Solomon Simon, the Yiddish Writer and Pedagogue

I and my sister Judy and I was the older sister sister Julius five years younger than me and Vinny who's well of 12 years younger than me all three of us speak Yiddish well three of us went to a Jewish school it was a shaman like home folks Institute had night class at night schools for children around the city and so I went to show forsen and he even went to it there was even a Jewish High School in Manhattan I've also run by the Shambhala home folks Institute and a summer camp called barbarac which also was run by them and my father at one point was the president of this thing didn't say I could to you tichel didn't take a book there was a good to a plaque he described for the other sites but once he was a director of shul 15 which was a Sholem Aleichem folk xual in Brooklyn in the larger world of yiddish education he was the president of the Sholem Aleichem folk institute he was editor of kinder journal for a brief period of time long-standing contributor and long-standing assistant editor but then he was chief editor for a period of time also and that was really an important piece of the Jewish education that was the sort of highlights for children but that went along with the curriculum of and the pedagogical aims of that set of schools he wrote a pamphlet called the fate of are you dishes at schools and he describes the battle over how much religious content would be included in the Jewish schools he was the champion of having first kamesh Tanakh so the five books of Moses and the prophets also in the writings in taught in school to the children even though it was a secular school and there were people who were very against this has said know that we are secular schools were not a religious school we do you – language and Yiddish literature but not religion and he said how can you understand you – language and Yiddish literature without our source texts this is where our literature comes out of this is what Jewish culture and Jewish history come out of and you can't really understand our history our culture without understanding the Torah who else could then appear male in our belt – judiciously the salsa for does assume letters for selling Kadena Bellefleur inna del for kites at command rock with that to her because she is their music does look at that tickle – Irfan decides or doesn't get maintenance for in Cambodian kite have Kamata of a similar Authority a near Ithaca vanilla the exact should lick so tragic see no such a mean of Kat resolute design another foot feel was hot so get bitten in Tahiti spelt Rojas little Hellcat in a bad sight no hope what air can photos from gia orphan be eaten for selling event about dose for the shooting a turkey photos Atlas vs. a Mishka Felton Noel say we cannot sexy Clinton when I'm in them clearances what an trickled a junk food I mean hunting fell off lights I had what I always had considered a bat mitzvah and he worked with me so I gone to the show Malaysian folks rule which was a non-traditional again I didn't know the time that that's not really about Mitzvah because I wrote a paper about the ten commandments and then I did a reading from one of his books in Yiddish I'm actually in this room we would sit together and he would help me prepare and again that was very important to him and that felt special because as a girl you didn't really do something like that and then we had a big party so I didn't read from the Torah or anything like that so we go over the paper that I was working on and we would discuss it and then the reading that I was actually going to do so I could be fluent but when I stood up there saying speaking in Yiddish and again about the Ten Commandments and I I recall him saying to me these tenders to be there there are a lot of Commandments but these are the most important and like as long as you get these right you don't have to like worry so much about everything else good get get these straight so I was like hmm okay that's I thought that was pretty cool like at 12 years old that makes sense that made sense to me I sometimes would say you're lecturing too much I like and but and then he I think it was a little hurtful to him yes there was always a lesson he was like on a mission I felt one of my big regrets is turning down my Zanies offer to do a bar mitzvah I might have even already been 13 I'm not sure but it was probably within within the last year of his life I really had no idea what to do with this because the idea of praying was just so alien to me and it was so alien to how I grew up and sort of my Jewish family life you know obviously in retrospect it was a tremendously lost opportunity to connect with him in in a way that would have really been memorable and I think that the reason that he wanted to offer to tutor me was because he realized how little we had gotten out of the show Aleichem jewels and how much actual earning or how little actual learning we had accomplished there and I think that he felt he could augment that in a way that would be genuine that would be Jewish education without necessarily being God related you

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