Something To Hold On To – A Poem

Something to hold on to a poem on enlightened society In the beginning it’s always dark Unimaginable nothingness permeates the endless dimensions Yet even in this darkness infinite fields saturate the void From the immensity he merged the forces time space matter The warmth crystallizes leaving a fractal jewel in its wake and the cosmos gazes upon itself in us Faintly lit clouds of dust and gas gypped by illuminated by the new stars at a distance Glimmers of light refract off grains of sand and planets But most remains obscured in the darkness Nothing is static the consistent breeze flows in this direction and that For a moment not measured in time comes a glimpse of eternity Profound All around our subtle voices whispering in the night Sometimes they go together in chorus and they sound like pure light and evoke ecstatic joy They smell like the colors of the rainbow Yet others feel like infinite pain The horrors of what they have woken up to Surely exasperation alone has taken many Faint cries of terror reverberate through the vastness a Reminder that others have been here that we are not alone in eternity An object from the distance suddenly appears and disappears into the night as if going somewhere a solid sphere harboring vast continents of life The beings devour each other to gain a foothold They grasp for something anything to hold on to Some lasts longer than others and some take what they can get but few are truly successful In the distance a jewel spins like a god just beyond reach an Infinitesimal divide may as well be infinity Every desperate attempt to grasp only pushes it further and they fall back asleep to dream of something to hold on to a Wandering ballerina dances on the solid ocean sailing the cosmic seas Approaching vessels adrift in the storm and offering harbor its refused while begged for So relief comes indirectly Unexpectedly, so is not the same to loud better to let them progress by choice in The meantime we can just sit here together on the edge as the eons pass by The night is particularly striking near the light in the center where the jewel will spend together One wonders if this will ever end But how could it now that we’re here? Relativity scales endlessly out of the vortex reaching towards another transcendental singularity and Here we are in the center after all There is something to hold on to yet nothing can be held so we face ourselves again and braved the cold and After the night winds blow in the morning, we vow to try once more You

2 thoughts on “Something To Hold On To – A Poem

  1. A Poem about Humanities Journey to find Something to Hold on To.

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