SOMEONE AT THE GAS STATION | Morning Oracle (Nov 24-30, 2019)

[camera turning on, adjusting] [sound of pages turning] “Country Scene”
(poem by Hồ Xuân Hương, tr. John Balaban) “The waterfall plunges in mist.
Who can describe this desolate scene…” “the long white river sliding through
the emerald shadows of the ancient canopy” “…a shepherd’s horn echoing in the valley,
fishnets stretched to dry on sandy flats.” “A bell is tolling, fading, fading
just like love. Only poetry lasts.” Thank you for joining me. [shuffling] I see stone. I see layers of stones.
On top of that, rain. It’s not raining here, right now, but
wherever someone’s at… I sense rain. And the smell of stones and moss. Ah, that’s good. I call upon the light.
I call upon messages of love and justice. Thank you for joining me. Love, at the center. A choice beside you,
a journey ahead of you. Of course! In your heart… You want to know about love.
You want to know about unification. Reunification… Behind you there is,
however, a sense of dissatisfaction. You’ve been offered something in the
past, but now you’re coming to realize… that offer has hidden meanings or…
worse, has hidden implications, implications that have hurt you,
implications that have either held you back stifled you, or lied to you, deceived you…
Looking ahead you want to embody the energy of Jupiter, the energy of fire.
Under a Chariot, I see travel. I see… I see a movement forward, both physically
and also emotionally, psychically. My love, you are the Princess of Disks.
You’re leaving behind a sense of defeat. In your psychological state,
there’s the Prince of Swords. You want to move forward with Dominion,
the energy of Mars in Aries. As the Princess of Disks, you are fertile.
Now, this is not gender-specific. You can be male, female, or whatever pronoun, or whatever gender you identify with… But with the Princess of Disks, I sense
an awareness of your surroundings, the surroundings that you have quite
possibly forgotten about and your questions of love, very material
surroundings–your house, your home, your health, your family, however way
you define your family, your spirituality, again, things of the material world that
you might have left behind in pursuit of this love. Before you, you have the Pentacle
flowering open and open and open… You’re looking down. The Pentacle is
giving you light. You’re looking within. Your karmic connection is that of Dominion.
You’re embodying the fire that has either razed the forest or
given the forest a new life around you. What was once your enemy, what was
once love and passion in the material world has now transformed into a higher kind of
love, a love that is not bound by the material, a love that doesn’t rely on another.
It’s beautiful. In your psychological state,
you have the Prince of Swords. Now, in my readings, I like to think that
the Princes are actual figures in your life, and… usually someone with a masculine energy, a masculine form. The Prince of Swords, however, is often not disciplined. This person thinks very little.
They… Well, I should correct that. They do think. But they think
in the same line as they act. So that means that they… they
make their decisions on impulse. Now, even though these decisions may be
based on intellect or logic, they go right away. They don’t have any planning.
In your psychological state, what I’m seeing …is that this is something that
you’re leaving behind. This is a figure in your life that you have formerly been
attracted to, someone who you’ve admired for their (in lack of a better words)
their lack of planning, that they’ve just… They would just dive headfirst, whether
that is in love or career or family, etc. You admire that they were able
to take action. But you’re thinking now… how this has possibly overfilled your cup,
and that has given you too many options. You might have been overwhelmed
in the past by this figure, someone who has been able to provide you
so many options, so many ways of moving forward. Yet when you take a look at it now,
it’s left you tired. It’s left you broken. You’ve forgotten, in a sense, why
you are looking for love in the first place. And maybe, here, you’re asked
to look at how the Princess of Disks might be your first love, your primary love,
to focus on one Pentacle at a time, to move forward into that darkness
with your own lamp. Yes! You’re the hangman. With that
you bring about the Wheel of Fortune. In your psychological state, this will also
usher in the new time, Judgment… the new period of transformation. This,
however, will bring you some internal strife, internal conflict, but you go forward
with Lust. I also see a strong Leo here. There’s power in this. There’s also a
sense of stability and inner stability. Again, in the material, the Priestess
asks you to, again, trust your instincts, to… trust your inner knowing, to trust your
inner sense of… originally, what did you envision for yourself, in love, before
this Prince of Swords came in and… gave you an idea of a different kind of love.
