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viewers discretion is advised and what is up my dates my name is I'm Adele was her Forte welcome back to another video today we are back here in la noir it's been a long time since I've played this game the last time I play at this game was when I livestream dead I want to save up four to five months ago maybe six months ago but anyway guys it's been a while since we played it let's get right into it and I'll see you guys on the other side well done lads you did well with the summers case but we have a problem for the examiner received a new letter today do you mind if I take a look right go right ahead they've both been rinsed in gasoline like the previous letters so I can't lift the print one else but the killer knew about this message oh my oh no we're gonna just have to wear that one that's Joe another snippet from the Shelly poem you suffer woes which hope thinks infinite to forgive wrongs darker than death one night if the note is from the doll you maniac he definitely also killed Teresa Terrell's now and I agree but where does that leave us if this is the Dahlia killer and he is responsible for the Tarleton murder not to mention the Mahler hang on a moment skipper let me finish rusty we have five birds in hand and none in the bush the department will not survive a scandal if we have to let them all go without catching a fiend first your careers would be over for a start gentlemen looking and wonder out fuckin oh yeah I knew this run was too good to be true hmm I hid myself within a fountain in the public square you like that stuff what is it supposed to be supposed forget what it's supposed what does he want where are you going with this call is obviously taunting us he believes he's far more intelligent than we okay it's some kind of story right a guy that God hates change him up it's an allegory rusty what story with two meanings symbolic me but that's what he wants us to think could he be using it literally with in a fountain in a public square to be that easy somebody tell me what the fuck is going on the fountain in Pershing Square come on we have a clue captain thanks right be careful Phelps this is his game you're playing now Wow you know it's been so long since I play this game Wow is it just me or like did they up the graphics on this game since I last played that's the guy here I'm the guy but is it just me I want you to you know it's like I want you guys to clean the comments like is it just me or like did they like really update the game because just recently cuz I would play this game in a while like is it just me or like I see like update this town is going straight to hell the graphics are looking way better than it did before oh just go through the fucking door door knocking Oh more let's see what it is like oh wow I'm thinking of moving up 4:45 I want to stop them with one round yeah I've not played this game in a long time so where are we going oh so we just take okay let's just stick Broadway to fifth all those cases rusty what have I been telling you all along we got to get this guy I know enough then it's our ass on the word – you are with the cowshed the department is not going to take responsibility for all those bad convictions success is a double-edged sword let's just get this sick pervert and have it done right Hey [Applause] [Applause] rather you need car all the way over there you know the local hobos use that as in the Train okay blah-blah-blah-blah-blah level of all overgrown with trailing odorous plants which curtain out the day we're next Lizabeth short very short Black Dahlia that's probably a fake number Elizabeth Short Social Security card Jesus Christ that's not all there's another stands up from Shelley and you work it out thank you got a city map see if he can work out where he's taking us I don't like this freak leading us around by the nose okay no okay hold on okay we got it we got a relay the phone okay so there's caves all the dough you know so wait are you it could it be this way please business oh and guys by the way make sure to leave a light did you guys the likeliness and guys if you are new to this channel smash that subscribe button and join the Horde to this day for more awesome content just like this yeah rusty don't do anything stupid okay rusty rusty don't do anything stupid hey push your mouth get in the car get in the car 0:03 with him oh come on dolly look I don't leave this he's leading us it's his game rusty you may want someone to catch him but he's extremely dangerous I doubt if he will give up easily suits me down to the fucking ground clip this fucking would get citation what a day to be a cop the park might be able to shove aside athletes taking the edge ah wallstreet you ever go to identify [Applause] hey all of records okay time together that's a pretty dope can I help you sir yes yes you can detectives LAPD this is very important sir how do we get to the top of the chandelier you what have a little faith pal were in a real hurry head up to the top floor there's an access panel and a ladder in the maintenance room as the cannibals