Sonnets of a Budding Bard by Nixon Waterman – Poem, Poems, Poetry – Full Audiobook

Lines throat in school as I should [have] been studying my lesson by mixing water man read for [Lithonia] Lion Throat in School while so should have been studying my lesson. I’ve just about made up my mind to be a poet such as Shakespeare and the rest of them big literary [gems] and dressed in velvet close right up the things I see in some grand style to show that browning he has been done up and When plain folks request my autograph then throwing out my chest I’ll make them wish that they was great like me I’m tired dwelling myths surroundings where cheap things are always waiting to be done I’d strap a loaf and dream and have long hair like all great poets dust and oh, what fun to dash of lays and sell them then and there whenever else be needing any month and The film this recording is in the public domain fast thought whilst thinking about Mary and her pet lamb by Nixon Waterman read for by scotty Smith Full oft I read How mary’s lamb didst go wherever his kind and love and mistress went as if the little creature was? Content if it could only be where she was oh I Realized what may dust it hank or so to be in school that day It surely meant it loved her yet that mean old teacher bent on Boston things he did not seem to know Sometimes I get tuition. I might be a little lamb like Mary’s fond and true With foods and Sanderson is Mary see we’d play amidst the clover Sleeveless do And everywhere that she was there’d be me and if she wasn’t At [the] elsewhere [too] end Of poem this recording is in the public domain lines wrote whilst thinking about how power acts when dressing up by Nixon Waterman ready for by Shan Bateman [what] part and Ma are dressing up to go to Churchill somewhere? So I’ve heard Martel the neighbor woman part has Ryan pell-mell and Clarence things upside down and wanted to know who hid his clothes and makes my stop and show him where to find them Ma she knows full well there where he’s kept them since he came as could well in our house That’s been 20 years or so and when Mars done it’s her level best to try to help our so he will not fuckin fret and Found his clothes shoes collar cuffs anti and there ain’t nothing more for her to get Paula looks at her and women awful sigh says thunderation ain’t you ready yet and A poem this recording is in the public domain Lands Road whilst realizing we artists to be kind to dumb brutes by Nixon Waterman read for by scotty Smith wise William Koch familiarly addressed as Billy thou art an amusing brute for thou hast some traits that are truly cute and Others still so it must be confessed that [I] have learned in sorrow to detest Dis fun to see thee in thy manner mute when boys dust Tz. Give someone a beaut? Yet he whose it seems Via sorry dist Yestreen I met some other boys And we at the expense weren’t having much delight Till thou gots to round to where I did not see that thou was headed my way Sorry plot. That’s why I write this standing Woe is me and slept upon my bosom all last night end? of poem This recording is in the public domain Sonic wrote while thinking of our parents in the garden of Eden Written by Nixon Waterman read by Mass 1924, oh Adam, and oe how very nice it must have been to live there you walked [add] No, neighbors anywhere with whom this Pad now anyone to give you free advice Ma says she’d gladly pay most any place for such a layout and She’s certain that because there were no servants in a flood is how you? can must to call it Paradise and Pass his that if eve has just away. Oh Roman do We should have missed the fate of going forward into the world to stray For she’d be somewhere still inside the gate delaying things as woman dost today are Trying for the pinner hat on straight End of Poem this recording is in the public domain lines Root words Martin from punishment received for line by mixing water men read for lasagna Ryan’s throat Whilst Martin from punishment receives for Lion-O Washington oh reader has found not in reading high tone poems wrote for show observed. How many of them start with oh? Well anyhow there is an awful lot The Noble deeds dowel Rods are not forgot But serve to make thy name wherever we go a household word if all they say is, so How did some mighty Clever stunts? That’s what and Yet thy fame be longest to Die Dead thou Shyness by reflected light forsooth For thou art the only boy that ever had a paw who? when his son Dare tell the truth about some kiddush prank did not get med and [lamb] him o Thou Heaven protected youth and Of tone this recording is in the public domain Thoughts thought about Mars notions regarding love and housekeeping by Nixon water man read for [by] Sonya Thoughts thought about Mars