I’m not saying that love is invalid, but it’s a love that you’re moving away from.
Yes, and here you have the Tower in your future. A Tower means,
simply, a transformation of ideas. Something that has been built
on a false foundation must be destroyed, upon which you can rebuild. See,
I see the Wheel of Fortune, here, which is great because then, what that tells me, here,
especially in the course of action here, is that after you see the false foundation,
the false words that have been given you, given to you, I see… I’m sensing here
this Sword represents your original idea of what is love, what
should be given to you, of what you should give. However, after all of these outside
influences, of what love is… have basically bent your Sword,
you’re starting to doubt yourself, at least you’ve doubted yourself recently. Now,
I see here, once that doubt has been cleared, the Wheel of Fortune starts to turn.
I see a sense of “hunkering,” and… I can’t think of a better word, but…
“hunkering in” for the winter wherever you are, whatever that means
to you–a “winter season” in your life… a “winter season” of love. Now,
I don’t want you to be distressed by that. There is the Sun, after all, that will rise
eventually. However, for this time being, I sense the fortifying of your values,
of fortifying, again, of your single heart… your single “core,” whatever you envision
for love and whatever that origin is for you. Again, you’re thinking about leaving
this Prince of Swords behind, bringing in a new life, a new sense of love,
a love for yourself, a love for the time that you have on this earth, again, with the
higher knowing–the Priestess who… is able to walk through that “desert” of her life.
I also sense that… I know this is really, really basic, but I also sense that
*someone* needs to drink more water…? Um… Someone needs to drink more water… 🙂 Moving forward… the Hangman is you. However, I feel like you are already
in the middle of this process. If not, you’ve already passed this process,
especially as the Princess of Disks. You’re already done thinking .
You’re quite okay with leaving that behind– the over-thinking, the late-night…
staying up, reviewing texts reviewing old messages and emails…
You’re done with that! You’re able to jump forward
with your inner light. To look… both at the air, but also the earth
around you, to see what else you might plant, what other old ways of thinking, of
living, you might be able to leave behind, again, with gratitude but knowing that
you’re seeking again that original source of light, that original source of love
that you’ve always known to be there. But you’ve had to suppress somehow…
Especially I’m sensing, over the past two or five years… In terms of the future
again, I do see an acknowledgment that you have gone through a lot, that you
have battled an inner demon, an inner strife. You’ve had to use this fire
inside of you to allow this Tower moment to come in. So, oftentimes this Tower card
can be scary. But again I see especially here in this layout… I see the Tower has
been self-inflicted. Ah! That’s a harsh word… has been… “brought” upon yourself
at your own will, that you have willed this Tower forward because you know,
quite frankly, that things must be destroyed in your mind, in your foundation.
Things that have been false have been untrue. So I’m gonna do some
final clar ifications… [sound of stones moving] [shuffling] So, a little bit about me… I’ve been doing these oracle cards
for myself and for my friends. I haven’t recorded any before, but… A friend recently told me
I should try… So here I am! 🙂
This is my first recording. Again, this is for a general audience.
This won’t apply to everybody. I take no responsibility for any actions
that individuals take based on these readings. In other words, these are for entertainment
purposes only. I must say that. But if you like it, let me know.
If it resonates in any way, let me know. Write a comment for me.
Introduce yourself! Um… Just a little more about me…
I’m a Virgo. My Moon is in Taurus. I’m also
a Virgo Rising, so I’m quite earthbound. I’m 430 years old. I’m managed
by a tiny Panda named Panda. What else… I live in Tucson. I’m a poet.
And I practice my cards, pretty much… two hours every morning
and two hours in the evening. I know it takes up a lot of time,
but it helps me stay grounded. So I hope that, in some ways,
these messages help ground you, too. Alright. So to clarify the Lovers,
here we go! Again, the Priestess. There is a sense
of knowing what it means to love. Now, it doesn’t have to be romantic love.
