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the days by Helen hey Whitney read for by Jason in Panama a long grim corridor a sullen bar of light athwart the darkness where no fleet pale sunshine spreads for dark his winding-sheet delight not born of noon nor Placid star glows lured through the gloom while from afar beats marching of innumerable feet is this the place where tragic armies meet the throb of terror that press ages war I strained to see then softly on my sight there falls the vision manifold they come white listless day chained to her brother night their hands are shackled and their lips are dumb and as they meet the air where each one dies they turn and smile at me with weary eyes end of poem this recording is in the public domain everlasting snows by Helen hey Whitney read for by Nemo and shall it be that these undaunted snows the poise so lightly on the mountains crest Lily laid to chair it's lonely breast shell there chill smile still face the wind that blows across the field where no blossom grows in light the land were no gay life may rest save glowing hasty fingers of the west when our two hearts lie cold beneath the rose these silver flakes of ancient hoary frost surviving all our joys supremist powers and though the petals of your lips be lost and gone the summer of your golden head this pale eternal growth of winter's flowers shall still live on though our sweet love be dead end of poem this recording is in the public domain throne and altar by Helen hate Whitney read for by Larry Wilson he had a vision of a golden throne fronting and altar both alike were bare but or the purple of the Regal chair blazed the device I wait for him alone who with the world has held his soul his own he sadly turned his height he could not dare but stay the text upon the altar there I wait for him who has not made a moan how air his kind have used his heaven sent our fear not and burned thine incense lowly heart and sudden brightness turns the averted face to wholly sense of majesty and power and a voice Master this indeed thou art wondrous music trembles through the space in the poem this recording is in the public domain east and west by Helen hey Whitney read for by sonia east and west you have not ceased for me those stone brown fate laid out to pass apart when in the West she gave you over to the Seas and great white winds of enterprise and set your breast against the Suns and shadows of the earth then with a gilded lodges led my waist toward the time-worn east who paints heard earth with purple vain imaginings the praise of all her language incensed and the pride of ancient mysteries and hopeless creeds hold for my heart no spell when warm and white as sea across the blue of Isis veil the thunderous breakers of your ocean pale and glints of Prairie Sun through River Reed's end of poem this recording is in the public domain the battle by helot hey Whitney read for by Larry Wilson the pallid waves caressed the paler sand faltered and trembled then reluctant Wayne fearing advanced yet venturing again gray deep sea waves that never knew the land tired with a tumult stretch a crooked hand to win a precious sweet surcease from pain but glancing back upon the mighty mane perforce returned to swell the strong command so fretful life sees deaths cold sands and faints to fling there on the wearing of her wave yet turning ere she finds the gloomy shore seeing ahead the idle senseless grave behind the Kings the Patriots and the Saints she sighing turns to face the fight once more in the poem this recording is in the public domain water and wine by Helen hey Whitney read for by Jason in Panama water and wine I asked for water and they brought me wine wine in a jeweled chalice where the gold gleamed through the purple beads as if unrolled one saw the sunrays of a lifetime shine so drinking I forgot my dream divine of crystal purity for in my hold were wealth and fame and passions manifold which with the drop I fancied might be mine ah youth I said ah faith and love I said these are but broken lances in the strife what shall remain when all these things are sped then crashed the dream I clutched the hand of fate amid the ruins of my shattered life and found the gods had cheated all too late end of poem this recording is in the public domain pity me not by heron hey Whitney read for by Sanya pity me not cruel and fair within thy hallowed hand my heart is lying as a little rose so feigned and faded scarce could one suppose it might look in thine eyes and understand the song they sing unto a weary land making it radiant yet because I dare to love thee being weak ruse not time air of passive distance faithful and most grand pity me not nor turn away a while till absence cloud has caught my passion up happy not kind for love's sake be not kind grant me the tragic deepness of the cup and when thine eyes have flashed and made me blind kill me beneath the shadow of thy smile end of poem this recording is in the public domain a dream in fever by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia a dream in fever a vast screen of unequal downward lines an orange purple halo round the rain twists from a space whose very sizes pain here in this vortex day with night combines ruby and emerald glint a blazing spines closing and smothering wheels a brazen mane a shuddering sea of silence in its strain a thought a cry whose snake fear trembling twines around above a life yet