Sona poet criticised

and they thank you so much for joining us I wasn't able to get your correct title just before we went on air you're the spokesperson for the Buffalo City Metro coy son Royal Council is that correct yes correct my dear thank you so much for joining us firstly can you confirm for us what language was mr. fun setters speaking last night in his duties as praise singer at Parliament he was speaking at the Nama and the mara language which is for the people from the macula and Robin Cape and Namibia he now if there have been some criticism from a various quarters saying that he wasn't speaking the language correctly what was your take on the duties that we performed last night for me I would say not just for me but for I think for everybody who doesn't understand the language of the the Chrysler and completely if they should have had a translator who translate the words that he is speaking but there was no chance later so for us doesn't understand English it's given as my grandmother used to speak the new language and at myself I don't understand the new language but I just know that she used to treat the new language because she was Bushmen and for me for him to speak the language and not having a translator to translate what the words mean the praises that he was saying last night if it is Gabriel oh well you're speaking on behalf of the Kois and Royal Council in Buffalo City and Bradley setters was called a coy son praise singer how many languages do you know of that falls under the umbrella of the coy Sun people I know of five languages and the one that mr. Francis was speaking last night is one of those five what the normal language in the damara language it was mixed in this way I'm saying it was gibberish to me okay do we understand how many people still speak this SiC language that you were speaking there is a very little amount of people that actually knows the language especially in South Africa but maybe in Namibia and in the normal colon and what it now of is only Queen s el treinta Trina s all this understands and can speak the new language so I don't think anybody would argue though that it would have been a big honor for the Khoisan people to have somebody act as prey singer in Parliament last night that in itself must have been very special it is an honor for us to have someone in parliamentary to say our praises yes but then we you need to have a translator as I said before so that all of us can understand what the praises was that you are saying do you think enough is being done to ensure that these languages do not die out seeing as so few people are still able to speak it enough you've not been dancing since we were we were living in oppression time and being marginalized I was growing up being colored knowing this we are colored people and that we speak Afrikaans that's why I would say that our our language has been abandoned and being neglected for a long time and I think that in all provinces they need to have a teacher that come to this to go around to schools that go around in communities and then go in preach these languages so that always having knowledge and the information of the language now if we just go back to the praise singer last night it has been released the translation of what he said has been released on the various platforms with that translation have come from an expert within the Kois on people or is it something do you know whether mr. Francis would have provided that is there any way of finding out whether or not the translation given is actually the correct one the only way that we can actually find out if they do a translation of the language and admire any language that he was speaking is when you can take actually someone that can speak the language which I said is only Queen Katrina SL who can speak the language and who understands the language and who knows what the praises are all about but as me myself from my point of view I do not know I can't comment on that okay we're gonna leave it have to leave a day the spokesperson for the Buffalo City Cory son a Royal Council and it foster joining us live on the line they

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  1. How is she a spokesperson/representative of the Khoisan people if she can't speak even one of their languages?? How does she engage with her people then? In English?..smh

  2. This interviewee sounds like someone who is bitter and jealous. I hear no substance from her. How can she complain about translation? I've never heard of any praise poem being translated in parliament.

  3. She speaks for the Royal Council and cant speaks the language. Why should we be interested in the Khoi languafe

  4. This was the president's smokescreen for ignoring the southern and western cape Khoisan leader Whom is still camped outside the Union Building since the beginning of this year and is the reason why the inauguration was moved to Loftus.
    People forget that HOTTENTOTS HOLLAND Now know as Afrikaans is alsoa Khoesan dialect.

  5. Miserable bunch, Bradley went to learn the language in Namibia.

  6. "non-Bantu" indigenous peoples of Southern Africa? no one can speak the the language, this is an evidence that shows that the Khoisan culture is gone, they must move one.

  7. so what she is saying is that the president who oversees the run up … making the people of south africa a stupid….. then why we're ppl repeating what he said and clapping and cheering…. eish this thing is disrespectful whether she is telling the truth or not…..

  8. For me personally this interview was useless. Next time enca bring someone who actually knows the language and who knows the khoisan culture to comment

  9. Its gibberish because there was no translation??? She smokes nyaope this one.

  10. Khoi people are very confused in Cape Town they want to be called coloured. They have long time left their mother tongue how can she say its gibberish if she doesnt even speak the language herself. I think you were meant to be happy than critisice, it's very sad

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