It doesn’t have to be erotic love. Or love of this world.
It doesn’t even have to be material. It can be an inner love. It can be a universal
love, etc. But the Priestess in you knows. I sense someone here, again, is going back
to the Book, going back to the Source. Maybe I sense a need to journal now,
a need to literally go back into your life and imagine what was that first moment
of love–again, romantic, universal, otherwise, what was that first moment
where you knew this was a kind of love that I wanted, that would make me feel safe. Five of Pentacles. Yes. So, on the surface, the Four of Cups.
You’ve been offered a kind of love in the past that did seem good on the surface.
It seemed luxurious. It seemed like it was the right kind of love.
It was a stable kind of love, but… In the end, you were disappointed by it.
In the end, you saw your house turned upside down. You saw your foundation turned
upside down. Even though you couldn’t name exactly why, moving forward…
Yes. You’re leaving behind things that have formerly made you happy, things that you
thought have brought you stability. Here, I see a Tower that’s literally being
taken down by that same love that has built it up. Now, if you’re
afraid of basically leaving all of this happiness, stability, behind, I want you to
know that it has been an illusion in some respects. You will
move forward with victory. You will move forward with a new sense
of fire inside of your heart. Now, who will help you? You’re not alone.
Even though you are the Princess of Disks, you will have someone. Here I see
supporting you in the near future, the Princess of Wands, the Knave of Wands.
This is a loyal partner, a loyal friend. I also sense a sibling. If you do have a sibling
in your life… I see somehow the sibling is coming
closer at this moment. Now you might not have a great relationship with your
sibling and that’s okay. I also sense it doesn’t have to be paternal. It doesn’t
have to be someone you’re directly related to but someone in your life that
you see as a feminine spirit who can also be really practical who can “hunker”
down especially when you’re not feeling not feeling quite stable in your own
knowing. The Knave of Wands is someone who will
both be practical but also someone who will walk with you into that dark even
if you don’t know the destination. Yes. The Defeat. Yes, you’ve been defeated by
the Knight of Swords, again, similar to the Prince of Swords, a masculine figure
in your life who’s lived off of impulse. Who’ve lived but not only lived off of
impulse who has convinced you with that Sword in their mouth that they are right,
that they’re… it’s “their way or the highway.” I can’t think of a better phrase
that’s not cliche like that, but we’ll go with it. So the Knight of Swords is yes
they can be noble on the surface they they can be really intellectual they can
know exactly what is right for them and possibly what is right for you but
you’ve quickly come to learn that there has been a defeat in your own psyche and
your own sense of knowing your own intellect yep at the bottom of the the
deck I see the seven of Pentacles for the parents of swords again this is your
your psyche your intellect the Prince of swords has been somebody that again you
want to think that they have showed you a new way of being a new way of love but
you’re saying thank you next year you’re walking off the cliff here and you’re
trying to see basically how you can walk towards a new way of thinking a new
faith and love that you can search for elsewhere again in the air I see a
strong sense of flight a strong sense of travel here somebody here might be
getting on a plane soon and this is also this also might be a really great time
for you to reflect if you’re not travelling by airplane maybe a traveling
by car I see car a car movement here again some kind of physical vehicle
movement in which you will start to allow all of these thoughts to come
together again to let your mind not just wander but to focus on again that final
outcome that you have for yourself in love yes if this is of course going to
require some strength some resilience you might be tested I sense and
especially within the next two I would say the next two weeks or so you will be
tested in some form this could be an unexpected message that you’ll receive
this can be a message of passion also a message that might check in with you
that might ask you something that on the surface seems
inviting but within your heart you know it instigates a lot of anxiety a lot of
fear because yes you know that this is possibly an offer of love and offer
opening to love but in your heart of hearts you know that you have to be
strong because you are in this process currently of defining what it means to
hold your own sword and not to carry the swords of others there you go yes the
hangman has transformed into the fool that’s what I that confirms my thought
before you have basically moved on from this period of overthinking these late
nights where you’ve thought and thought and thought about what you value the
most you I sense here that you already know this you’ve already moved past this