finished off eating the clown once said did that tastes funny to you hey don't mind me I went the wrong way rusty there you are good let's go don't tell me what to do going out there rusty that are using no no no not yet up get up get up okay we're gonna look at the garage Deirdre Motors missing watch y'all can pause the the temples hi of man's ear and I roofed over sculptures and Posey where have I seen that Christ hold off that damn say find your old fuckface we're just I give the wind up think my guitar thanks junk boys come on come on she was going second there we go oh shit they're gonna be pissed about that that was too close yeah well the higher you climb the further you fall let's get out of here another Dahlia clue no a yellow gold wristwatch a molder Dame yes and a scrap of the poem another location if I can work it out alright decipher the third expert why it's not an expert exert okay so from the temples high of man's ear and I ripped over sculpture and Posey York Springs where science but dues his dad always okay so those are hidden vehicles that's Hollywood I don't know Wow there's Fulshear you know is it their college or something like that where is this culture No you you hmm that's weird ouch Oh we'll just go here right yes rusty get in the car he keeps mementos from all those pictures this guy needs to be taken out of circulation so that's where we gotta go it takes pleasure it's stringing us along demonstrating how much smarter okay you can enjoy it while it lasts got you down jeans come Hey Oh [Applause] right who knows [Applause] [Applause] I go in the right way yes [Applause] [Applause] away [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] promise [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I don't think I'm anywhere near it oh maybe I am [Applause] [Applause] don't you dare [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey don't you call me I'm stumped ideas where's that building I think his name is Phelps you read about him in the newspaper hey it's such a thing as soap you know what is America's gonna understand it's not about getting to that yeah from the temples high of man's ear and I it has to get the tower at the public library [Applause] whoa please stop enough going on it seems right oh fuck what the hell you see where's the public library yet don't tell me it's all the way back where I think it is of course rusty get your ass in here Oh dude hey come here let's go get in the car I'm telling you guys he does not know what to do sometimes oh my god you guys do oh my god can he not like it out rusty I'm just gonna leave you hey rusty hey buddy you drop something come on that's the guy from the papers sound that big case you don't see that every day there you go let's go oh yeah turn you guys no no we got his hands on the car we'll see you and free princess we'll see you guys at the library and free to what and we have a old timer hey I was talking but here we arrived we are at the public library get my ass up here because this old-timer guy aka Russell he's fun I even know where I'm going ain't going nowhere without bad hair ain't going nowhere without my hand not now there's no work all right I don't know need to get me up yeah okay all right hey guys how's everyone's day going I hope everyone is having the only wonderful day I'm sort of having a good day I guess I mean I'm recording for you guys which is awesome oh yeah no do not want to go there oh okay now I really need to fuck up this time oh no no no sometimes a step backwards is a step in the right direction not gonna get the Hat [Applause] so get up no up up goddammit dumps you had one freaking job of Our Lady of Guadalupe ripped from Antonia's necklace round which death laughed Sepulchre emblems of dead destruction ruined within ruin this is a treasure hunt oh wait what what is it this time the religious medal from the Maldonado case the Dahlia bowler Maldonado and this gets out we still have to find the guy rusty another poem you must have some idea right come on Phelps we're on a roll here don't let me down hmm that's right Phelps don't let him down whatever you do anyway guys I think this is pretty good enough stop for us right here for right now before we continue the case um I want to thank you guys so much for watching I truly appreciate you guys make sure to follow the twitch channel that's where I'm going to be doing all my live streams now as I've said it before on all the other videos I've posted but um and also guys make sure to join my desk art to get live updates for when I'm going live or for Channel announcements or for when I post a youtube channel and stuff like that and also guys please comment please comment down below of what games you wanted to see next um I'm gonna be trying to do more for horizon for horizon a variety of games Hey I'm talking dude hey hush your mouth hush your mouth hush your mouth I'm talking I'm talking okay okay okay here but anyway guys like I said thank you so much you're gonna until next time later my dudes oh I wish I could afford that

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