notions. We gon love and housekeeping When system amy said she’d like to learn to sweep the keys of a pianoforte? Ma she spoke up and cut her right off short and said she’d rather that a girl of [hern] Should smell just how to sweep a room nor spurn a poor but honest men For that the short par worst and my insists no woman ought to spend more money than a man can stern the Kid-glove [Dendi] with a stove pipette Wed Mars probe cousin say But he was shy our home shall be next thing to heaven Bet worst what he vowed? Ma says that that’s no lie for they are packed into a stingy flat For stairways up and plum against the sky end Of poem this recording is in the public domain thoughts thought while thinking of piri on a hot summer day by Nixon Waterman read for lasagna Soft thought were thinking of pe on a hot summer day ope with the scorching summer here and Everybody paying double price for little weeny teeny bits of ice it does no longer seem so very Clear that [thou] should have the bravery to fear thy ship up north where it is cool and nice I’ll bet you smile while thinking thou has twice the fun. We are having at this time of [year] and Say, oh boy since stardust understands the pole is an imaginary spot Why not imagine thou has found it and of time and trouble save an awful Lot cuts the others check [T2] that frozen land and proved out. It’s not find it. I guess not end Of poem this recording is in the public domain Dot thought while thinking of a thanksgiving day turkey by Nixon Waterman read for by Larry Wilson oh Ego emblem of my country thou who art the boss of every other bird my news to find a Highfalutin word with which to namely does not know just how yet does not be who has I must allow my patriotic rest the deepest herbs and They who planned our country’s banner bird in making these assigned to which we bow For a while so ego vows us dared to climb the highest mountain peak and greet the sun it is The turkey that does nearest rhyme with all the lofty thrilled that through us run He beat thee to a standstill every time for stuffed and roasted Say he takes the button in The Poem this recording is in the public domain Sonnet Rope whilst thinking of my sister [mamies] homely bow by Nixon Waterman read for, oh love [two] sets that thou art blind alas I did not think that it was truly so until I saw my sister [mamies] bow Whose awfully stingy and this green is grass? How love can make such guys as he is passed for something beautiful? I does not know Had spy my way you bet he’d stand no show of sitting in our parlor wasting gas he steals things to Last night whilst in a nuke of our dark hall. I heard some say alack I must feel one this more and I went to look and found all our umbrellas in the rack And so I guess whatever twist he took my sister Mamie made him give it back end Of poem this recording is in the public domain Lines wrote whilst recovering from an accident caused by a Hornet by Nixon Waterman read for by scotty Smith oh Hornet when I [think’st] what thou can’t do to make strong men just hump themselves and run Men who would boldly face a [10-inch] gun but lack the sand to Halt whilst you pursue and Deep sigh stinger something they would screw I wondered if when things that weigh a ton Flee from thy wrath now does not deem it fun to Chase folks that are so much bigger in you Did sky according to my size possess the means for getting even thou dust own? Puts be great sport to tackle Well, I guess about most any size and hear him moan as I didst Whanau gave us me that caress from something hotter than the torrid Zone end? Of poem this recording is in the public domain lines wrote on a summer day whilst thinking of a soda fountain by Nixon Waterman read for by Jason and Panama When I’m a man, I shalt not care to be the president of these united States I Just rather be the drug store clerk who waits on people at the soda Fountain He has lost more first class fund it seems to me for whilst the public does not get rebates on soda He can get it at cut rates and lots of times. I’ll bet he gets it free of Course I know it must be pretty fine to hear the brass bands and the big bass drums Come marching by the white house all in line and playing see the conquering hero comes and yet, no presidential job in mind the soda clerks the one that gets the plums and A poem this recording is in the public domain lines wrote after being scolded for not doing his children used to by Nixon Waterman read for by Jason in Panama, I Yearned to live to be ten times as old as lost [McCallum] the patriarch then when some older person Durst remark when I was young the children weren’t so bold and always loved to do as they were told and Went to bed soon after it was dark I’ll say to him my errand friend now Hark to