Slam Poetry |’ Aadat’ by Nayab Midha | Manch | Comedy Munch

50 thoughts on “Slam Poetry |’ Aadat’ by Nayab Midha | Manch | Comedy Munch

  1. Nayab di first like to this video is mine for u !! Great job !!

  2. Finally, something different than the cliché topics. 😍 Aadat 🤩
    You are awesome Nayab.

  3. This is a truly awesome performance by Nayab, you are a rockstar girl. Subscribe channel, more videos coming soon

  4. u just stole my heart❤❤actually a masterpiece 👌👌ur words💯🌟

  5. वाह जी वाह। हमेशा की तरह लाजवाब और उम्दा कृति। शब्दों का उपयोग भी उत्कृष्ट और उन्हें इस तरह पिरो देना कि लोग बस मुग्ध हो जाये, बखूबी आता है आपको।

    नायाब द्वारा नायाब रचना।

  6. Wow… amazing. This is the best performance I have seen in months. Thank you

  7. Seriously…some people disliked the video.. if u can't appreciate someone's talent then don't fucking discourage them..
    Good going Nayab .. keep it up….👌😊

  8. Nayab. It was beautiful… Dont have words to express how it felt to hear this.
    Goosebumps after goosebumps…. Kisne likha hai bhai itna khubsoorat. Surely jisne bhi likha hai uska dil bhi bohot khoobsoorat hai. May ALLAH bless you.

  9. I have watched it couple of times but still cant get loose of it. Urdu words used in poetry are awesome… I saved it in my most favourites collections library.

  10. Teri Awaz tere Roop Ki Pahchan Hai, Tere Dil Ki Dhadkan Me Dil Ki Jaan Hai

  11. Wow !! I mean seriously such an fantastic peice of art it is and yes of course Nayab I must say the way you presented it was just flawsome ….😄😘☺

  12. Really nice..!! I loved it Nayab..!!Keep writing and keep reciting.. you made my day..!!

  13. I have neve ever listen this type of loving voice…. ur voice is directly entred in heart

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