.

  19. You're a breath of fresh air Gary, social media is getting increasingly more fake, more obnoxious, more painful. It's filled with egotistical people looking for attention and those regurgitating everything everyone else is doing.

    Then there are the fair few like you that keep me coming back to it, because when it gets too much, people like you are always there to remind me that it isnt all bad πŸ™‚ You've been missed Gary <3

  20. I'm not crying you are, this was incredibly powerful and moving. Sending all my love <3

  21. I missed you! But I also feel ya on this. I feel like this a lot on social media too.

  22. Social media breaks are a lie saver. I'm doing them frequently. You are the most important person in your life, and nothing can change that. Be safe, be strong. Remember that you are loved.

  23. Ahh! Just got back from a trip and jumped on this vid- I was twitchy as I'm an awkwardly snobby poet (my own work included in my snobbery in that I am not under any illusions that I'm still starting out) – the 3/4 mark seriously packed a punch, the choking laughter and edited friendships. beautiful. Really valued this. Makes me want to write more. Thank you for being brave in putting this out there.

  24. Gary my love. I turned 22 yesterday and I had the worst day. I feel the same as you. Blissful relief from everything. I worry constantly. From every angle of my life. But we've got to think of the future. Because it's all we can do. Look towards the future and hope it's a brighter one. We can make it a brighter one. Slowly. Day by day. Step by step.
    Tiny wee things that make us happy. Do those tiny things. See the joy in everything – especially in nature. That's the only thing in this world that hasn't been touched by man – as such. Go and breathe in the open air Gary. It helps. If you ever need anyone to talk to. Someone who didn't leave the house for 3 weeks straight a few months ago, I'm here. XXXX

  25. I was crying pretty hard earlier today… not about this (social media), but other things… my dumb life. I came online and it cheered me up. I am sorry that social media is stressful for you these days, but I do understand! It's your career, and it's not easy I'm sure. I guess we're both down about parts of our lives right now. It's good to know I'm not alone in this, but I hope things get better for you soon Gary! <3 xoxo

    P.S. – Loved the poem!

  26. Gary this was beautifully written and reduced me to tears. I could really feel, your connection to the words, to the point where even i could relate in some way. I wondered where you've been, but sometimes is a healthy option to take a step back and have a break. I hope things are getting better to get you back up on that roller coaster track! All my love and best wishes as always. xx

  27. god, I not speak english very well and I don't understand what you says. But I see you sad and it makes me sad 'cause te quiero and I don't wanna you feel blue.

  28. It completely broke my heart, I hope you'll find a way to be relieved from whatever is it that's holding you in a dark place. I wish we could do something for you. Stay strong, Gary.

  29. Glad to hear from you in the YouTube World. I've missed you. I wish you the best of luck in what you are going through.

  30. For some reason I've only just seen this.

    Sending you lots of hugs and so much love Gary ❀️❀️❀️

  31. Love is the more wonderful of life's gifts and brings meaning to who we are and the world around us. Please remember, that you are beautiful and unique and that you bring love to all those around you.

    Please be safe and spend time with the special people in your life. Xxxxx

  32. I don't really understand the whole youtuber, twitter, instragram, thing. Last year I watched some of your friend's vlogs about Disney because it was just incredible. You had shown up on one of them, and you were instantly relatable. You are really so human, down to earth, and beautiful.
    The melancholy you have shared in "Sixteen Days" is both heart-wrenching and hopeful. I think you understand that this is all a show sometimes, but I think you also see that you are unique in your constant humble and humanizing approach to the show. That is what makes you memorable.
    If you go away for sixteen more days, or more….you would still have a lot of people remember that for a moment they were a part of the real person that is Gary.

  33. Always good to take a break. Social media gets overwhelming. It has it's place but needs to be put in its place sometimes.

  34. Thoughts are with you. Just had a look through your channel, your content is amazing! You're such a wonderful character. Subscribed! I make poetry and mental health videos if you wanted to check out my channel too?

  35. I've come back to this video because I really enjoyed it the first time and it still gets me right here * points to the heart * πŸ˜€

  36. This is so powerful, i completely understand where you're coming from, hope you're okay though!

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