Sony Playstation vs Microsoft Xbox – Which Is Better – Video Game Console Comparison

In the last 22 years, Playstation and Xbox
have sold a combined 510 million units. Each brand has had its ups and downs, but
we thought it would be fun to see how the two compared over the years. Join us as we try to determine which console
is best, in this episode of The Infographics Show: Playstation vs Xbox. Sony came to the video game console market
with Playstation in December 1994. It was a very successful console which managed
to sell 102 million units by the time it was discontinued in March 2005. The console featured a 33 MHz CPU and a 33
MHz GPU. The most popular game on the console was Gran
Turismo, which sold 10.8 million copies. Sony waited 6 years before releasing a successor
to the original Playstation. Playstation 2 debuted with a price tag of
$299. Microsoft became interested in the video game
market and in November 2001 debuted their console titled Xbox, also for $299. Microsoft derived its name from DirectX Box
which was a reference to Microsoft’s graphics API, DirectX. Xbox had a significant technological advantage
over Playstation 2; its Central Processing Unit or CPU clocked at 733 MHz compared to
PlayStation’s 295 MHz. Its Graphics processing unit or GPU also overpowered
that of Playstation with 233 MHz compared to 147 Mhz. Due to Xbox’s technical superiority, Sony
lowered the price of Playstation 2 to $199. Playstation also secured exclusivity rights
to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which sold 17.3 million copies. Sony ultimately sold 155 million units of
Playstation 2, making it the best selling console of all time compared to Microsoft’s
24 million units of Xbox. Microsoft’s most popular game of the generation
was Halo, which sold 8.4 million units. Playstation 2 boasted a catalog of 2,500 games
compared to Microsoft’s 1,000. In December 2003, Sony tried to bundle Playstation
2. It combined a DVR, a DVD Burner, and the video
game console. The device was called PSX. PSX was deemed a failure and it was never
released outside Japan. While Sony was enjoying the massive sales
of Playstation 2, Microsoft was already working on the next iteration of Xbox. They called it Xbox 360. It was released in November 2005 priced at
$299, a whole year before Sony released their Playstation 3, which was priced at $499. But Xbox was definitely not without its flaws. Xbox 360 suffered from a critical hardware
failure which gamers to call the “Red Ring of Death.” One source reported that as much as 68% of
test units were found to be defective. This defect cost Microsoft over $1 billion. Playstation 3 featured an 8 core Cell processor
compared to Xbox 360’s 3 core 3.2 Ghz Xenon processor. Two two processors had very unique architectures,
making them hard to compare. PS3 3 featured 256 XDR RAM compared to Xbox
360’s 512 GDDR RAM. This number made PS3 seem weaker, however
it functioned more efficiently. In 2007, PS3 sold 6.5 million units, while
Xbox 360 sold 7.3 million. PS3 in the same year sold 40 worse than its
previous, far less powerful version, which sold 12 million units. But even though PS3 had a slow start, it managed
to catch up with Xbox 360. By June 2016, PS3 sold 86.5 million units
while Xbox 360 sold 85.5 million. The Xbox 360 game catalog contained 1,200
titles while the PS3 game catalog contained 2,10. If we don’t count Kinect Adventures which
came bundled with Kinect, Grand Theft Auto V was the most successful video game title
on both consoles selling 21.3 million copies on PS3 and 17.8 million on Xbox 360. The 8th generation of consoles came out in
November 2013, with Microsoft releasing Xbox One and Sony releasing Playstation 4. Microsoft suffered a huge marketing blow,
even before release, when they announced that Xbox One will require Always Online mode,
which would make the console unusable if it was unable to connect to the internet at least
every 24 hours. Playstation 4 arrived in stores at a price
tag of $399, while Xbox One launched at $499 and included Kinect. At launch, both consoles were similarly matched
as far as processors were concerned. PS4 featured an 8-Core AMD processor which
clocked at 1.6 GHz, and Xbox One at 1.75 GHZ. But as far as graphics were concerned, PS4
had a 30% advantage with 1.84 TeraFLOPs over Xbox One’s 1.31 TeraFlops. In August 2016, Microsoft released Xbox One
S, a physically smaller design of Xbox One, which includes Ultra HD Blu-ray support and
can output and stream videos at 4K resolution. Sony released Playstation 4 Pro in September
2016. The Pro version received a massive power boost
by upping its graphic performance to 4.2 TFLOPS, but features no Ultra HD blu-ray support. To date, PS4 has sold over 40 million units
while Xbox One has sold 18 million. Microsoft is expected to release Xbox Scorpio
in late 2017, which is going to have a graphical performance of 6 TFLOPS. We addressed a of technical specifications
in this episode, but let’s not forget that software plays a big part in all this and
deserves a video of its own. So, do you think there is any chance Xbox
can once again take the lead? Which console do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoyed this comparison video, press
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100 thoughts on “Sony Playstation vs Microsoft Xbox – Which Is Better – Video Game Console Comparison