uttered not but my heart he is and shrieking dies of dread then soaring breaks its band and over the rim white wind it rents the dark with jagged blood crimson the iris gateway barred ahead and gazing through the eyes of boom end of poem this recording is in the public domain a woman's pride by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia a woman's pride I will not look for him I will not hear my heart's loud beating as I strained to see across the rain for lawn and hopelessly no starting think this he'd a draw so near I will forget how tenderly and dear he might in coming hold his arms to me if I will prove what woman's pride can be when faint love lingers in the darkness trier I will not her but should he come tonight I think my life might break through very bliss this little will should be so torn apart that all my soul might fail in golden light and let me die so do I long for this her love thine eyes may love thy heart thy heart end of poem this recording is in the public domain age by Helen hey Whitney read for by Eva Davis I have a dream that somewhere in the days since when a myriad suns have burned and died there was a time my soul was not for pride of spendthrift youth the pensioner who pays dole for the pain of searching through the haze where joy lies hidden as the puff balls ride the wandering wind across the summer side so weaned my spirit in a golden blaze of pure and careless present future not but a sad daughter's wail and I was young whoo now I'm old now years like flashes seem lambent or gray on the great wall of thought this is a song a poet may have sung no proof remains I have but dreamed a dream end of poem this recording is in the public domain in the mist by Hellman hey Whitney read for by eva davis i love my love upon this alien Shore I leaned and watched the pale uneasy ships slip through the waving mist in strange eclipses like spirits of some time and land of your I did not think my heart could love thee more and yet when lightly ER then a swallow dips the wind lays ghostly kisses on my lips I seem to know of love the eternal core here is no throbbing of impassioned breath to beat upon my cheek no pulsing heart which might be silenced by the touch of death no smile which other smile has softly kissed or doting gaze which time must draw apart but spirits spirit in the trailing mist end of poem this recording is in the public domain on Mountain slope by Helen hey Whitney read for by Larry Wilson high on the mountain slope I paused and turned over my head by the rough crag points high seems rent and torn the tinder hovering sky till almost through I see a heaven spark burn then downward to the sleeping world I lose eyes so heavy droop they may not try to catch the higher glean and live there by youth passes grave word and they never learned then faint with brooding or a careless earth I turned to nature and her broad warm breasts strive for friendship with her sunburn to mirth teach my sad soul to catch her cadence deep dream that in her absorbed my heart must rest but nature smiles and turns once more in sleep end of poem this recording is in the public domain to to be loved by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia to the beloved beloved when the tides of life run low as sobbing echoes of a dead refrain and I may sit and watch the silent rain and muse upon the fullness of my woe then it's my burden lighter for I know the Roses of my heart shall bloom again the fairer for this plenty cued of pain and summer shall forget the chilly snow but when life calls me to its revered sky and I must face the world's wide gazing eyes nor find sweet rest by night or piece by day even seems your love where I would turn for aid as distant as the blue in sunny skies then am I very lonely and afraid end of poem this recording is in the public domain my Brooke by helman hey Whitney read for by Eva Davis earth holds no sweeter secret anywhere than this my Brooke that lisps along the green of mossy channels where slim birch trees lean like tall pale ladies whose delicious hair lures and invites the kiss of wanton air the smooth soft grasses delicate between the rougher stalks by wife's alone are seen shy things that live in sweet seclusion there and is it still the same and do these eyes of every silver ripple meet the trees that bend above like guarding emerald skies I turn who read the city's beggared book and here across the moan of many seas the whisper and the laughter of my Brooke end of poem this recording is in the public domain beneath the moon by Heron hey Whitney read for by Sonia beneath the moon give me thy hand beloved here was still the Nightwind hovers Neath the pallid moon give me this fleeting moment all too soon the listless stay will break upon the hill this last sweet night is mine the tremulous thrill upon thy lips is all the precious boon I begged of heaven the garish Sun of newness tears the rest – this moment's will our love could never be the love of day I have not claimed the Welcome of Daiya lips no touch safe fluttering hand and for the pay I gave my minstrelsy of sea and sky once more than I now son stained fingertips sent through the hush of dawn a great goodbye end of poem this recording is in the public domain the ruby by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia the Ruby ah she was fair this daughter of a queen jewels upon her breast soft fall of snow jewels in golden hair and fierce aglow