32 thoughts on “SkyFall M Poem Scene

  1. Mass data surveillance will only stop the lackies, while the masterminds continue to get away to strike again another day.

  2. A fantastic scene, among the best in Bond's history. But M should've died here. The tension of the scene was building to it and I'd argue would've left a bigger impact.

  3. The man had to get back in shape to get back in active service. This is a much older Bond, he is relentless in loafers, extremely difficult to run and jump in, he is also doing that shit in a suit, has is he NOT elite? That IS pure athleticism, and I respect that 👍 Much respect 🤘 Skyfall is my favorite Bond film hands down!

  4. Man that look in M's eyes: courage and defiance in the face of near-certain death. That's just priceless

  5. I think it's pretty clear who our enemies are. Great scene nonetheless.

  6. I get goosebumps, and this scene pumps me up when Bond is chasing after this guy during's M's poem. He is relentless without tennis shoes 🙂 It instills a sense of duty and valor in country.

  7. Fits in aptly with today's world , our enemies are individuals ,they are not on maps ,not nations !

  8. BEST BRITISH FILM EVER! I’m going to be so sad when Judi and Daniel Craig leave they make this film a film🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. Does anyone knows the name of the score played in this scene?

  10. Dame Judi Dench is utterly riveting here. And she's got a voice that could etch glass. If she were a religion I might convert.

  11. Love this scene!!! What Strong Woman and her furius look was amazing!

  12. This is the best serious moment in Bond History. While M is reading a heroic heart warming poem, 007 resurfaces from the underground and races to the court room with the police sirens in the background. Them chills go running down my spine

  13. One of the best scenes in bond movies. Judie dench's acting, the bgm rising to a crescendo and most of all the script quoting Tennyson's Ulysses.
    Notice how once Silva enters,the lady Parliament member is the first to run for cover

  14. I prefer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Leug60NYg and it was done many years before.

  15. Biond is better that Mission Impossible. The new Mission Impossible movie is all stunts no good plot line. All about Tom Cruise, where as BOND is all about country and strength of keeping it together. Waste your money on Mission Impossible but BOND is better

  16. That moment when
    Bond is running
    It’s awesome 👏

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