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Solid Shapes Objects that occupy space are called solid shapes. Their surfaces are called faces. Faces meet at edges. and edges meet at vertices. Some examples of solid shapes. Cone. Cuboid. Sphere. Cylinder. Cube. Cube. Cube has 6 faces which are equal squares,12 equal edges and 8 vertices. 6 faces. Equal squares. 12 equal edges. 8 vertices. Cuboid. Cuboid has 6 rectangular faces where opposite faces are equal. It has 12 edges and 8 vertices. 6 rectangular faces. Opposite faces are equal. 12 edges. 8 vertices. Cylinder. Cylinder has three faces. Two of them are flat while the third one is curved. 3 faces. Flat. Curved. The flat surfaces are circles having same size. The flat surfaces meet the curved surface at the circular edges. Circular edges. Cone. Cone has 2 faces. One of them is flat and circular while the other is curved. Flat and circular. Curved. Cone has one circular edge and one vertex. Circular edge. Vertex Sphere. Sphere has neither any edges nor vertices. It has only one curved surface. Curved surface. The End.

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  3. Showed this to my Grade 1/2 class this morning as part of a solids review. They LOVED it!

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  6. This is a very nice show. It will be more interesting for kids if it has sounds or if someone will read what is showing up because others kids cannot read yet.

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