So You Want to Be a Writer… Start Here

so you want to be a writer good I'm glad you're here I have seven tips for you on how to start if you really are serious about becoming a writer how you guys in case you don't know who I am and you're new here my name is Mahdi Suns and I am a writer and author of three books I write fiction and nonfiction I am I've self-published my three books my fourth book is a contemporary romance novel it's under currently under review with a literary agent that I hope I will get published traditionally so I use this platform to update you guys on all things to do with my writing journey so without further ado let's jump right into the video so you want to be a writer maybe you've written a couple little things here and there but you haven't taken it to that next level you haven't taken it serious and maybe no one's even read your work and but you you're just writing you decided this is what I want to do and you don't know where to start well I have seven tips for you on how to do just that tip number one may seem obvious but if you want to be a writer then you have to write and not just write but you have to write and finish something my advice to you is whether you're writing short stories or a full-length novel or you're writing songs or poor to whatever it is that you're writing pick one point of focus pick one thing that you want to write one topic that you want to write about whether you want to blog or you want to write articles whatever it is that writing means to you pick one and start and finish it and that will give you such a good feeling of satisfaction that you will not be able to stop you'll keep going if you already have this feeling in you that you want to be a writer but you've never even written anything or you've never finished anything once you do that once you start and you finish you were gonna have this adrenaline rush that is just gonna you're gonna keep wanting more and more and more so that is my first advice to you is to write something and finish it tip number two if you do want to write a novel or short stories or even poetry that you want to someday have published I recommend that you look at the options that you have you can either self publish or traditional publish look at all the options and see which way you want to go self-publishing has changed a lot in over the years and it's not it's not so found upon as it used to be back in the day back in the day when he you know there were a lot of self-published authors that weren't really taken very seriously but the industry has completely changed and self-publishing is becoming the norm now so don't be afraid of going down that route if that is something that you've you find interesting and that you want to dabble in I definitely recommend it tip number three for if you want to be a writer is to prepare for whatever Avenue you've decided to go down so if you've decided to self-publish then prepare yourself by lining up the self editor I mean I'm sorry the editor and your critique partners and your beta and that you have you're looking out for cover designers and format designers so basically just prepare and if you are going down the traditional route then start preparing the the synopsis that proposed sold your query letter obviously this is all after you've written your book write all this is after you've gone through the writing process you have to make sure that you write your book and then there are many steps after that but we're going to keep it simple for these are just some of the steps if you want to be a writer than some of the things that you need to start considering and thinking about if you want to be a writer and not just a writer but if you want to be an author tip number four if you want to be a writer is that you should start building your brand now as I've mentioned before on this channel writing is much more than writing if you want to have a long lasting career and you want to start you know getting out there especially if you're going to self publish but actually even if you traditional if you go down the traditional publishing route you will still need to build a brand you need to have an audience people that you can share your works with that the traditional company the publishing companies are going to feel comfortable put it back in you up if you self-published even more so because you're doing it also you need to go out there and make sure that you're building your name that you're building a brand that you're you know I started to identify with who you are as a writer what kind of author you're going to be what kind of things are you gonna talk about on your platform tip number five if you want to be a writer slash author is to start networking with other writers and I didn't do this when I wrote my first two novels I wasn't really on Instagram I've been on Instagram now about probably two years I think yeah – I think two years I've been on Instagram so that was like a slow growth for me so but yeah I in case I just want to mention if you don't follow me on instagram make sure you do so I am there daily I post all the time and I do in stories so make sure that you are keeping up with me over there because I love Instagram so anyway back to what I was saying start networking with other authors go to retreats or you know do join in on things that they're doing online participate if it's something that it's nicely with your schedule if it's resonates with you live if you go on Instagram or Twitter and you see that all these writers are doing things like I know that on Instagram a lot of writers do these sprint writing things where they all get together online and they write for a certain amount of time so I'm certain amount of hours I'm sorry I started a amount of words that they put down on one night and that's a good way to network with other writers so yeah that's that's that's one of my to us and tip number six is to educate yourself no matter what you're doing or your level of expertise you should never stop learning and if you are just starting out then even more so because you guys when I first started writing I've mentioned to get that before here too when I first started writing I didn't even know what kind of font I should use for my manuscript I didn't know how to title the cover page I didn't know what things needed to be on there I didn't know how to format the manuscript so I googled everything so there's no shame in that in fact is it's the best thing that you can do for yourself is to Google learn take courses go to school go on YouTube go on forums ask questions just educate yourself on everything that you can do to become a writer slash author so that you can reach all your writing goals there's no reason why you can't write writing is such a personal thing you don't need anybody else to write all you have to do is just learn and just sit down and do it right all right you guys I hope you found these tips helpful if you're new to the community then welcome I'm so glad you've decided to take on that leap in your life and to start writing and yeah that's all I have for this week if you like this video make sure you hit a like and share it with your friends and also if you haven't subscribed yet I appreciate your support make sure that you hit that little subscribe button on your way out and until next time stay safe

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  1. Is that Save the Cat writes a Novel on your desk?!! Fantastic topics in your video. Keep us posted on your WIP….good luck!

  2. Thank for the advice.┬áCongrats on getting your latest work completed! I wish you much success. ­čÖé

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