Solahawan Sal | सोलहवां साल | Hindi Poem | Kilkari Bal Bhawan Bihar

A Poem ‘Your Sixteenth Year’ My Dear Children My dear children your Sixteenth Year has come Not because only to
stay puzzled in the books pages Be involved in up-downs numbers From the stress of the exam
come out my children Let’s go to see the changes of the nature’s nature A little sweet shade- See little crude sunlight You know…! the bitch has been lying
the puppy in the courtyard Very soft in touch There is a yellow flower blossom In our garden how beautiful in color and fragrances Fill them in limbs My Dear Children… Do not bow down by
the burden of the school bags, stay straight This world is amazing Instead of finding in TV, mobile in computers and books
move your eyes everywhere… Stretch the arm Take a deep breath, fill the aroma in limbs Wake up your consciousness, It is not necessary whatever
people are saying is right, Raise question develop your vision You are fantastic, stand out from the crowd Your vision is different, Different Thinking
Different Behavior Teacher may teach you to behave alike But do not let your
different character be vanish This is your beauty, My children… The birds don’t need to go school to be
trained for flying The birds don’t need to go school to be
trained for flying Where the Cubs are being
trained for hunting The human who neither trusts himself
nor on their child’s ability My child never lose your trust on yourself Try to know your neighbor By taking out yourself
From the fake character of Cinema and Serial Before you eat, peep around your self
There must not be any hungry person! This world needs who helps Who loves, This is the money you have,
share… as much as you can See… Rain drops started dripping Listen carefully the sweetness of sound Your Sixteenth Year has come
Open the doors… Remove the curtains, my children welcome it
The moment of this age is never come back.

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