the gem of pride upon her brow serene sleeping soft moonstone emeralds baleful green a single sapphire singing soft and low of wars for beauty's sake in years ago and flaming opal Wed with tourmaline yet was there one great stone she might not wear and so her eyes were weary and her mouth curved in the listless line of vain desire no diamond pure was Hearst a right to bear but crimson poison patter of the south the ruby shown in deep unholy fire end of poem this recording is in the public domain spring and autumn by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ian King the painted world has laid her jewels down let fool the Pinchbeck hair about her face and kroons a love song in a far-off place where she was strutting in her silken gown she met to the youth his face was young and brown good day to you she cried the frosty lace about her shoulders trembled our disgrace he turned and left her weeping in the town she smiles not anymore her heart disdains the winds rough courting loud and indiscreet her tears dissolved the earth in ceaseless rains and though her searching steps be lightened fleet through frowning City or soft country lanes now Nevermore may spring and autumn meet end of poem this recording is in the public domain the lost moment by Helen hey Whitney Redford Breivik stork lasagna the lost moment this moment I so careless threw away tossed to the ages with a spendthrift hand literally wrecked the labor that had planned this flesh eternal of a summer day ian's of sequent toil had passed to pay wealth to the frighted instant slow and grant waivers a solemn dirge across the land one soul in my lost moment found a way to throw the mock to time and call him slave and I a purpose still gaze wise at last to all the gray horizon line of naught but from the heart I deemed an empty grave dreams forth like spark my precious gem of past shrined in the setting of a deathless thought end of poem this recording is in the public domain the coming of love by Helen hate Whitney read for by Larry Wilson I dreamed that love came as the oak trees grow by the chance dropping of a tiny seed and then from moon to moon with steady speed though torn by winds and chilled with heedless know the sap of pulsing life would upward flow till in its might the heavens themselves could read portents of power that they must learn to heed this was my dream the waking proves not so where love came like a flower and grew apace I saw to blossom tenderly and frail till the dear spring had run its eager race then the rough wind tossed wide the petals read the seeds fell far in soil beyond my pale I know not now if love be lost or dead in the poem this recording is in the public domain evening at Washington by Helen hey Whitney read Filipovic stork passenger evening at Washington the purpose stretches of the evening sky leaned to the fair White City waiting here flaking with gold the marbles lifted tear down the blue marsh work rose to South would fly flanked by dim ramparts where the tide dreams by high from the city's heart lifted spear in its straight splendor makes the heavens seem near symbol of man-made force that shall not die to the tall crest we gaze in self-command assured the world's our own and we may dare to raise our Babel through forbidden Isles and hold the skirt of knowledge in our hand creating our and spurn the world's despair while heaven looks down through calm unmeasured miles end of poem this recording is in the public domain love's kiss by helen hey whitney read for by sonia love's kiss kiss me but once and in that space supreme my whole dark life shall quiver to an end sweet death shall see my heart and comprehend that life is crowned and in an endless gleam will fix the colour of the dying stream that life and death may meet as friend with friend an endless immortality to blend kiss me but once and so shall end my dream and then love hurt me and bestowed his kiss and straight I cry to death I will not die earth is so fair when one remembers this life is but just begun how come not yet the very world smiles up to kiss the sky and in the grave one may forget forget end of poem this recording is in the public domain Scarlet thread by Helen hate whitney read for by Larry Wilson the Sun rose dimly through the pallid rain dear heart and have we strength to face the day the times in life alike are old and gray all worn with long monotone ease of pain low we are working out the curse of Cain who never felt the fire passion sway show us crimson in some tragic way that we may live fate left in her disdain a thread of scarlet clashed upon mine eyes hung for a moment and was wet behind and blankly I beheld the hopeless skies for day by contrast now as grimace night remembering light as do the newly blind I pray for death to hide the bitter sights in the poem this recording is in the public domain autumn by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ian King the ruddy banners of the autumn leaves tossed out a challenge to the waiting snows where winter stalks from over the mountain Rose this fiery blaze his own with March receives a mock defense his coward heart believes and turns him sulking to his moated close now man the confidence of nature knows and feels the mighty heart that loves and grieves not as in rutile March or Hoyden June hard in their beauty laughing through their days their final indifference is out of tune in the dark paths we tread in hope and fear look