Sophie Mokoena to take legal action against SABC 8 book author

so on a full view yesterday we hosted journalist photographer for a review of his book the essay BCH night during the interview I asked him to expand on sections of the book that made reference to 2's ABC employees whom he said had mentored former SABC CEO old Sheldon went swinging let's take a listen to that clip on how he perceived that relationship to also refer to you talk about two female journalists who are very close to him who later nurtured him and what were you trying to point you in the book that they were complicit that they were instrumental and he's greater scheme of things and could you just tell us I mean you do name them but please go ahead with the people that I spoke to that worked with him in the newsroom described them as very close if you look at their path within the SABC this is who are you talking about I'm talking about the head of Radio News a bolero and Sophie mock Rihanna that's worked with with cloudy in the bloom from 10 newsroom and how they initially ended up in Oakland pop in their high positions in very powerful positions and yeah I think it is you is it your view that they were somehow connected to the events that then unfolded by sheer power of the offices that they hold or the influence of that she saw them as well I refer to incident in 2014 just before the elections where several Lu the head of radio news walk into my office and say listen you you're not going to cover anything of the e FF and I I disagreed with her and I said no it's impossible we as journalists should cover all the all the parties that's going to participate in the election and then she said to me but it's instruction from the from the 27th floor so so then there are definite incidents where we were instructed also Pravana fillet that similary would walk into into a office or phone and said listen you're not going to discuss this you're not going to ask endless to discuss this or this or that and this matter of these enforces that you could also became part of a legal wrangle isn't it to place exactly where those instructions came from and whether or not they were instructions that they believed in what they were serving their jobs we as ABC 8 gathered a lot of effort Davis and we spoke to a lot of people after we were reinstated because we were trying to get direct access to the Constitutional Court we had exactly the same story and that was an interview with food clicker yesterday it's ABC foreign editor Sophie McKenna requested a right of reply to that interview she joins us now a very good evening to you Sophie so having watched that earlier and today what did you object to photographer is lying showed you was just a colleague like episome equator who is my colleague and I interact with one I arrived the des ABC in 1994 I was based in Johannesburg I was an anchor of a current affairs on the city FM I was already senior in terms of age howdy was based in Quaqua not even a freelance or a journalist permanently employed he was a stringer every morning when I was supposed to do my current affairs show when I was preparing at 4 a.m. I had to go through the scripts and out interact with louder spirits where I was not comfortable out call him in terms of trying to edit and getting clarity – when the city FM which was then called citrus Peru relocated to bloom funding I found how the new training in bloom as an output member of staff as a journalist doing field work input I was output I was a presenter that's how I was interacting around but of course as colleagues you end up knowing each other and that is why I knew shall demonstrating s a colleague and when he wanted assistant like anybody even here in Johannesburg I would often often come to you to say episode can you help me with this episode can you share meal with me as Africans I'm not your friend but we are colleagues and I will blend a reference to the relationship it was out of fashion our relationship I left blue Fontaine in 1999 I went to Cape Town to join the political team my editor was Professor ANCA crow who mentored me in terms of political reporting responsibilities I left Cape Town Parliament in fact I requested a transfer because I had challenges I had a family and children here and it was very difficult for me to be in Cape Town when we involve our became my political editor I pleaded with him to give me a transfer to come and join the political team in Johannesburg I did just that I became a political editor for 17 year 15 years after 15 years when I was sidelined we know you can google the stories were rich and the 2014 incident that he is referring to in terms of a decision the alleged decision that was taken not to cover the e FF I was out in the cold I was taken out of the politics team because the argument was that I give opposition patches platform and the FF was not in Parliament and when they went to Kempton Park to prepare for the elections I was sidelined I didn't go when they came back apparently there was a memorandum where the team that went to Canton pact workshop to prepare for election wrote a memorandum raising their concerns around political interference there was a meeting I stood up in the meeting it was a line talk management was their senior management they wanted clarity about that memorandum everybody everybody was silent I stood up I defended my colleagues to say you cannot charge the junior staff members for drafting this memorandum when the senior management of news was there and they align themselves with that memorandum raising concerns about interference rearing its ugly head as a nation except assumed because if you feel this what they are raising here it's against the policies of the SABC charge the senior management of news everybody was shocked and then senior management admitted that they were part of that memorandum and that's how I played my part to save my colleagues I was not even at that workshop therefore you can't come and tell me at some point in time I took a decision not to cover EFS in fact I took a flag for covering EF f I took a flag previously in 2009 for covering hope so the reference to the FF was not to do with you but I'll ask you the question have you read the book I didn't I want to be honest with you I know my contribution at this institution I work very hard I go extra mile I do my level best to contribute in terms of enhancing the content and I am NOT going to be distracted by other issues are you going to break action I am taking a legal action based on what was said about me here yesterday because I'm not the product of shouting motivating in fact on many occasions I've gone to his office to say I am NOT going to do this you remember when they spoke about bending of visuals I saw the SADC statement at 11:00 midnight that day I called the head of television same time to say I am NOT going to implement this what kind of statement is this she said to me let's go and tell how to exactly that eight o'clock I was in charge of Turner's office to say I don't agree with this memorandum or this statement or this decision or this policy he said no no no it's because it's not painting but we are saying people must be careful I said I'm happier saying that can you get Kaiser Hanyu ought to go and clarify this matter because I'm going to continue of my work business as usual because I told you that when I assist in terms of being a political editor you must allow me to do my work that's it you can ask the people were they Kaiser you can ask laude you can ask head of television then and I know that Jimmy Matthews our former boss did divulge the fact that there were decisions that were taken but he indicated that it was management's decision he did find his Damascus moment and anybody can aim and deserve a forgiveness he has indicated where the problem was in your legal recourse what are you seeking from food to cracker what are you accusing him of doing apology secondly damages to my to my name their reputation alright thank you very much for speaking to us as ABC foreign editor Sophie McQueen

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