SNL Writer Sam Jay Explains How The SNL Writers' Room Works | ET Canada

lately a lot of the news of SNL is this sort of behind the scenes where it's ariana grande and Pete Davidson Colin and Scarlett do you guys talk about that in there is that up for grabs as far as a joke goes can you guys goof on that I mean sure with each other no cuz we're friendly you know what I mean yeah everyone has a sense of humor I guess if it would be funny in the show like you had a life in the show's the mouth yeah I don't think it would be completely off-limits right but it's kind of cool though I'm not dating these people so I'm sure is cool for them I guarantee everyone when it comes to writing talk me through the the culture there are you not allowed to take credit for things that you've done like you can't tweet that was mine I wrote that line or how does that work I mean it's just classless it's not sure that allowed or not allowed things or we all work towards a collective goal it's just no one man above the team type of attitude so it's just a little like tasteless to be like hey man what everybody's contributing and at the end of the day every sketch that gets picked everybody writes off we heard years ago of this thing with SNL where it was like a madhouse you know what was crazy it was like people were sleeping there it was like you're like 24 hours a day is it still what I think it's still sleep there it still I mean it's a live show that goes live every week on Saturday requires a whole lot of man oh yeah to pull it off slept there yeah yeah I've slept this before it's such a competitive in a good way high level performance job that you just want to do well and so you might crash in your office because you just really want the sketchy right that goes to the table to be right you know because you want to have a good show on

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