Rita autumn and her gracious ways the great last swan song of the dying year end of poem this recording is in the public domain the tide of the heart by Helen hey Whitney read for by Jason in Panama the tide of the heart love when you leave me as with moon bent tied the glad waves leave the beaches of my heart slowly and indolently they depart ripple by ripple till the light has died and left the naked sands forlorn to bide the Seas returned no mite of human power can fill the empty waste nor take one hour from that long Durance in earth's prison wide but when you come again and hold your hands dear hands outstretched to take me then the waves they turn full flooded on the fainting sands and all the dimpled hollows smile again and brimmed with life the deep mysterious caves forget the distant night of lonely pain end of poem this recording is in the public domain Perle no by Helen Haig Whitney read for by Larry Wilson does the Pearl know that in its shade and Sheen the dreamy Rose and tinder wavering green are HID the hearts of all the ranging seas that beauty weeps for gifts as fares these does it desire aught else when it's rare blush reflects Aurora in the mornings hush and certainly an all perfection can bestow does the pearl know does the bird know when through the waking dawn he soaring seas below the silvered long and weary men who wait to watch the day steel or the heights where he may wheel and astray can he conceived his fee divine to share as a free joyous peer with son and error and pity the sad things that creep below does the bird know does the heart know when filled through utter brim the least quick throb a sacrificial him to a great God who scores the frown of Jobe that here it finds the awful power of love thank you than you born babe in first wisely fathoms the gifts the heavens have bade him keep yet if this be if all things are so does the heart know in the poem this recording is in the public domain in autumn by Helen hey Whitney read for by Larry Wilson the gold red leaves had burned to the last great glow and died and underfoot by the strong Oaks rooted they are seized by the angry wind and spurned and into a common grave have turned for summer warm and wide a here most a sapling wage its life with the Sun and rain then it's tender youth without wreck or Ruth is frozen and beaten to harsh old age by a stroke of nature mothers rage and the sturdy fight seems vain it whales to the oak or head as the coffin cold wraps round the end of life its toil and strife in the secret of being I have found is a seed in the wind and a log on the ground I hope I will soon be dead peace little struggler sleep and the great oak croons a song death is but night and a cradle white for one dark space may the shadows creep then spring will rise from her dungeon deep and life wake wise and strong in DePalma this recording is in the public domain waiting for day by Helen hey Whitney read for by Larry Wilson sweet lady Knight his paling white white legs her Lord and Master she weeping lays her jewels off ah may he not come faster but hush the tinder rosy blush her beauty Fair adorning her love steps or the mountains rim they kiss and here's the morning end a poem this recording is in the public domain the angel of indifference by Helmand hey Whitney read for by Eva Davis a man who once loved a woman in the days of old our bond is the strongest in the world they said the Angels up above are jealous of our love perhaps they are wishing we were dead overhead so they loved for a time and the passing of a time and the Angel of indifference smiling down saw their fire and he covered for a space with his sombre wings his face that they twain might have of love all desire without tire but loves perfect joy within them burned at last to a flame till they longed fer breeze that would gently cool the heart for absence cooling snow they sided apart and lo though they murmured still their love hand in heart loath to part but at length they prayed together to the calm angel pale we yearn scorched and weary for the peace of thy breast for that land where love seems but the shadow of dreams were all asleep in the silver of the west give us rest and he heard and he bore them to the cool grey heights were all men may drift and himself alone stands fast and gave them for their token the Peace of Dreams unbroken were their souls his faithful vessels rest at last from the past end of poem this recording is in the public domain dear dead women by Helen hey Whitney read for by Eva Davis the winds have chilled the loving odorous South all wan and gray she seeks a place to die her tossing hair her pleading passionate mouth pity that thing's so fair in death must lie but winter holds and kills her with a sigh one kiss he lays upon her lips so proud shuts the blue eyes and whines her somber shroud I walk between the narrow way of you the glowing amaranth the droops upon its stock the shivering birds are timorous and few and Waifs of summer strew the untended walk with vague sweet forms I seem to pass and talk the ladies of those days in summers prime who smiles prevail not for the frown of time they're little tripping feet reluctant turned down the dark paths they had not known before behind them all the glow of living bird but they must enter through the gloomy door and leave behind the loves that plead no more the deer frivolity of Wiles and ways they neither need nor know in these grim days