Something told the wild geese – Rachel Field | | Poetry for children | | Winter Season

Something told the wild geese By Rachel Field Read by Bunny Lo Something told the wild geese It was time to go. Though the fields lay golden Something whispered,—‘Snow.’ Leaves were green and stirring, Berries, luster-glossed, But beneath warm feathers Something cautioned,—‘Frost.’ All the sagging orchards Steamed with amber spice, But each wild breast stiffened At remembered ice. Something told the wild geese It was time to fly,— Summer sun was on their wings, Winter in their cry.

37 thoughts on “Something told the wild geese – Rachel Field | | Poetry for children | | Winter Season

  1. That was beautiful Bunny beautifully read poem beautifully narrated beautiful video also you are a very beautiful lady Bunny I hope you have a great weekend bless you always your friend Phil .

  2. Wonderful narration Bunny Lo! Not only you are an amazing singer but you also have so many other talents! Love the poem and the video!
    Friendly greetings, Leftis

  3. My fav. fav. "Narrator Bunny" ! My "big inner child" lets you know "it" is so delighted to see you and to hear your also that lovely speaking voice again, very well read – and as usual so vivid as only you can do ! But as you know, dancing/rapping/singing/etc. I love my Bunny even a little bit more, if possible at all, LOL ! "AWNW", "SOTP", (etc. ?), I love especially "00:23" and "00:39", but as always I love the pix with my Bunny in it the most, LOL ! Once again you wear such a charming dress – though I love the "neon" 1s even more – not only because of my eyes, my sweetest little "Mandarin/… Bunny", LOL ! Sometimes I even don't recognize you at 1st sight, but when you start reciting/singing/rapping/etc. then I know even cocksure "it" must be my so beloved Bunny, LOL ! Many thanks for another that nice piece of art ! May "Waves of energy renewing your "aged" soul" (guess the artwork LOL !), and let the very next time always be just a little bunny wink away ! Your not so little most loving "O(n_n)O" forever – not "only" when it's "The year of …", you can call me "King Louie" (guess the movie LOL !) – though I don't wear such nice "("golden") crowns" like you resp. at all, I just love "it", (…) (just to be sure LOL !), LOL ! PS: My so "Sporty Bunny", today I saw part of BC1 WF Mumbai on TV, AyumiX vs XY (both Japanese ?), they did also perform great ! Didn't know there are also women. Did you also take part earlier, I saw you at least "reporting" – and I like it, LOL !? I'm so unhappy missing all the time you were also otherwise active :((( Whenever you still find some footage please post it too, thank you so much in advance !

  4. Gorgeous reading, Bunny and the scenery is lovely. I have to comment again about your amazing wardrobe. That dress and headpiece are beautiful!

    Excellente votre vidéo, de belles paroles que je ne comprends pas ! l'hiver arrive , oui !
    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux weekend et toutes mes amitiés

  6. Beautiful Place With Beautiful Bunny Chan👯 & Beautiful Poetry I Love it 😊😊

  7. .ڿڰۣ-ڰۣ҉҉´i !like and rate for this wonderful video dear bannyLo 💖

    ☸ڿڰۣ-ڰۣ҉҉s P e A c E ☸ڿڰۣ-ڰۣ҉҉´ L o V e ♥Tank you ♥Susan

  8. lovely Poetry…loved it very much!! like how you talk with so much feelings!! keep it up!! love your outfit too…its fantastic!! singing is wonderful too!!

  9. This is great , very nice, super like, I hit the 🛎 to watch more,💕💕💕👍🏻 Hope you support me too

  10. You always read poetry so well. This was a great choice, such a lovely poem. 🙂

  11. Wonderful storytelling dear BunnyLo!!!! You had me captivated and in a spell my friend!!!! all the very best to you. . . jeff

  12. Great video as always, dear Bunny !❤️ Thank You so much for sharing😘
    Wish You a great start into the new week, my friend🍂
    Many kind greetings,

  13. Good morning.
    Soon, autumn will end and winter will begin.
    Nice poem & video!!!!!!

  14. Hi BunnyLo! Beautiful poem and beautiful performance. Love your voice. Very cool background for this project. Sending you love and light. Namaste

  15. The child that lives in the best part of me loved her listening here, dear Bunny. A beautiful visit to a wild beauty. I loved your singing and recitation! Gorgeous!

  16. 👍💖Thank you very much , my friend 💖 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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