soldier, poet, king || bnha

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  1. Soldier: Bakugou; Physical force through all that stand against him.
    Poet: Deku; Helping Todoroki, breaking his castle of insecurity.
    Ruler: Todoroki; Its Todoroki

  2. Me accepting that Deku won't be in the video: BOUNCY!!
    Me at the end when he shows up: gasp IT'S HIM, A BABY

  3. This is a great animation ohmggggggggg this gives then a complete diffetent perspective and todoroki is king ofcourse <3

    Great job! Like really i love it soo muccchhhh

  4. Iida should've been the Knight xD
    edit: oh wait, no, the soldier

  5. ochako ruined this for me. sorry for all who like her, i just absoloutely despise her.
    though, todoroki made this 1000 times better. as did izuku.

    Ma boi Todoroki!?


  8. Is it the characters from My Hero Academia!?This is awesome

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you forget bakugo

    i love it man

  10. imagine that glasses didn’t exist (terrible I know) and iida was out there being blind his vision worsening by the day and one day he runs ochaco and she fixes his eyesight with magic

    idk but that would be rlly cute

  11. this animation is so nice, and so are the drawings! if you guys like this, then you might like the bakusquad version by cherry terry. it's a great animatic!!

  12. I just got into bnha yesterday and now my recommended is filled with bnha stuff

    This is good

  13. a soldier, a poet, and a king go looking for their smol green cinnamon roll!!!

    todoroki x deku

  14. Bruh I just found this song today and like an hour later I get this in my recommended. YouTube is a wondrous thing. Or maybe it just recommended it because it has the same song idk

  15. Very cute! Only criticism is that Uraraka's neck seems to be really long, though.

  16. The outfit todaroki was wearing looks like the outfit Zen (i think that’s his name) from the anime Snow White with red hair

  17. this is so cute.
    i dont actually watch the anime but i love what you did with the characters 💞

  18. "He'll slay you with his tongue" YeS PlZ IiDa

    Btw dont take that outta context

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