here in their gardens close i spend no tear no smile to where the heights for such display but on the frosted hedges lifted spear and with my head a little bowed i lay a pale camellia proud and cold as they who wait beneath their ashen pall of snow perhaps the fair dead dames will see and know and if poem this recording is in the public domain the grave of hope by Helen hate whitney read for by Larry Wilson there's a wild little gnome in the wood who sings as he digs a grave of Hope that soars and hope that flies and hope that sent his her wings and lies in peace where the Willows wane and he croons in the pauses of toil a shivering song of fears the lean black shades of hopes so fair who weave her nets with her golden hair and hairy her down the years and he knows she will perish at last he has carved her name on the stone while the trees draw near and forget to sleep and the little leaves bend their heads and weep for hope that must die alone in the poem this recording is in the public domain trees of the wilderness by Helen hey Whitney read for by sonia trees of the wilderness the great bleak trees stand up against the sky lifting their naked arms in ceaseless prayer to the unpitying heavens that they might die rather than drag their weary lives out there so starless nights the untold hours wear on all awful phantoms shapes afraid the wood and morning light but brings the unwinking sun to torture with its glare death solitude in those grim wiles no sweet voiced bird will sing no flowers will bloom within those trackless lands nor is there trace of any living thing safe those gaunt giants holding up their hands and when they fall still round the unknown spot howls the rough wind till in the common ground they enter life which is and yet is not a riddle where no meaning shall be found end of poem this recording is in the public domain the love of the rose by Helen hey Whitney read for by sonia the love of the rose trilled forced the nightingale in sweetest sleep of day and to his loved Rose her golden heart enclose for love my fairest rose will last for a so through the waning night she learned to wear her crown yielded her hearts sweet strife and found that love was life set to the time the dear bird lived it down but when the morning came the red Sun burned above heeded a night birds all flower petals fade and fall the rose is dead and what became of love end of poem this recording is in the public domain in the green you by Helen a Whitney read for by Sonia in the green you the wind is howling in angry pain how me and I cannot rest on such a night home is best why does she stand in the same old place with the smile of smiles on her cold white face and call me through the rain how the wind has died from the fear of her smile and I creep quite still on over the hill to where she stands meet the Santa queue and where I now and standing to and she sees me all the while a little green snake curves through her hair the sand of the you is strong and sweet her eyes have drawn me to her feet and I lie along on the drenching ground and worship and watched a snake around his tongue shoots through the air now slowly she takes her eyes from me and I dream and wait till in shades of hate my love of her smile has faded quite and a spring to kill her there in the night but only to you I see end of poem this recording is in the public domain the dead night by Helen hey Whitney read for by Eva Davis the strong brave knight is dead it's endless deeps of patient tenderness the moon bright still when every Silver Lake and purple he'll hold wise unfathomed converse with the steeps of starry heaven our past all nature weeps and draws the failing gray of morning mist upon the lips that nights last clouds have kissed the night that watched so well the world who sleeps the night is dead alas and pallid day is but the corpse laid out in cold array the white sad emblem of the heart we knew through half-closed lids the eyes shine paly blue the gleaming grave close cover all the rest so cruel still lies now they're sweet breast entries and hills fold down calm hands and eyes that none may guess their secret mysteries end of poem this recording is in the public domain song by Helen hey Whitney read for by Nemo softly sighs the gracious wind – of rose and deeps of sky love is fair and love is kind singing free I passed him by shredded clouds our world in air winter stocks are down the gale tossing wide loves golden hair ceased the singing love grows pale Howl's the gray sky to the sea loose the storm dogs from their bed turned I back and woe is me I must die for love is dead end of poem this recording is in the public domain side not for love by Helen hate Whitney read for by Larry Wilson signed not for love the ways of love are dark sweet child hold up the hollow of your hand and catch the sparks that flutter from the Stars see how the late sky spreads in flushing bars they are dead roses from your own dear hand tossed by kindly breezes lean and heart and you shall know how morning glads her lark the timid dawn herself a little child casts up shy eyes and loving worship dear is it not yet enough the spring is here and would you weep for winter's tempest wild side not for love the ways of love are dark in the poem this recording is in the public domain ambition and love by Helen hey Whitney Redfoo by sonya ambition and love sweet in the golden morning of my days with young tempests destroy I reeled