one who will no longer hear the skull I knew thy great great great grandparents when they worked fly Youngsters vex and therefore nurse and Children now art good as they worked then They always have been stubborn mean perverse and always will be Since alas like men, they’re just as heaven makes them only worse end Of poem this recording is in the public domain Lines wrote on reading How cleopatra made men act very foolish by Nixon Waterman read for by jason in Panama today I read in an old history book how Cleopatra used to make men do just any food thing that she wanted to by giving him a lovey-dovey look Time was long long ago when I have shook my head and said the story was not true but that alas That was before I knew miss Susan Des who hath my fancy took? Today, I had this an apple Id theft not let any boy in school taste? But when she asked could she have a bite and took a lot I did not mind at all 40 to me where she had bit had somehow made the spots taste awful sweet Das das love rule us see end of poem this recording is in the public domain Sonnet wrote while thinking what I would do with Carnegie’s gold by Nixon Waterman read for by Jason in Panama, oh Great Carnegie with I wealth oh my I dost not know exactly what I do But seemed to me I’d have more fun than you aren’t having with it Anyhow if I had money as they say to burn I try to burn it here 40 Twist make me blue to think I’d have to smell it burning through the endless eons of the [by] and by and You can bet if I had gold in bins as thou hast got in quantities So vast thou canst not spend it I’d buy Dymond pins and soda water to the very last and I’d be sorry that I washed not twins So I could spend my fortune twice as fast end of poem This recording is in the public domain Some thoughts thought whilst having to bathe in a bath tub by Nixon Waterman read for by Jason and Panama I Don’t like bathing in a bathtub Say, it’s no more like a good old swimming hole where you can dive right in and splash and Roller Anything you please then works like play? Some afternoon of a hot summer day when thou from school and pokey things has stole oh Ain’t it good for heart and Brain and soul to plunge right in and swim your own sweet way I Pity folks who bade where they must wear a bathing suit I? Would have none in mind Give me [a] good old Shady corner. Where nobody’s looking. That’s what I call fine and When I bathe in this sawed-off affair the swimmin holds the thing for which I pine end of poem This recording is in the public domain lines wrote in School while thrown glances at Susan Sanderson by Nixon Waterman read for by Larry Wilson oh What is love the Poet ass I? guess I’d better tell him when a girl’s cheeks seen as fascinating to you as ice cream and Those snot-nosed the speckled more or less She still defend him as pure loveliness that Ever and anon at ward your dream come still whilst you’re skiing skiing and skiing to be where she is? Thou art in love. Oh, yes when you keep thinking how you’d squeeze your hand is sometimes out could be her little glove and this now feels that bow would like to stand there was only just the Frosty Stars above in some big snowdrift liter window and stay there forever then thou art in lungs in The Poem this recording is in the public domain Thoughts fought whilst mowing the lawn on a Saturday afternoon by Nixon Waterman read for By Jason and Panama oh Circus day, So very brief art Thou from early morn when first doth rise the tent till midnight comes and all the show pass whence Thou art like a swiftly passing dream. Oh How I wish the lab I in tasks that wet the brow with perspiration Sweat is what I meant. What haste as thou hast how different this world would be from what we find it now or woods to be better still if time would pass whilst laughing at the antics of the clown as Slow as runs the sands within the glass will I [meets] the sun that almost melts me down must mow the lawn O Fate why must alas I smiled be so much shorter than by frown end of poem This recording is in the public domain Sonnet rode on the Flyleaf of my grandma during school hours by Nixon Waterman read for lasagna Shawna’s wrote on the Flyleaf of my grandma during school hours oh Education maybe thou art all our teachers tell us But just let [me] say that if my folks would let me have my way from early spring till frost comes in the fall I Speak outdoors. You bet a playing ball Or otherwise enjoying each find a it Seems the shame for boys to have to stay like culprits shut in by a prison wall I Guess if you get rich folks will not care if you don’t know your grammar to a tee For baby boys you will find most everywhere are named for uncles who has money see though They hain’t got no learning they can spare nor never spell their