  1. Xbox just is bad I mean BAD PS4 is great it is just a great console no argument needed that's the honest truth

  2. Lets be honest
    Microsoft is a better company bu PlayStation is a better console

  3. Did you startded the war? About xbox is better than PlayStation did you startded that war sir?😐

  4. Playstation is technically better, but we all know that the Xbox 360 is the most iconic console.

  5. Who else can't wait for the PS5 to come out?

    P.S. Bye I'm going to play on my PS4 🙂

  6. I have both and l really like both, but I prefer Xbox because I feel like on most cross-platform games, Xbox has better graphics

  7. I hate people who do this type of stuff always bring up Xbox vs PlayStation just why but I think Xbox is better in my opinion I grew up on Xbox

  8. Remember that the Xbox supports cross platform play Waymore than Sony, who is just starting on this

  9. Those of you who think Xbox is better, think about the graphics, design, and storage

  10. Xbox like and PlayStation comment I know Xbox is the best but let’s see how much people like Xbox or PlayStation

  11. I think PS4/PS4 PRO because it’s way more graphics and better had and 4K its digital more on the market so what makes PS4 better and Xbox has the red circul of death my brother can’t use his xbox because it show that on his on button




  13. Me: *Laughs in Switch*
    Also me: *Thumbsticks glitch and break easily*

  14. None of them are better, the nintendo switch is better until something new comes out.

  15. Xbox is better.

    ⬇️press that until it goes blue if your an Xbox player

  16. Microsoft can't explain why its 4K is $100 better than Sony's. When it comes to hard specifications, Microsoft has Sony soundly beaten here. The XboxOne X has a faster processor, a more powerful GPU, and more memory than even the PlayStation 4 Pro.

  17. ITS CLEARY XBOX plus when u play Fortnite on ps4 there a lot of bots AND I 1v1 ps4 players and there trash I’m an OG u bots

  18. Can't blame them for loving San Andreas.

    They must have really wanted to follow that train..

  19. I PLAY fortnite on Xbox and MAN it’s way easier to slide your fingers on the controller

  20. PS4 : Im better
    Xbox1 : No Im better
    Wii U wants my exclusive
    PS4 and Xbox1 : Yeah right now
    Wii U : Haha Nope only on me
    Switch secretly stealing them and hacking To make them definitive

  21. I think ps4 is better because ps4 had a later and harder start rather x box having a large computing company like Microsoft.
    Not only that but ps4 has sold their consoles for lower than Microsoft, which is weird for a big company like that selling their stuff for more.
    Last, ps4 has not really had any difficulty running like the red ring of death on the x box 360, and just to put it out their ps4 doesn’t need batteries and charging time is super fast but, the joystick would be more comfortable if it had a better design, then again if they made them deeper were your thumbs go it would be more like x box.

    side comment: I am both a x box and ps4 owner I don’t just play ps4, that is not why I choose ps4.

  22. This is why I like Sony. It was first to the gaming business which is why i don’t like Microsoft. Nad they also have been making all sorts of things like cameras, radios, movies and even rice cookers! So to me, there just the original. Idk. Like the OG. The king. The top. They’re the oldest one around (But that’s not exactly true).

  23. The sad thing is, That microsoft is more successful outside of gaming consoles compared to Sony. Sony would probably be bankrupt without PS4.

  24. Sony: i am better!
    Microsoft: no me!
    Nintendo: I have better gameplay
    Pc: I have better graphics
    Soulja boy: Am I a joke to you?

  25. Xbox = better graphics

    PlayStation = runs faster

    Wii = Great games

    What console is better

    Xbox = like

    PlayStation = dislike

    Wii = reply

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