my head to gaze down the splendid sunlit ways where all the fires of Fame burned glory red i rekt not where the sounding arches led save at the end I gained my August base but as of old went through the patient night Fair losing or fair gaining till the moon great Israel strove to break the angels night till spent and failing in his heavenly scorn the immortal wrestler touched the earthly borne striking him powerless winning thus the fight so did false fortune when I strove and fought smiling Neath half closed eyelids when seemed one for a brief hour the beckoning goal I sought then with frustrating touch dimmed all my son blotted to work and faith so brave begun but what I gained was none too dearly boy I have no wreaths to lay before your feet there shines no future and the past is dead but you have heard me and I love you sweet the low Sun crowns with gold your gracious head the heavy lilies nod upon their bed I look at you and find my life complete end of poem this recording is in the public domain to be d by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia to be d broad proud beneath a cloud of dusky hair her eyes are midnight seas that never sleep but see beyond the dull worlds heavy air the mystery of ages buried deep the faint sweet shadows trembling around her mouth lightened with youth and loved the swings his face and as she moves a soft wind from the south floating flower laid and seems so sweet her grace aloof she stands from idle mirth and tears and keeps the white sails of her spirit world although a girl pure from the stain of years an ancient Egypt smiling at the world end of poem this recording is in the public domain little sad face by heron hey Whitney read for by Sonya little sad face little sad face come close so close to mine see through these eyes the sweetness of the day feel how the Sunbeam stands in summer swine hold fast my hands and let our pulse combine and with my steps dance down the happy way for youth is love and love is light and gay little sad face little said come close so close to mine and know the utmost limits of the will of all the worlds till soft thy heart divine a joy which can encompass grief like dine hide in my breast and let faint pulses thrill for youth is love and love is great and still little said heart little said soul which never can come to mine so great in loneliness of gray despair there is not one whose spirit may entwined with D the world looks on without a sign go hide thy face within thy tossing hear thyself very close with smiles for non-work care little sad soul end of poem this recording is in the public domain Earth's tears and man's by Helen hey Whitney read for by Nemo these slanting lines of hoary rain are as my grizzled hair the face of earth is old with pain as mine with dull despair and yet one son will gild the air Earth's tears were not in vain no smile can ease mine eyes of care or make me young again end of poem this recording is in the public domain I have seen what the seraphs have seen if I hadn't hey Whitney read for by Sonia I have seen what the seraphs have seen I have seen what the seraphs have seen as they gazed to the limitless air so the wind and the clouds to the lean pale face of the moon and the bare bright flame of the Sun unaware I have seen what the seraphs have seen so the limitless spaces of air the brave mists that waver and Wayne are patient and palette and fair I have fathered the pride and the pain of the snows and compassionate rain so the limitless spaces of air I have known them the brave mr. Duane and the glory and peace of the skies where all strife and impatience are vain and a hush are all passionate sighs for I gazed in the deeps of Love's eyes and I know what no serifs shall gain end of poem this recording is in the public domain unless from the woods by Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia LS from the woods LS from the woods with a leaf in her hair and a rain of the night and the wind of the morn they both quivered right for my spirit forlorn in a garment of white and a laugh newly born sprang in medicine of moods like a blossom in air to the kiss of the Sun and the curl of the breeze caught the cobwebs begun in the hush of the trees all my beatings for one with the swirl of the Seas dead the creature that broods in a tangle of care there's a less from the woods with a leaf in her hair end of poem this recording is in the public domain was there another spring by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ian King was there another spring than this 1/2 remember through the haze of glimmering nights and golden days a broken pinioned bird wings notes an angry sky a sea wrecked boat a wandering through rain beaten ways leaned closer love I have thy kiss was there another spring than this end of poem this recording is in public domain to tie an by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ian King the ruddy poppies Bend and bow Diane do you remember the Sun you knew shines proudly now the lake still lists the breezes Val your towers are fairer for their stains each stone you smiled upon remains sing low where is Diane Diane do you remember I come to find you through the years Diane do you remember for none may rule my love soft fierce the ladies now are not your peers I seek you through your tarnished halls pale sorrow my spirit Falls high low where is Diane Diane do you remember I crushed the poppies where I tread Diane