taters with a pee end Of poem this recording is in the public domain salts sold on he and folks find fault with the weather by Nixon Waterman read for Espana salts sold on he and folks find fault with the weather I Love cold winter weather with the snow drifting on the walks I has to clear and frost biting nose and Cheek and ear with the Thermometer away below I also love the summer when it’s so [red-hot] that clothes next to you all adhere and Everybody’s frantic pretty near and saying things that hot folks dust you know I? Love both seasons, but I wish I could enjoy them while still with us for you See if winter when the summer seems so good and summer when the winter pleases me But somehow I have never understood Why either of them while sit? Here’s Angie and The phone this recording is in the public domain lines wrote at the theme Shakespeare’s hamlet from an upper Gallery by Nixon Waterman you read for by Larry Wilson Ho Shakespeare thou whose all the world that think is within some good things I too would pay my best respect to thee Yet whoops. I say that while sigh like thee yet I does not shrink from telling me that thou art on the blink and very sadly out of date today Still it’s all to follow my advice thou may still count as one of us and get more cheek Your place ain’t any good the way they stand thou oughtest to fill them up with something nice Some coon songs fire engines bloodhounds and a swinging bridge and chunks of floating ice Would make your old place draw to beat the band and folks would crowd your shows at any price in The Poem this recording is in the public domain sunlit wrote While retrospectively contemplating Mathur cigar by Nixon Waterman read for by Larry Wilson oh What was me and other things like that? Yes, Green, I thought to smoke my first cigar it gauged my system the tremendous jar. I Did not have the gumption of a nap all night? I could map hill where I was at I Wish I knew just what those cheap smokes are It seems [to] me. They’re made of glue and tar Haha me I am weaker than a half-starved cat so let them smoke in sports a tie who will Or who am I that I should bear condemned their vile Tobacco I? Have had my fill Let’s others have it I shan’t envy them for I’ll snot never smoke no more until I’m ten times older than Methuselah In the form and this recording is in the public domain Saunas Road wife thinking bout a vacation spent on a farm by Nixon Waterman read for by Sonia Saunas wrote was thinking about vacation spent on a farm. Oh Farmer Independent list of all mankind art thou I know because last year I spent my whole vacation pretty near on Uncle Evens farm and though, I’m small I hold the corn and beans and helped him haul and steck his hey iced work until I spheres I just dropped down and end my said career before they’d give the welcome dinner Call my uncle does not weigh his words with care for once he told me that I was the shirt But [I] would rather breathe the country air then be a shut-in of his boy or clerk so [I] found out was visiting out there that I like farming but I hate farm work and the phone this recording in the public domain lines composed after seeing a book full of byron’s love letters by Nixon Waterman read for by Larry Wilson One reason why I’m most afraid to get so famous like we poets always do Is that they’ll put my [spoony] letters to as is the way with all of us who let our fantasies capers? Heads I thought while yet unknown I’d be a put quite a few endearing words with which I thought to [room] [oh] girls than one heist not have wrote you bet This Susan [Fenderson] should find I since the valentine I said I wrote for her to [Jane] [Jones] to The 30 since I spent for Soda waters wasted I did fur why must we post new things will repent and Oh, why best bits me and Byron her? in The form this recording is in the public domain Sonnet wrote after here in use a rating about Casablanca by mixing water man read for rasanya Sonnet wrote after here in a youth or rating about Casa, Bianca. Oh Boy that stood upon the burning deck and got herself in our school readers and the whooper up school speakers of our land Because they would not leave that sink in wreck Oh, don’t start think if thou has facetime neck and wisely cut and run to beat the band thou Couldst f later Dancing still more grand alas too soon did steph Die welle check so did stuff stay because thou couldst not swim or Was it fame for which thy heart its yearn of course now got the name time can stop him? But seems to me that all I can’t discern in thy foolhardy stickin to it Whim is that out the world had sposed to burn end? Of poem this recording is in the public domain end of sonnets of a budding bored by Nixon water man

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