you’re moving forward like the fool often the fool is seen as someone who is
careless who is idealistic but in this case especially or next to the name of
once I see that because of this sisterly being that’s around you the full feels
prepared in some ways it in some ways this is asking you to see how you can
blend your your energy of the material so your your financial means your
stability your your home life your again your very practical concerns of what
makes you feel safe what makes you feel that inner sense of peace and love but
blending that with a sense of optimism the fool right the wheel of fortune yes
so the wheel of fortune will be ushered in by the Ace of Wands again a passion
of love but not I don’t sense it’s from this knight of swords I sense it’s from
either another person oh gosh I’m sorry to scare you but I do sense another
person coming in especially bringing in a new passion and new a new sense of
optimism now I don’t see it verbally I see a sense of maybe in your travels or
maybe you you meet someone else or you see someone else I think even just that
sight the witnessing coming across somebody new will already ignite that
attraction or that desire that wonder you know what else could what else could
love I’m taking this form all right I’m gonna keep going now I’m kind of getting
excited who is this person yes so again you can’t really look for it it’s it’s
the energy of waiting that’s the energy of this is gonna be in your period of
rest so when you think about how you might recover in places that you
reflect so on the air on the air on in the airplane on the road maybe at a gas
station right you’re just filling up your tank but the next to you there’s
someone else filling up their tank and you lock eyes and like you’re tired but
they smile at you and that automatically renews your energy you might even have a
conversation obviously that I don’t see marriage or anything dramatic like that
in the cards but just that moment of sight within your period of rest when
you’re not really looking for anyone that will that will give you a sign that
this is a new time that this is a new sense of judgment the mask of your old
love is slipping off that you’re basically moving forward again with a
renewed sense of optimism now what can we learn about this strife yes this
inner stuff you’ve struggled way too long my dear you’ve struggled way too
long you’ve thought this over you’ve thought and you’ve thought you’ve blamed
yourself you’ve forgiven yourself you’ve blamed yourself again it’s it’s just a
constant cycle of inner thought as you evolve from the princess of disks to the
queen of disks the queen of Pentacles you’re basically taking stock of that
inner child in your life sometimes you feel like you’ve aged so much especially
I can sense over the past two to five years past two to five months you feel
like you’ve gone through so much in your lifetime within a short period of time
but I want you to acknowledge especially because this is in your future aspect I
want you to acknowledge that this is monumental that you are moving forward
yes you’re moving forward to your ten of cups again you you do have a vision of
lust lust for life a lust for love you despite everything that you’ve gone to
despite all your overthinking your sleepless nights your heartbreak you’re
betray your betrayal in the past you haven’t let go of that vision for
yourself and that’s absolutely beautiful now with the the four of disks again I
see I see once more and it’s repeating here for me a little bit I see judgment
and I see then the New Age coming in so the New Age for me is again grounded in
your stability grounded in your heart of heart so that means your body how does
your body feel in space again with moving I’m gonna sense that over the
next few weeks especially if you travel as you travel
I sense that someone here whoever this message is for someone here is taking
stock taking stock of what they’ve accumulated that doesn’t just mean
material things but that means psychological states of knowing
emotional ways of knowing also I see your heart as a thing as an object of
accumulation your heart has accumulated scars and wounds but on top of that it
has accumulated muscle new ways of striking itself a new ways of
rehabilitation so you are taking stock of that that’s incredible
with the priestess here yes so you are acknowledging the the attachments that
have held you behind the attachments that you are leaving behind that you are
passing judgment on the devil doesn’t have to be negative in all senses senses
of that matter especially below here the Ace of Wands
I sense again that you haven’t lost your spark for attracting others and
attracting yourself back to yourself that you know that you are you are
beautiful and that you know that you are attractive and that you are desired even
if that that isn’t quite um how do I say that quite tangible just yet
The Priestess has this inner knowing. Of course you know this is not over,
that I’m not, I’m not just gonna die alone as the Queen of Pentacles.
I do have this inner child…

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