do you remember your flower of life so bright so red she does not hear Diane he's dead i pasted the sunny bowers alone when nought of her remains but stoned sing low where is Diane Diane does not remember end of poem this recording is in the public domain bird love rose love by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ava Davis if you were but a rose dear love and I your bird with dip of wing to tell a promise of the spring and with a golden swift caress my happy careless love confess no pain such gentle vows could bring no tears should stay my flight above if you were better Rose dear love bird love Rose love to last the day why shall not we whose hearts are light put by the coming of the night catch glints of rapture from the sky the sense that swing where lilies lie and ring um to a garland white to ease the pain of life away bird love rose love to last the day end of poem this recording is in the public domain the joy of life by heron hey Whitney read for by Sonia the joy of life her hair was twined with vine leaves to the gold the leopard skin about her shoulders flung showed gleams of her as marble fair and cold I breathe not listening to the song she sang hither and thither through the solemn world glory of purple passionate blazing red Glynn's through the groom and through the grace world her but the leaves twined sweet about her head heedless man passed me in their search for life hunting for altars to their souls fine fires crying the Sun or joy of toil and strife and no not that desai their heart desires they dreamed not that the chignon peacocks pressed the haze and perfume of a summers day the silver stealing over the twilight west her joy is more rich than all the world's display end of poem this recording is in the public domain missed by Helen Hank whitney read for by Larry Wilson missed on the sea like a great birds pendulous wing broken and hushed eight whales on the face of the main down comes the Sun a red shot from a merciful sling burning its heart with Swift death as an ended to the pain in the poem this recording is in the public domain the last cloud by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ava Davis a red rose cloud upon the evening sky a gallant cloud which dies in foremost fight too proud for prisons of triumphant night knowing no pause no strain of changing years its little hour too short for dreams or tears the faithful Sun its first and latest light who would not so be glad to fight and die a red rose cloud upon the evening sky end of poem this recording is in the public domain some hi Helen hey Whitney read for by Sonia some love is a broken Lilly Palin crownless Rose with golden heart made Chile by traitor touch of snows so sleep my heart lies sleeping nor open weary eyes for waking is for the weeping and sleep is paradise love is a cat and straining we're broken music falls a hapless shadow sailing across deserted walls so still my heart lies sleeping till loves hot Sun be said for waking is but weeping the sleep said eyes forget end of poem this recording is in the public domain in the grave by Helen hey Whitney read for by nima dear love do you wake in that land where my waking is done do you bear your brave head to the winds and the clouds and the Sun and his summer aflame or has the night falling to sleep on Earth's wonderful breasts and with it all Joy's save but you who are dearest and best wakeful sighing my name sometimes as I sleep the sweet rain flickers over my head and smiling I dream of the tears that your sorrow has shed then I cyan awake for the dreams of the grave are the dreams that have died in the morn and their ghost alone haunt the cold earth Weathermaker was born for a woman's sweet sake perhaps your singing and winding the Garland's of may not mine be the hand to withhold you the golden today or give you pause to your song perhaps the sweet blossoms may charm the graves pestilent breath life is so short so forgetten be glad dear for deaths is so terribly long end of poem this recording is in the public domain the flowers of prasarita by Helen hey Whitney read for by Ava Davis the jewels of the Sun are not more rare than these that lie upon my lurid house the perfume kiss upon the drowsy air is sweet as spring can hold within her walls the spell which night may cast upon her thralls is mine the length all this gloomy land knows no more Sun than false from my white hand my wealth grape Kings have prayed for in their pride bowing before me nay I hate the place I am no Queen at heart my laughter died that I might wear my crown with regal grace the very flowers which smile on my sad face I am afraid of see they are the worst of all my fears so fair yet black accursed the language passion poppy sways and dips to show the black heart bursting into flame the crimson evil of a satyrs lips a sneering nodding finger-post of shame a thousand other flowers without a name huddle all trembling in the desk behind like hunted ghosts whose eyes are white and blind the grass is not the grass that overhead cooled my bare feet with daisies purest snows but thick pale blades like fingers of the dead thrust from forgotten graves upon their foes a horrid soil for everything that grows in this confine but mocks in wicked scorn the fairness of the land where I was born end of poem this recording is in the public domain end of some verses by Helen hey Whitney

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